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Toxin Absorbers and Reducers

Ammonia and Glutamate Are Primary Neurotoxins

Individuals within the autism spectrum often have excessive levels of ammonia and glutamates in the brain which can act as neurotoxins. This caused by overgrowths of pathogens in the intestinal tract that produce toxins as by-product.

Excessive ammonia and glutamates both switch on NMDA receptors in neurons in the brain. NMDA receptors mediate anxiety. Any foreign chemical substance that can stimulate the NMDA receptors will potentially generate a constant wired or high anxiety state, feeling tired but wired.


NMDA Receptor, a glutamate receptor is the primary molecular device for controlling synaptic plasticity and memory function.

When there is an infection in the brain NMDA receptors may also be overstimulated, and the neuron may become damaged or die. Ammonia can also contribute to brain fog. Glutamate excitotoxicity can lead to hyperactive behavior.

Overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in the intestinal tract may produce ammonia as a byproduct which then leads to excessive levels of ammonia which can easily cross the blood-brain barrier.. A diet high in animal protein can also increase levels of ammonia in the body. Strong ammonia like body odor can be a symptom of high levels of ammonia.

The products listed below have research indicating they either help to reduce levels of glutamates and ammonia or protect the brain against neurological damage when high levels of glutamates and ammonia are present. Additional agonists that prevent activation of NMDA receptors include: magnesium, zinc, and taurine.

Other Neurotoxins

Individuals with neurological conditions including autism often have high levels of additional neurotoxins, including oxalic acid, proprionic acid, and p-cresol.

List of Supplements that Absorb and Reduce Impact of Neurotoxins

Here are a list of supplements that reduce levels of them and their impact:

  • Citricare Anti-Candida Citrus Extract

    CitriCare - Anti-Candida, Anti-Bacterial Citrus Extract $29.00

    CitriCare® is a natural citrus seed extract made from lemon, lime, tangerine and grapefruit seeds.  It is much more effective than straight grapefruit seed extract products at controlling yeast (Candida) infections...

  • Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi

    Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi $65.00

    Take Your Family's Health to the Next Level! "Mind, Body, Harmony is hands down the best nutritional supplement I have used in my 30 years of working with nutraceuticals, herbs, and supplements of all kinds. It is readily...

  • Daily Liquid Adrenal, Endocrine and Immune Support

    Daily Adapt - Liquid Adrenal, Endocrine, Immune Support $42.00

    Individuals on the autism spectrum frequently have chronic high levels of cortisol which can contribute to high levels of stress, disrupted sleep, anxiety and depression.  In addition, chronic inflammation and chronic...

  • Stone Breaker Anti-Oxalate Liquid

    Stone Breaker Anti-Oxalate Liquid $25.00

    Many individuals within the autism spectrum excessively high levels of oxalates. These oxalates can deposit throughout the body and the brain, having an impact on motor skills, cognition and academic performance. ...

  • K2 + D3 for Neurological Support

    K2 + D3 for Neurological Support $20.00

    Vitamins K2 + D3 are more biologically available forms of Vitamins D and K.  Thee vitamins, normally associated with increased calcium absorption and bone health, also have research indicating they provide neurological...

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 $0.00

    Frequently deficient in individual with autism, it acts as a potent antibiotic by increasing the body's production of anti-microbial peptides which directly and rapidly destroy cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses...

  • TMG Crystals

    TMG Crystals $9.00

    Trimethylglycine (TMG), also called anhydrous betaine,is extracted from sugar beets and contains methyl groups (CH3group - 1 Carbon Atom/3 Hydrogen Atoms). Methyl donors are involved in a biochemical process known as...

  • Herbal Detoxifier - Hepa Plus

    Herbal Detoxifier - Hepa Plus $24.00

    According to presenters at the Autism One conference, alpha lipoic acid binds to heavy metals and milk thistle helps to excrete heavy metals from the body. Herbal Detoxifer/Hepa Plus provides a blend of ingredients to...

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 150 mg - supports detoxification, chelation, and protection against free radical damage.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid - 150 mg, 60 capsules - Detoxification and Cellular Protection $18.00

    March 16, 2020 - Currently on back order. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful anti-oxidant and chelator. It production of glutathione, which is one of the body's most powerful removers of toxins, and helps to regenerate used...

  • DMG Liquid for Methylation Support

    DMG Liquid $34.00

    Dimethylglycine (DMG) provides methyl groups required for detoxification, which are frequently found at insufficient levels for individuals within the autism spectrum. DMG supports immune system, circulatory,...

  • Magnesium Taurate

    Magnesium Taurate $0.00

    Like the neurotransmitter, GABA, taurine has a calming effect on the brain, inhibiting the excitation of nerve cells. GABA deficiencies are commonly found in children diagnosed with autism, migraines and/or ADD. Taurine has...

  • Liquid Pure Minerals - Just the Mineral and Water

    Liquid Minerals - Preservative Free $12.00

    Autistic children are typically deficient in key minerals important for optimal metabolic and neurological function. Often simple is best - this new product line is just minerals and water.  Because the minerals are...

  • Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid

    Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid $12.00

    Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid can help to simultaneously reduce excessive levels of glutamates and ammonia in the brain, common in individual within the autism spectrum. Excessive levels of ammonia and glutamates can cause...

  • Methyl Bs + TMG Capsules

    Methyl Bs + TMG Capsules $27.00

    Methyl Bs + TMG provide four essential B vitamins in their active forms, best utilized by most individuals within the autism spectrum, along with Betaine (Trimethylglycine) to support the methylation cycle. The methylation...

  • Magnesium Glycinate

    Magnesium Glycinate $12.00

    Magnesium acts as an neurological inhibitor, protecting neurons from over-firing which can result in neurological damage as well as triggering migraines and seizures. Glycine promotes relaxation, detoxification, and normal...

  • Calcium Citrate Powder

    Calcium Citrate Powder $19.00

    This calcium supplement provides a well-tolerated, easy-to-absorb source of calcium supplied in powder form for convenient supplementation. By attaching calcium to citric acid, a very soluble calcium compound is formed that...