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Updated August 8, 2016. 

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Published Vaccine Injury Stories

This section publishses vaccine injury stories shared with Autism Coach. A heart-felt thank you to very parent or individual on the spectrum who so generously shared their vaccine injury story.  Your voices will be heard and you will make a difference.  This project is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, well known and respected in the autism community, who had his own vaccine injury story, believed our stories, and helped thousands of our children.

Autism Coach's Vaccine Injury Story

I am starting off this page with my family's vaccine injury story.  My son, William Bennett, born in 1992, was administered a vaccine at approximately age 2.  After this vaccine, he lost eye contact, language, and a year later was diagnosed with autism.  When I reported developmental regression to my son's pediatrician, he said "he'll grow out of it."  When my son was finally diagnosed, the peditrician said, "There's nothing I can do for you.  Find a specialist."  The psychologist who diagnosed my son said, "There's nothing anyone can do to help your son.  Wait until he gets to kindergarten and he will be put in a contained classroom."  I couldn't sit there and do nothing, so I began researching autism and anything that would help.  With my husband's encouragement, I quit my job and began working full time with my son to help turn him around.  He made remarkable progress.  In 2000, I started the website, Autism Coach, to help others in the autism community and have been running it ever since.  Sue Bennett, Autism Coach

Vaccine Injury Stories Shared with Autism Coach - From Most Recent to Oldest

Read these stories that have been so generously shared and learn what is is like to be on the spectrum knowing you have been damaged by a vaccine, or be the parent of an autistic child.  See what people who have lived with autism would like the general public to know.  Note that in the shared photos of these beautiful children, eye contact is gone after vaccination.  Lack of eye contact  is one of the defining traits of children within the autism spectrum.

Year Born

Age of Vaccine Injury Story Photo Before Vaccine Photo After Vaccine Video Before Vaccine Video After Vaccine
 2004 2
My name is Lauren and I have a son on the autism spectrum. When my son was under 2 y/o he was a typical developing and happy boy. Always smiling and starting his first words at a tender age. He was so alert and smart, he was my husbands and I first son and we were so excited to be embarking on this amazing journey together. When my son was just under 2 he received a flu shot and then received his MMR shot at 2. After both of these shots my son got an extremely high fever to where I had to take him to the emergency room, because we could not bring the fevers down, both over 104 degrees. The doctors were dumbfounded and kept asking me if someone in the house was sick or if he had been exposed to anything. I told them no, the only thing I can think of is he had a shot and they would dismiss that right away saying shots don't cause fevers, well we know differently today and all they could do was medicate him and give him an ice bath doing anything they could to bring that fever down. After a night in the hospital in both cases he was sent home. After the flu shot I noticed him more quiet and not completely himself slowly he regressed then a few months later he received his MMR shot and fever, same scenario again. After this vaccine however he was never the same boy. He was not happy, smiley, really verbal and social as he had been. The scary day came when he stopped talking or even making baby like sounds, his voice completely disappeared. My son was gone and replaced by a quiet, distant and confused little boy. I kept telling his pediatrician that something was wrong and they kept dismissing it saying he will come around he's just a little delayed. That made no sense when he was so ahead of the curve. I kept fighting and at the age of 3 he was tested twice so that I could get a second opinion and was diagnosed with Moderate Autism. That was the most sad day of our lives, we had this perfect little boy and something hurt him and went wrong. Those vaccines hurt my baby. I know this for a fact and have medical records to prove the timelines of everything. On top of all of that when we had our second son together I opted out of all vaccines and guess what he is just fine. I started his vaccines after 4 y/o concerned that he may get sick with a disease that vaccines can protect him against and after giving him 1 shot a month to avoid over toxic exposure I noticed after that first yr he started to be more forgetful and not quite as sharp as he was. I decided to stop vaccinating my children altogether and am hoping to keep them intact and safe. These vaccines are too intense for some of these children. All kids immune systems are different and not all of them can handle that toxic overload. It would be a grave mistake to make vaccines mandatory, we have far to many children being harmed by these toxic chemicals. Stop this epidemic by standing by all of us families that have been affected by such tragic consequences that could have been prevented if the pharmaceutical companies were held more accountable.
1977 1 yr, then 14 years
I'm now approaching 40 and I'm a burden to my family, unable to shake these symptoms.  I have no doubt that vaccines contributed to my ASD symptoms, if not causing them outright.  Something changed dramatically at an early age; the family would often comment that I suddenly became so serious and no longer participated in the activities I used to enjoy just months earlier.  There was no formal "Autism" diagnosis back then; you were just considered a weird kid.  Some symptoms seemed to decrease around the onset of puberty, especially with some alternative treatments like a special diet regime...that was, until I was given a tetanus vaccine at 14, which I later learned was likely among the last of the old Thimerosal batches, and which the provider should not have been using in the first place.  I remember having a horrible reaction to that vaccination.  I was extremely lethargic afterward, with this enormous bruise on my shoulder at the vaccination site.  Something changed after that.  Much of the progress I thought I had made seemed to disappear rather quickly.  It's like I've gone downhill in so many respects.  Even with better diagnoses and treatments today, I seem unable to recover from what happened at age 14, nor able to go about activities in the way a normal person can take them for granted.
 1999  15 moths  

At fifteen months of age, I took my son in for routine vaccinations.  I had seen a documentary recently about the Prevnar vaccine and "thimerosal."  Due to this I refused further vaccination with Prevnar and I DEMANDED thimerosal-free vaccines. The pediatrician got very angry with me but I stood my ground.  It turned out she LIED about the ingredients.  I also asked about the safety of giving multiple vaccines in a day, and she said it was perfectly safe.  She also said that the incidence of serious reaction was "1:1,000,000."   After receiving four vaccines ( many of them combination vaccines), my son changed immediately.  First, he had high-pitched inconsolable crying that went on almost an hour.  He was talking that morning had use his favorite word, "SHOES."  After these shots, he went blank and listless and no matter how much I coaxed, he would not use speech.  He was listless the rest of the day and seemed to be "blank."  He always awakened me early in the morning around 6:45.  The following morning, I awoke with a start as I realized he had not awakened me and it was after nine.  I ran into the nursery to find him sitting awkwardly in his crib, staring blankly into space.  He was suing crying and reaching for me to get him out of the crib, but this morning he didn't even acknowledge me went I went into the room.  I called his name and there was no response.  I scooped him up and he went limp like a rag doll in my arms and would not grab hold of me.  I frantically called his pediatrician who admonished me and told me I was imagining things and I was just an over-protective mother.  AS problems continued, her point of view was to continue to deny anything was wrong with our son and continue to say it was just my imagination.  Then our son begin to get sick all the time with ear infections. When we kept mentioning his loss of speech, the pediatrician said, 'Lots of boys lose speech at this age."  finally by the end of the year we saw a different pediatrician and she said that the loss of speech was significant. We were sent to Callier Center where they suggested to us that our child had "autism."  when I called his pediatrician she said, "They should not have told you that."  Our son's health continued to decline and by the one year anniversary of his regression, he developed a significant pneumonia in a matter of just a few hours.  since regression eh began having serious gut pain and sleep issues.  He had lost eye contact. He would make nonsensical noises at time, finger flick, and he began exhibiting the behavaiorsof OCD.  In addtion he began having TREMORS with NYSTAGMUS any time he heard running water or a toilet flushed. He began having "absence seizures" (transient catatonia."  these spells were frightening to us as during them we couldn to get any response form him.  He wouldn't even blink his eyes.  He had light sensitivity and sound sensistivity.  We got little sleep as he would awakern about everry two hours and then scream unconsolably for over one hour or more.  One really bad night we called the docotr on call who could hear his horrendous screams.  He seemd perterbed by our calla nd just said, "Just let him scream!  he will eventually exhaust himself and pass out!"   By age two it was clear he had serious constipation issues and we had to go to the ER a few times for impaction.  He developed mega colon.  He started getting an infection with a fever roughly every two weeks.  Then we noticed that if he were bitten by a mosquito, the rash began to spread and became inflamed. We learned this was radiating staph and our son's immune system could not longer fight the bacteria introduced from an insect bite.  other insect bites sent his immune system into hyper-drive.  Four fire ant bites sent him in anaphylaxis - it was the most frightening day of my life. By this time we found anew physicain who was very helpful.  She was teh first physician who found his copper levels off the chart and we were sent emergently to the children's hosptial for evaluation for Wilson's Disease.  It was not Wilson's.  Apparently his vaccine reaction had caused a metabolic disorder and his body could no longer regulate copper in his body properly.  He was diagnosed with metabolic disorder NOS.  Due to his constant repeat infections and immune testing, he was diagnosed with Immune Disorder NOS.  He continued to have infections with fevers roughly every two weeks. He was diagnosed with "asthma".  He had too many bouts of bronchitis over the years to keep count.  Every insect bite brought radiating staph which quickly turned into cellulitis, putting him at risk each time of developing MRSA, septicemia and death. He practically had to live on antibiotics.  He came down with viral meningitis.  He continued to be susceptible to pneumonia.  He had a serious problems with yeast.  he got a fungal infection in his lungs.  We were int eh ER one to two times a month. He couldn't talk anymore, so he couldn't tell us where it hurt.  We learned that he had high opiate peptides in his urine and the GF/CF/SF diet was suggested to us and we implemented this diet over a years time.  This improved his belly pain.   He was found to not be utilizing nutrients properly and his immunologist had us put him on a supplement regimen.  the diet and supplements improved his behavior, sleep patterns, and belly pain.  He finally said  his first sentence, but his speech was happenstance.  For nine years, he had was sick about every two weeks.  He's had pneumonia nine times and in 3013 was hospitalized for bacterial meningitis with a secondary pneumonia.  Over the years, the so called "autism" has improved, but I believe it has just been hard work form fighting his way back from a stroke.  He learned to talk again.  His speech is still four to five years delayed.  He is delayed socially and emotionally. His intellect is intact and he is of average intelligence but he did not do well in school due to catching infections so often and schools do not educated those with special needs well.  He learned best 1:1 and we learned about the RPM method which works very well for him, so along with his doctor's advice we began home schooling. This has decreased his infection rate, and he is catching up in his studies.  IN 2002, one year after his reaction, he was diagnosed by a pediatric neurologist with "Heavy metal Intoxication."  I found out the pediatrician lied about the vaccine ingredients and had given him mercury containing vaccines anyway.  When I confronted her, she LAUGHED about it.  a lawyer told us we still couldn't sue her.   Filing with VAERS was a joke, and though we sent over 1000 pages of medical documentation, our child was never compensated for his injuries.  He will have metabolic, immune, social, and emotional deficits for LIFE.  His care in the 14.5 years since reaction in out of pocket and lost wages is over 1.5 million dollars. Vaccine damage has taken every thing we saved and worked for and then some.  We will continue to work diligently to give this child we love the bet quality of life that we possibly can.  No child should have to spend their childhood fighting their way out of the abyss. I will never truly trust a doctor again. they have to work hard to earn my trust.  the neurologist who diagnosed him with mercury poisoning said the vaccines was the only place it could have come form and he apologized, BUT he said to us, "You've just got to understand, by mass vaccinating, we are saving so many, but there are going to be 'LOSSES.' Your child is one of them, and you just need to go home and accept it."   Could YOU accept finding out your one and only child was sacrificed for some perceived "greater good"? We find this  notion Machiavellian and Insane!  Who would risk this life our child has had to live?  Once a vaccine is given, you can never take it back.  Oh, how we wish we could.

Additional Information/Words of Wisdom

This is not "just autism."  I think this is the term given to this IATROGENIC disease in order to TRIVIALIZE it int he eyes of the as yet unaffected public.  This iantrogenic disease carries with it many medical neurological problems.  I think what happens after vaccination in many children is really STROKE or Toxic Encephalopathy.  I beleive it makes metabolic processes go haywire.  This is an expensive disease and often breaks families financially.  The things that helped our child the most were ABA (which we had to do ourselves due to cost), speech, phsyical, and occupational therapies, DIET (gf/cf/sf and Feingold), nutritional supplementation, RPM for teaching academic skills,and most of all the AC PROTOCOL, including with it adrenal support. The AC Protocol along with adding adrenal support was the ONLY intervention over the years that improved our child's immune function.  Using these interventions - as regarding the "autism" portion of this disease, our son has gone form moderate-severe and non-verbal to high functioning and verbal. However, his immune and metabolic disorder will need to be controlled for life. His immune system still has no ability on its own to fight candida. It is a crime against humanity IMO that vaccine makers are not held liable in open courts before impartial juries when their products harm CHILDREN.


ethan-before-vaccine.jpg ethan-after-vaccine.jpg    
 1986  3  My son was developing normally.   He was talking with speech that could be easily understood.  He was even starting to read.  However, after the vaccination we notice that his speech was decreasing and also his intellect.  We first thought it was lead paint, but the test came back negative there was no lead poisoning.  It was around ten years later that we learn that the US government had been putting mercury in the vaccine as a preservative.  This is only explanation I can think of why my child would loose his ability to speak, social skills, and intelligence.  He now does things that he never done before has fits, laugh, cries, and screams for no reason at all.   He requires supervision in all most everything he does.  It was not for the vaccine I am sure he would have developed normally.        
 2011  1 year  My daughter was born a beautiful baby she still is my beautiful baby  The past couple years has been the hardest  for us   I feel like after her vaccination I lost her   She had a great eye contact she knew my voice she looked up  and she was babbling after the vaccinations I noticed a lot of screaming,not wanting to eat anything  not looking up we her name  meeting any developmental milestone  she just showed regression for everything Madison lost all of her social skills.  Her sound that's she made was replaced by angry grunting. She didn't understand what we were saying. SHe would cry all of the time. It was and still is absolute Hell. Today Madison is four years old   She still never speaks she doesn't know I exist    She has a lot of health issues  it's just getting worse  girl-in-pink-before-vaccine.gif  girl-in-pink-after-vaccine.gif    
 1999  1-3  I am a university professor. As a researcher, I believe that studies, conducted without bias or interest, will provide the final determination regarding this issue. Therefore, I cannot claim that I have conclusve proof regarding the link between my child's immunizations and his subsequent diagnosis. I can only relay the anecdotal evidence that appears to provide a causal link. My son was born full-term, and the pregnancy and delivery were healthy and normal. He developed as a typical child. He was social, developed typically with no idiosyncratic behaviors. He engaged in imaginative play, developed language early, learned to walk, and progressed through milestones at normal or slightly accelerated rates. As a child born at the beginning of the autism epidemic, I was able to later confirm through hospital records that at 18 months, he received a combined Thimerosal-bearing vaccination. My later attempts to obtain further confirmation were refused. He had a reaction to that vaccination that included a high fever, and was monitored by his physician and treated with a mild analgesic.

At 23 months, we started to note a change in his behavior, specifically in regard to a retardation of verbal development and withdrawal. These symptoms rapidly progressed over a relatively short period, and by 27 months he no longer made eye contact, had lost all language, no longer engaged in play activities, became obsessed with repetitive behaviors, and his vocalizations became nonsensical. He exhibited emotional lability that was not connected to external stimuli. At that time, he was diagnosed.

Today, my son is sixteen. He communicates in 2-3 word phrases through a communication device. He is non-verbal. He is severely autistic, has multiple complex health issues, and will require care all of his life. He will never be an adult except in body.

Losing a child to autism is a horrifying experience. Although my love for my child is perhaps only increased because he is so severely impaired, there is no ameliorating that loss. I know how the urge to find a source upon which to rest blame for that injury can lead to assumptions that may or may not be true. However, I also do strongly believe that something happened to my child, and that his autism was at least partially triggered by an environmental insult. I offer this story not to make any concrete claims regarding the nature of that factor, but rather in the attempt to urge legislators to explore the possibilities in a transparent manner that responds to and helps to reasonably account for the experiences parents like myself offer here.
 2005  2 days after birth

 Boy born healthy with apgar score 9.9- 2 days after birth vaccinated with 2 shots. BCG and Hepatitt B. after 10 houres he suffered anaphylactic reactions. breathing and heart, neurological reactions, never recovered. Diagnosis epilepsy 2006 and Autism 2010.

Additional Information/Words of Wisdeom

Educate yourself before choosing anything. If you see your child is not developing the way he or she should help and alternative treatments for your child as soon as possible.  Do your best and never never give up.



Vaccine injury Stories From Elsewhere

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Database is the United States reporting system for adverse reactions from vaccines.  This database regularly updated as new reports are filed.  As of August 8, 2015, according to the VAERS database, there are currently 508,628 cases of reported adverse effects following immunization (it is estimated that only 10% of vaccine adverse effects are reported), the number of  deaths following vaccination is currently  5,994.  the number of life threatening reactions is currently 9,637.  the number of hospitalizations following a vaccine is currently 51,729, and the of number of individuals disabled following a vaccine is 11,379.  Although the system allows for reports going back to the year 1900, over half of adverse reaction reports occurred after the year 2000.  From 2000 until August 6, 2015,  347,184 adverse reports were received.  This 15 year period also accounts for over half of individuals who died (3079), had a life threatening reaction (6826), were hospitalized (35601) or were disabled following vaccination (6516).  

Given these extremely high casualty and injury rates over the past 15 years, I would think it is time we took a second look at whether the benefit is worth the risk on many of these vaccines. 

As a case in point, in 2015, the flu vaccine only prevented the flu in 23% of cases - clearly it is ineffective based on this statistic.  However, research indicates that individuals vaccinated for the flu 5 times during their lifetime have a 10 times greater risk of developing Alzheimers.  Is the risk of developing Alzheimers worth the billions of taxpayer dollars and medical dollars spent on administering an ineffective vaccine, plus the billions of dollars in healthcare treating and caring for people with Alzheimers? 

Currently the CDC, the FDA, our legistlators are in collusion to greenlight ineffective and unsafe vaccines for profit.  There is no impartial evaluatio of vaccine safety and benefit vs risk in the implementation of immunization policy at the federal level.  The massive legislative push to implement bills benefit pharmaceutical corprroations and the amssive media propaganda campaigns to attack those who question vaccine safety are an effort to prevent this conversation taking place concerning the massive conflict of interest that has lead to our country to have more vaccines in our immunization schedule than any other country, many of which are ineffective, unnecessary and/or dangerous.  Having this conversation would reveal "inconvenient truths"   which, if our system of government still works, would logically lead to corrupt elected officials, officials at federal regulatory agencies (including the CDC and FDA), and corporations for being accountable for profiteering from reckless and excessive introductions of vaccines having injured and killed thousands of our citizens for profit.

Other internet resources with videos, stories and photos of children killed or injured by vaccines:

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Share Your Vaccine Injury Story

Below is a form to share your family's story.  The more of us who share our stories, the louder our voice, and sooner changes will be made to ensure that health policies put in place that benefit families instead of corporations.