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Welcome to Autism Coach!

Welcome, friend and fellow-seeker of optimal, health and well-being! 

As a member of the Autism Coach community, as you browse through the complete Autism Coach website, you have the opportunity to gain insights into why and how symptoms of autism and other health conditions occur.  You can also learn the nuts and bolts of how to create an effective nutritional protocol that restores mental and physical health by treating the root causes instead of the symptoms.

What is autism?  I believe it is not a disease but a collection of symptoms that can have many causes.  When you treat underlying causes of the symptoms, the diagnosis improves or sometimes even disappears.  This approach also works for many other mental and physical health diagnoses, even those considered to be life-long or irreversible by mainstream medicine.  I have talked to thousands of customers over the past 17 years who have experienced great improvements from conditions that were supposedly untreatable by using this approach.   I have also witnessed improvements in my health, that of my family and friends by identifying and treating the underlying causes.

Armed with knowledge you can protect yourself and family members and create a nutritional protocol to strengthen essential metabolic processes to overcome the effect of pollutants, restore the microbiome, and by restoring the body's natural balance restore optimal physical and mental health. 

Wishing all the best to you, your family and friends,

Sue Bennett, Autism Coach

Treatment Therapy Approaches for Autism using Autism Coach Products

Founded in 2000, Autism Coach is one of the oldest and most trusted comprehensive autism information and product catalogs online.  Autism Coach offers information and products that can be used by parents, individuals within the autism spectrum, and professionals to create effective autism treatment therapy intervention protocols. Autism Coach provides autism research information and health related articles to help you make informed choices as to what approaches may be of greatest benefit.

Every child, teenager, and adult on the autism spectrum is a unique individual and there is no one-size fits all approach although statistically some therapies provide more benefit than others. Up to 40% of individuals within the autism spectrum are currently estimated to eventually lose their autism spectrum labels.  Even if you or your family members do not lose all symptoms of autism, anyone can improve their quality of life and level of functioning regardless of age or diagnosis.

Statistically the most effective treatment protocols that lead to individuals losing their autism spectrum labels connect individuals neurologically using a multi-disciplinary approach.  Effective multi-disciplinary approaches often include supplements, a special diet (such as a combination/modified version of one of the following diets: Gluten Free Casein Free, Specific Carbohydrate, Feingold, Body Ecology), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA ), and integrative therapies (sensory, auditory and visual integration).

We believe that creating an effective autism spectrum therapy treatment intervention protocol tailored to an individual’s need, strengths, unique personality, and interests is the best way to to help those in the autism spectrum reach their full potential.

Treatments for  Other Physical and Neurological Health Issues - Age Related and Othewise

It turns out that many of the underlying health issues causing symptoms of autism also cause other physical and neurological health issues.  These additional health issues include ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, low-energy (mitochondrial dysfunction), food allergies, asthma, stuttering, dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, diabetes, and even cancer.  So Autism Coach products can help anyone improve their physical and mental well-being.

We ALL Need a Daily Antidote

Each and every one of us is exposed to more environmental toxins than ever before, while consuming more food that is nutritionally depleted and toxin-laden.  Everyone needs daily support in our industrialized societies to function optimally and feel their best.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Nutritional Depletion of Food - Our corporate grown food with Genetically Modified (GMO) crops is grown with chemicals such as Roundup that actually starve the plants of vitamins and minerals that used to be present in these crops.  When we consume them, we are nutritionally starved as well. In addition, under modern agricultural practices is largely depleted of several key nutrients.  Roundup is one of the prime culprits in disrupting human metabolic processes and kills off beneficial probiotics in the gut.  There is in fact a patent on Roundup for use as an antimicrobial. 
  • Preserving Food to Extend Shelf Life - The modern corporate food world is obsessed with extending shelf life of food.  However, our bodies were designed to consume food that quickly rots.  Our metabolic processes work by degrading food into nutrients that can than be rebuilt in to molecules in our body.  So this stage of breaking down foods is a form of decomposing food, or rotting in so we can get at the nutrients and reassemble them at a cellular level.  The problem with preservatives is that they interfere breaking down food.  We all have a microbiome ecosystem colony of microbes in our intestinal tract that lives there to consume portions of our food and provide us with beneficial by-products of THEIR metabolism such as B vitamins and amino acids.  Preservatives interfere with the ability of beneficial microbes to extract nutrients.  ALSO we need to replenish these beneficial microbes THROUGH our food and modern preservation techniques kill off the living aspects of food, the enzymes that naturally occur in fresh food that help us break down the food, the microbes that are actually on the surface of fresh organic product that are killed off by Roundup.  Also irradiating fresh produce (which is one for supermarket produce) is likely to deactivate enzymes in food that support digestion and kill the probiotics that are naturally present on the surfaces of vegetables.  So everyone needs to regularly consume probiotics to replace what used to be in the food supply so their bodies can make the nutrients required. 
  • Pollutants/Chemicals in Water, Air, and Food - have a profound effect, several mimic amino acids and beneficial minerals, completely disrupting metabolic processes.  Others kill off much of the ecosystem in your intestinal tract, the microbiome (community of microbes that lives symbiotically with you inside your intestinal tract).  Genetically modified crops sprayed and contaminated with neurotoxic defoliants (such as Round-up) and and crops sprayed with chlorpyrifos (widely on citrus crops) are also believed to be contributing factors to increased incidence of autism, ADD/ADHD, and other chronic health issues.  These and many more man-made chemicals such as DDT and PCBs, deplete your body of essential vitamins and minerals, disrupt the expression of genes, impair mitochondrial energy production, methylation, detoxification and other fundamental metabolic processes whose optimal function essential for mental and physical health.  The micriobiome is also disrupted by many pollutants and the low-levels of antibiotics in conventionally raised meat and dairy products.
  • Dangerous Medical Practices - Most notoriously, a profit-driven vaccine schedule disrupts normal development, metabolic function, suppresses and alters immune system function.  Early childhood vaccines ravage a child's immature immune system, setting in motion a cascade of metabolic dysfunction that greatly increase the likelihood of developing chronic physical and mental health problems in early in childhood and later in life as well.  In addition almost every procedure modern medicine has inserted into the birthing process increases the risk of autism and other chronic health issues including:  inducing early labor, anesthesia, pitocin drip, Vitamin K injections at birth, circumcision, and the Hepatitis B injection.  Modern corporate endeavors to discourage mothers from breast feeding for profit also dramatically increase the risk of developing lifelong chronic health and neurological issues.  Obviously sometimes modern medical practices are needed to save lives but it is best to have as natural a child birth as possible and only use medical interventions when absolutely required.  Another modern medical birthing practice, to cut the mother to widen the opening for the child is also more likely to cause permanent damage nerve damage and slow natural healing, I am willing to bet medical harm done by cutting a women and sewing her up instead of letting natural injuries occur and heal significantly contributes to a significant number of cases of Post Partum Depression for many women and possibly their partners.  Post Partum Depression in the mother and father also affects the baby - stress of any kind has an impact on a baby's development.
  • Undiagnosed Chronic Infections - Also, there are many infectious diseases that our government has shut down and refused to investigate such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, and mitochondrial dysfunction (which is common in autism).  The energy health issues can also profoundly disrupt basic cellular metabolism, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells, and the cells' ability to produce energy.  Metabolic pathways are thrown off from working properly just because there isn't enough energy to carry out the metabolic processes.  Several infectious agents are believed to contaminate vaccines.  For example, people who were given the polio vaccines in the 1950's and 1960's are much more likely to develop several types of cancer because this vaccine was contaminated with the Simian-Virus 40 (SV40) which was acquired from the kidneys of African Green Monkeys upon which this vaccine was grown. This virus was unknown in humans until the polio vaccine was introduced and is now common in the United States.  The United States Centers For Disease Control has chosen to cover up rather than address the major health issues caused by lesser-known man-made viruses and retroviruses.

All of the above factors can contribute to mutations in DNA, RNA dysfunction, and epigenetic changes that turn the wrong genes on and/or off.

We ALL Need A Daily Nutritional Protocol

We all need a daily nutritional protocol that includes:

  • Nutritional Support
  • Immune System Support
  • DNA/RNA Repair Support
  • Mitochondrial/Energy Support
  • Circulatory/Oxygenation Support
  • Detoxification Support
  • Microbiome Support

Read through the Autism Coach articles and supplement descriptions to learn more about how your body functions and approaches to help it function optimally.  You can also call or email for a free consultation! 

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