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Probiotics & Prebiotics

Probiotics are beneficial micro-organisms that live in the intestinal tract.  Your intestinal tract contains a colony of microbes that makes up 2-7 pounds of your body weight and is referred to as your microbiome.  You have more microorganisms that make up your microbiome than you have cells in your body.   The microbial colony that lives within your intestinal tract helps to digest your food and produce nutrients.   A healthy microbial colony in the intestinal tract produces nutrients that include:

  • Amino acids such as Tryptophan and Tyrosine.  Amino acids are the building blocks for the proteins that do most of the work in your body.
  • B Vitamins - active forms of folate (methyfolate), B6 (P5P), B12 (methylcobalamin), biotin and thiamine.
  • Vitamin K
  • Butyric Acid that is a precursor to GABA, one of the body's primary calming neurotransmitters, which nourishes the feathery hair-like villi that line intestinal tract and nutrients to be transmitted to the rest of the body.  When the villi are malnourished and compromised, this contributes to maldigest and this can contribute to leaky gut (gaps in the intestinal wall) that can in turn contribute to creating food allergies, chronic intestinal infections and malnourishment.

Unfortunately virtually everyone in the United States is exposed to substances in food and drink that kill off beneficial microbes - these substances include antibiotics which make it into our food through animal products and into our water supply, and through Roundup (the active ingredient, Glyphosate is patented as an antimicrobial) which contaminates most of our crops and products made from them.

This is why virtually everyone today needs to regularly consume probiotics to replenish them.  Some products, such as Equlibrium are especially effective and replacing beneficial microbes killed off due to contamination of the food supply.

Virtually all individuals within the autism spectrum have an overgrowth of intestinal pathogens which produce toxins and crowd out beneficial organism that help digest food and manufacture vitamins.  Regular supplementation with probiotics increases the levels of the beneficial intestinal flora.  Also included in this section are supplements that kill pathogenic bacteria which can be used together with probiotics. 

Prebiotics are nutrients that feed beneficial microbes and help to create a healthier ratio of beneficial microbes to pathogens in the intestinal tract. 

When the beneficial microbes are killed, off the pathogenic organisms tend to form a slime called a biofilm in the intestinal tract which favors the growth of pathogenic microbes of beneficial microbes.  It is very important to degrade the biofilm and prevent its regrowth to create a healthy microbiome.  For products that degrade biofilms, please click here.

When you start killing off pathogens, they can release toxins, so it may be a good idea to also supplement with detoxification supplements such as Bentonine and Activated Charcoal 45 minutes or so after taking probiotics and supplements that kill pathogens to absorb toxic die-off if symptoms of die-off appear such as intestinal upset, worsening of other symptoms or behaviors.

Interestingly you also have microbes that live on your skin, ears, and respiratory system. There are now probiotics that can help with body odor and support the respiratory system.




  • Biofilm Remover + Probiotic Builder Kit

    Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit $65.00

    Save $5 by ordering these products as a kit instead of individually. A key piece of recovering from chronic health conditions is to remove biofilms and restore a colony of beneficial microbes.  Biofilms are a slime...

  • Biofilm Remover Probiotic Spray for Skin

    Biofilm Remover Probiotic Skin Spray $30.95

    New, More Economical 14 oz size! I Soothe Your Skin is a probiotic spray for your skin that eats away the microscopic film in which disease-causing bacteria thrive on your skin. Use this spray for cuts, rashes, burns, bug...

  • Biofilm Remover Spray - I Help You Breathe

    Biofilm Remover Probiotic Respiratory Spray $26.95

    The Biofilm Remover Spray, I Help You Breathe, is a natural, non-toxic, non-GMO eco-friendly spray. It is excellent for sinus and asthma sufferers, too. Safe enough to spray directly in face, nose and ears for maximum...

  • Biofilm Removing Probiotic Mouthwash

    Biofilm Remover Probiotic Mouth Wash $15.95

    April 3, 2018.  When you purchase this product, you will be invited encouraged to participate a one-month study to determine the effectiveness of this product at removing biofilms in the mouth and in the digestive tract...

  • Equilibrium -  115 Probiotics Commonly Missing from the Microbiome in Industrialized Societies

    Equilibrium - Microbiome Restoration Probiotic $34.00

    7-21-20 - Equilibrium is back in stock!    Equilibrium is probably the single most effective probiotic blend Autism Coach has come across.  My family has been using Equilibrium regularly and it has been...

  • Floraphage/Syntol Set - Prebiotics+Probiotics+Enzymes  - 90 capsules per bottle

    Floraphage/Syntol Set - Prebiotics+Probiotics+Enzymes - 90 capsules per bottle $74.00

    This set offers a savings $6 off on shipping what the products would cost if sold individually.  Floraphage is a bacteriophage that was specifically targeted to selectively attack and kill e.coli.  Recent research...

  • Floraphage Probiotic Enhancer + Pathogen Killer

    Floraphage Probiotic Enhancer $20.00

    Floraphage is an innovative new supplement for fighting intestinal pathogens and restoring intestinal health!  Floraphage simultaneously attacks pathogens in the gut while increasing beneficial probiotic activity by an...

  • Syntol Probiotic+Enzyme Blend - Anti-Yeast

    Syntol Probiotic and Enzyme Blend - Anti-Yeast $39.99

    Syntol is a gluten and casein free powerful yeast-fighting probiotic enzyme blend, containing 13.6 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of various non-competing strains of probiotic bacteria. One of these strains is the...