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Natural Products Foods and Supplements Taken Over by Big Business

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The Unnatural Takeover of Natural Products Companies by Big Business

October 2014.  This article may serve as a reminder why it is good to buy local food from small, local farmers and to grow and cook your own food from scratch!

The natural products business is currently a several billion dollar a year business in the United States.  As it grew, it was increasingly hungrily eyed by large corporations and pharmaceutical companies, who were losing a share of the market to people seeking healthier alternatives, getting way from foods and main-stream drugs that were making them sick.  More and more peole were returning to traditional foods and remedies.  Large corporations colluded with our elected officials to take over the natural foods industry.  The natural foods brands that people were turning to get away from the large corporations are now largely a facade behind which lurk large corporations who bought out these brands.  These corporations bought their way into the natural foods industry and now are members of natural products trade and lobby organizations.  These same organizations, such as the Natural Products Association, are now being run by and for their corporate members, who threaten to weaken the standards under which natural foods are manufactured and labelled for the sake of profit.  In an elaborate con-game, natural foods are becoming more unnatural, and people are being duped into paying more money to get products that are supposed to be healthier, but actually standards that are rapidly dropping for what it is natural and healthy.

Many small alternative food and supplements companies were started in the 1960's and 1970's by those seeking an alternative, healthier lifestyle.  During the Obama administration, an accelerating number of these companies have been forced into the hands of big business.  A key move in this campaign to enable big business to scoop up the health food and supplement coimpanies was Obama's appointment of Dr. Daniel Fabricant by President Obama to be head of the FDA's Dietary Supplement Program. 

 Dr. Daniel Fabricant

Dr. Fabricant had been head of the Natural Products Association, the primary lobby group for natural products in Washington and had been an advocate for the health food industry.  However,  once appointed, it became immediately apparent that Dr. Fabricant had turned traitor against the supplement industry.  He began advocating for positions that were in direct opposition to what he advocated for while heading up the Natural Products Association. He implemented an incredible amount of red tape that drove many small and mid-size supplement businesses out of business or forced them to sell out to larger corporations. This is largely perceived by people in the supplement industry to be a deal brokered the Obama administration with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in exchange for supporting his health care plan - to hand over the supplement industry to the pharmceutical companies.  One primary campaign initiated by Dr. Fabricant was to issue Draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredients (NDIs)  in 2011 which is still under debate and threatens to gut the supplement industry. These guidelines have the potentail to roll back the ingredients allowed in supplements to the 1990's, resulting the removal of thousands of products that millions of people now depend on.

Using the FDA as a secret police to intimidate supplement and health food companies; small and medium size supplement and food companies were targeted for the largest number of "investigations" AKA raids ever carried in the history of the FDA during the Obama administration, costing these companies millions of dollars in lost sales and greatly increased their expenses due to time consumed to comply with the incredible amounts of red tape Fabricant now required of them.  The purpose was to force these companies out of business because these regulation were designed for large corporations and only large corporations could afford to comply.  In a typical "investigation/inspection", the FDA would come in with federal officials and guns into a supplement company, confiscate computers, and shut it down until it complies with some regulation.  For the medium size companies, the FDA has employees that practically inspect a specific company full time.  The FDA uses the tactic of shutting down a company due to a petty infraction, and when the company complies, finding another issue to comply with - continuing this indefinitely until the company is run out of business. The whole approach taken by the FDA and the professionals that help companies "comply" at a price smacks of a protection/extortion racket.

Under Obama's tenure, the supplement industry has been under non-stop attack, spear headed by Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, who receives a substantial amount of campaign money from pharmaceutical companies.  It is widely believed that the Obama administration brokered a deal with the pharmceuticals to hand over the natural foods and supplement industyr in exchange for their support of what is now known as "Obamacare."

The FDA/Obama coercive campaign to drive health food businesses into the hands of large corporations who produce so much of our unhealthy food has been succcessful.  Many of the health food brands are now owned by junk-food, pharmaceutical producing corporations.  Here is the followout of the selling out of independent health food companies to large corporations:



The Natural Products Association, whose members had been primarily small independent companies, pushed for natural health products and supplement ingredients.  Since the takeover of these business over the last 10 years, the NPA, is now the tool of big business.  In what became a defining moment for the Natural Products Association change in constituents and agenda, they came out in opposition the California proposal 37 to disclose on labels foods containing genetically modified foods.  The Natural Products Association is now simply a shell of its former self, more a wolf in sheep's clothing, using the facade of ostensibly representing natural foods to promote profit at the expense of health for the big corporations that are now the members of the association.  Not surprisingly, Dr. Fabricant, having done his damage to the industry, has left his position at the FDA and has returned to head up the Natural Products Association, which is now largely a tool of big business.

Many people are willing to pay more for what they perceive as more healthful foods, and corporations are always figuring out ways to cut quality while giving the perception of health in the brands they now own. 

The major organic independent food companies not owned by a large corporation or private investment group are:


Unfortunately, the supplement companies are also being forced into the hands of big corporations and venture capital groups.  Here is an alphabetical list of some supplement brands and their owners:

Action Labs... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
ActiPet... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Airborne... Reckitt Benckiser
Alacer... Pfizer
Alvita Tea... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Amerfit... DSM
American Health... NBTY
Atkins Nutritionals... Roark Capital Group
Balance Bar... NBTY
Beano... GlaxoSmithKline
Benefiber... Novartis
bioAllers... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Boost... Nestle
Buckley's cold and cough formula... Novartis
Caltrate... Pfizer
Carb Solutions... NBTY
Centrum... Pfizer
Comtrex cold and cough... Novartis
Coromega... DSM
Culturelle... DSM
Desenex... Novartis
DeTuinen... NBTY
Digestive Advantage... Reckitt Benckiser
Doan's pain relief... Novartis
Doctor's Trust... NBTY
Dr. Green Supplements... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Dr. Weil Supplements ... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
EAS... Abbott Labs
Emergen-C... Pfizer
Ensure... Abbott Labs
Estroven... DSM
Ex-Lax... Novartis
Ferrosan... Pfizer
Flexamin... NBTY
Fortitech... DSM
FunFresh Foods... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Gas-X... Novartis
Gaviscon... Reckitt Benckiser
Geritol... GlaxoSmithKline
Glucerna... Abbott Labs
Herbal Authority... NBTY
Herbs for Kids... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Isomil... Abbott Labs
KAL... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Keri skin care... Novartis
Kirkland... Costco
Knox... NBTY
Lamisil foot care... Novartis
Larenim... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
LeNaturiste... NBTY
life’sDHA... DSM
Life-flo... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Lipactin herpes symptomatic treatment... Novartis
Living Flower Essences... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Lucozade energy and sports drinks... GlaxoSmithKline
Maalox... Novartis
Mama's best... Abbott Labs
Martek Biosciences... DSM
Maximuscle... GlaxoSmithKline
Maxinutrition... GlaxoSmithKline
MegaRed krill oil... Reckitt Benckiser
Metabolife... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Metabo-O-FX... NBTY
Montana Big Sky... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Mucinex... Reckitt Benckiser
Natra-Bio... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Natural Balance... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Natural Sport... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
NaturalCare... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
NaturalMax... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Nature Made... Pharmavite, owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Nature’s Herbs... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Nature’s Resource Products... Pharmavite, owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
Nature's Bounty... NBTY
Nature's Life... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
New Chapter... Monsanto
New Mark... Proctor & Gamble
No-doz... Novartis
Nutrilite... Amway
Nutrition Warehouse... NBTY
Ocean Nutrition Canada... DSM
One-A-Day... Bayer
Origins... Target Corporation
Os Cal... GlaxoSmithKline
Osteo-Bi-Flex... NBTY
Pedialyte... Abbott Labs
PediaSure... Abbott Labs
Pioneer... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Powerbars... Nestle
Precision Engineered... NBTY
Premier One... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Puritan's Pride... NBTY
Remifemin... GlaxoSmithKline
Rexall... NBTY
Ribena fruit drinks... GlaxoSmithKline
Roche... DSM
Schiff Nutrition... Reckitt Benckiser
Senokot... Reckitt Benckiser
Similac... Abbott Labs
Sirtris... GlaxoSmithKline
Slim Fast... Unilever
Solaray... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Solgar... NBTY
Sundown... NBTY
Sunny Green... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Supplement Training Systems... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Sustenex... Reckitt Benckiser
Theraflu... Novartis
Thompson... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Tiger’s Milk protein bars... Reckitt Benckiser
Triaminic... Novartis
Tums... GlaxoSmithKline
TwinLab... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Ultra Harvest... IdeaSphere, Inc. (links to Amway)
Vagistat... Novartis
VegLife... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)
Vitamin World... NBTY
Weider... NBTY
Weil Nutritional Supplement... InfoSphere (links to Amway)
WORLDWIDE Sport Nutrition... NBTY
Zand... Neutraceutical Corporation (Bain Capital)

Zinaxin JointCare... Pfizer
ZonePerfect... Abbott Labs


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