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Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi


Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

Take Your Family's Health to the Next Level!

"Mind, Body, Harmony is hands down the best nutritional supplement I have used in my 30 years of working with nutraceuticals, herbs, and supplements of all kinds. It is readily absorbed and tastes good enough to easily mixed with a child's favorite juice. I literally can't say enough good things about it and have shared information about the product with my practitioners, friends, and anyone who will listen!!  Autism Coach manufacturers Body, Harmony with the deepest commitment to folks like us who work hard every day to manage our neurodiversity in complex and fast-changing environments. My son and I are both on the cusp of some kind of processing disorder/learning disability. In other words, we can have real problems when we're tired or overstimulated but don't meet criteria for any diagnosis. We don't need medication, we need extra nutritional support and Mind, Body, Harmony provides that. Now we can think clearly and feel emotionally stable even when we're short on rest and have a lot going on. Thanks for helping my family!!"  --Y. Johnson, 50-years-old

"Since taking Mind-Body Harmony, I've found that I feel more emotionally stable at a core level; I feel that- along with aiding in reducing stress and anxiety induced stomach pains - I am better able to regulate my emotions. With the mind, body, harmony supplement I feel I am better able to maintain a level of continuous attention for longer periods of time and with less mental exhaustion after. Overall, it very much feels like my system is being supported and I feel more scattered and physically sluggish when I have not taken the supplement for a while.  I also think the effects of the supplement are long lasting once use has been ongoing- forgetting to take the supplement for one day caused no noticeable effects but, after 3 to 5 days it felt harder to regulate emotions and felt moody as well as less able to concentrate.  S. Caege, 18-year-old college student

"Within just a week my son showed improvement in his learning skills. Before he would not color in line but now he is doing masterpieces; he also started to show a lot of interest for painting. He started to watch painting videos on youtube and try to repeat them. I also saw more eye contact, more language and a better sense of reality. His motor skills also improved. He is even happier and falls in long hours of deep sleep at night." Sheila Buteau, the parent of a 10-year-old boy within the autism spectrum, the first parent to receive Mind-Body Harmony.

Over two years in development, Mind-Body Harmony is a cutting-edge comprehensive multi-vitamin/mineral/herbal complex that goes far beyond basic nutritional support to get at the root of stubborn, chronic health issues to help achieve and sustain true deep-down, long-lasting improved health.  The mind and body are inextricably linked. To achieve optimal mental function and health it is necessary to support optimal physical health.  Treat the causes and the symptoms fade and often disappear completely.  Pleasant tasting, Mind-Body Harmony can benefit everyone in your family, from young children to seniors. 

Mind-Body Harmony saves you time and money because it provides a comprehensive, high quality selection of nutrients in a convenient, easy to take liquid that is far more economical than if these ingredients were purchased individually.  A generous, appropriate amount of each high-quality nutrient is provided to deliver therapeutic benefit in an absorbable form.  Unlike supplements with a good looking label that cut corners with cheap ingredients and low dosages of ingredients to increase profit, Mind-Body Harmony is a high-end, high-quality supplement designed to provide immediate, tangible benefit.  

In addition to providing a superior daily multi-vitamin, Mind-Body also supports several metabolic pathways that are commonly disrupted or impaired due to environmental factors in today's world.  Mind-Body Harmony gently helps to balance metabolic function and in doing so,  increases energy levels, lifts brain fog, elevates mood, reduces inflammation,and boosts the immune system.  Optimizing metabolic processes results in an overall improved sense of well-being and improved quality of life.

Mind-Body Harmony supports:

  • neurological function
  • mitochondrial function/energy production
  • the immune system
  • methylation
  • detoxification
  • sulfation
  • digestion
  • eliminating biofilms which contribute to chronic health issues

Mind-Body Harmony itself is designed to benefit those  who require support metabolizing and synthesizing B vitamins.  We are now facing an epidemic of chronic health and developmental issues that did not exist 30 years ago.  People who would have been completely healthy have had their metabolic processes disrupted by environmental factors that did not exist in previous generations.

Everyone today is exposed to and impacted by environmental factors, even if it is on a subtle, hard-to-define level.  Mind-Body Harmony was designed as in large part as antidote to environmental factors to enable underlying metabolic processes to optimally function and in doing so support optimal health, support the immune system in preventing the emergence of chronic diseases, and ultimately lead to a long, healthy, happy life.  A good nutritional/dietary protocol is the most cost-effective form of health insurance.    

Mind-Body Harmony is designed to hit head on and move past the following frustrating scenarios often experienced with nutritional protocols:

  • The protocol takes you so far but then plateaus - you can't get to the next level of improvement.
  • The protocol stops working as well or begins to have negative impact.
  • Chronic health issues keep resurfacing over and over.  For example, yeast infections and intestinal pathogens keep coming back.

Using Mind-Body Harmony can help to you and your family reach previously unobtainable improved levels of physical and mental health and function.

Mind-Body Harmony is the foundation of our innovative Game Changing Protocol. Because each person is unique genetically, biochemically and has been impacted by different environmental factors, our Game Changing Protocol is customizable to meet the nutritional needs of the individual. 

Why do we need supplements when our ancestors didn't?

To understand the benefits of Mind-Body Harmony, it is important to understand the environmental factors in today's world it is designed to address.

Today, we are all exposed to man-made chemicals, many of which disrupt basic metabolic processes.  Altered metabolic processes result in the disruption of the normal development of children and result in chronic health issues for people of all ages.   Industrialized farming practices deplete the soil of nutrients so that our food does not provide sufficient nutrition.  Our food and water supply is also contaminated with antibiotics that kill off many of the beneficial microbes in our intestinal tracts that produce many of our nutrients, resulting in more nutritional deficiencies.  Our immune system may be burdened and compromised by newer viruses, retroviruses, and other infectious agents that have emerged since the 1970s and are currently poorly understood, diagnosed and treated.  Chronic infections also alter metabolic pathways.  Mind-Body Harmony is designed to help to normalize metabolic function to help you and your family obtain and sustain optimal mental and physical health.

Roundup - A Primary Culprit in Disrupting Metabolic Function

According to MIT researcher, Stephanie Seneff, one man-made chemical compound in particular, the herbicide, Roundup, is a primary culprit in the rise in autoimmune conditions, learning disabilities, health conditions within our lifetime.  Mind-Body Harmony provides supports the body to restore normal metabolic funciton and immune system function disrupted by man-made chemicals and infectious agents.  Exposure to Roundup is now considered by Dr. Seneff and others to be amongst the environmental factors contributing to the autism epidemic.

Roundup and related glyphosate herbicides are now used instead of plowing to kill weeds in fields growing genetically modified (GMO) crops and are now the most commonly used agricultural chemicals used in the United States.  They are also sprayed crops during and after harvest as a drying agent.  Roundup stays in the soil, does not break down, evaporates and rains down on all of us.  Glyphosate related herbicides are used to grow and harvest crops like corn, soybeans, canola and whea. Glyphosate is also used on crops such as walnuts, figs, plums, prunes, grapes, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, pistachios, pomegranite, and even spinach. Click here for a link to a 2015 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) memo on crops being sprayed with glyphosate.

Glyphosate has been shown to be harmful in parts per billion but has been found in thousands of parts per billion in popular foods such as children's breakfast cereals and even organic crackers, according to a report released by the health advocacy group, Food Democracy Now.

In 2003, Monsanto filed a patent for Roundup as an anti-microbial.  Roundup kills weeds by blocking the Shikimate metabolic pathway, used by plants to make the amino acids, Tyrosine and Tryptophan.  If plants they don't make these amino acids they die.  It turns out that this pathway is also used by many beneficial microbes that live in our intestinal tract, including several beneficial species of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.  These beneficial microbes make many of the nutrients, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and other substances our body needs and uses to support normal early childhood development and to maintain health as an adult.  When beneficial microbes are killed off, we become malnourished due to not being able to obtain these nutrients needed for development and health.  In addition, pathogenic microbes proliferate and produce toxins in our intestinal tract that further disrupt metabolic function and can ultimately disrupt neurological development in children and contribute to neurological degenerative disease in the elderly as well.

The active ingredient in Roundup, Glyphosate, also mimics the amino acid Glycine, and has been shown to insert itself into genes, DNA, and other molecules in the body, disrupting metabolic function on cellular level - including impairing energy production in the body (mitochondrial function/kreb's cycle) and disrupting the manufacture of and function of lipids which make up membranes throughout the body.  Membranes are the lining on the outside of cells and organs and are critical for transporting in nutrients, hormones and transporting out toxic by-products of metabolism so they can be eliminated from the body. Membrane function and energy production are compromised on a cellular level.  Damaged membranes/barriers within the body can allow pathogens pass into organs and through the blood brain barrier into the brain. 

Research is indicating that Roundup and related chemicals disrupt metabolic pathways, leading to increased oxidative stress, excessive production of damaging free radicals, skewed neurotransmitter levels, decreased immunity, and many other far-reaching impacts on physical and mental health.

Mind-Body Harmony is specifically designed to provide powerful support to gain metabolic balance and optimal health.

Here are just SOME of the impacts of Roundup on our health:

  • Kills beneficial microbes which produce many of the depleted nutrients listed below
  • Depletes active B Vitamins made by beneficial bacteria
  • Depletes Amino Acids including Tyrosine, 5-HTP, and Methionine whose building blocks are provided by beneficial microbes
  • Depletes enzymes that digest and detoxify our food that are made by beneficial microbes
  • Depletes Butyric Acid needed to nourish the villi lining the intestinal tract leading to malabsorption and leaky gut made by beneficial microbes.  This contributes to leaky gut where the barrier inside the intestinal tract is damaged.
  • Causes leaky gut which causes food allergies - as foods leak through the intestinal tract to the immune system layer of the intestinal tract causing the immune system to react to foods as if they are a foreign invader.
  • Enables overgrowth of pathogens like Candida, Clostridium Difficile and Klebsiella which produce neurotoxins.
  • Leaky gut allows toxins produced in the intestinal tract to get into the blood stream and travel to the brain causing damage.
  • Pathogens that overgrow when beneficial microbes are killed produce excessive levels of neurotoxins like ammonia, proprionic acid, oxalic acid, and p-Cresol (also referred to as 4-Cresol)
  • Disrupts the manufacture and function of lipids (fats and sterols) that make up membranes throughout our body including the epithelial cells
  • Chelates to beneficial metals in the soil, plants, and animals - resulting in malnourishment due to lack of these minerals
  • Blocks the body's natural ability to make Vitamin D3 that our skin normally makes when we are exposed to sunlight - most people in the United States are now deficient in Vitamin D3
  • Damage to the epithelial cells which make up membranes throughout the body can impairing function of the pancreas, gall bladder, liver, and kidneys - contributing to diabetes, gall bladder, liver and kidney damage.
  • Mimics the amino acid glycine and when it is inserted into molecules/RNA/DNA - disrupts metabolic function and puts it into the category of being a mutagen and carcinogen
  • Depletes the body of sulfates that are the building blocks of many anti-inflammatory molecules.  Inflammation and auto-immune conditions arise when there is insufficient sulfur.  Sulfates are needed for optimal functioning of the small intestine, liver, pancreas and the gall bladder. 
  • Depletes the body of reduced glutathione, methione, and other sulfur-bearing molecules.
  • Impairs methylation and detoxification metabolic pathways because of depletion of building blocks for these pathways.
  • Toxin producing metabolic pathways arise when healthy metabolic pathways are impaired - leading to excess production of neurotoxins and free radicals. 
  • Impaired pathways lead to an depletion of the methylatransferase enzyme used in methylation processes.
  • Switching of genes on and off is impaired to insufficient production of methyl donors due to impaired pathways.
  • Impaired switching on and off of genes disrupts normal development of children including neuronal development in early childhood.
  • Imparied metabolic processes lead to deficiency of calming and mood elevating neurotransmitters such as GABA, Glycine, melatonin, seratonin, epinephrine, norephinephrine, L-DOPA
  • Results in excessive levels of the excitatory neurotransmitter, such glutamate, which overexcite neurons to fire, causing them to be damaged and/or die off, also can result in migraines and seizures
  • Results in insufficient levels of the calming neurotransmitters that stop neurons from firing
  • Depletes the thyroid hormone, thyroxine, by disrupting metabolic pathways that make it, leading to hypothyroidism
  • Depletes beneficial minerals sulfur, zinc and magnesium - too much copper and heavy metals
  • An imbalanced copper/zinc ratio contributes to seizures and impairs the functioning of the decision making and impulse control areas of the brain in the frontal lobes
  • Depletes medium chain triglyceride fats (MCTs) used to build the brain by killing microbes that manufacture MCTs
  • Depletes BH4, a critical activator of several enzymes used in metabolic processes throughout the body including the synthesis of calming neurotransmitters, BH4 also detoxifies ammonia and most of it goes to detoxification when there is an overgrowth of pathogenic microbes and yeast in the gut producing large amounts of ammonia
  • high levels of ammonia - a neurotoxin that skews metabolic creation of neurotransmitters to producing more glutamates which can provoke seizures and migraines and less production of calming neurotransmitters such as GABA that reduce anxiety and elevate mood
  • leads to high levels of oxalic acid - also interferes with creating compounds that degrade oxalic acid which acts as a neurotoxin
  • leads to high levels of proprionic acid - acts as a neurotoxin; also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

For a more detailed article on impact of Roundup on health, please click here

Important Metabolic Pathways that are Commonly Disrupted by Roundup

Metabolic disruption commonly depletes the body of B vitamins (including methylfolate) and amino acids like Tyrosine and Tryptophan are needed to manufacture calming neurotransmitters.  Notice the importance of BH4.  When there are too many toxins being produced, most of the BH4 is used in the Urea Cycle to detoxify.  This means there isn't enough BH4 to make neurotransmitters.  BH4 is also used to make Nitrous Oxide which opens up blood vessels, including microcapillaries, and alllows oxygen to reach all cells.  If there is not enough BH4, then BH2 instead produces Super Oxide, a powerful and toxic free radical that causes damage to tissues.   


Mind-Body Harmony, when taken with methylfolate, Tyrosine and 5-HTP, replaces building blocks depleted by exposure to chemicals like Roundup to normalize metabolic function as follows. In red are metabolic processes and building blocks supported by Mind-Body Harmony:


Here are additional important commonly disrupted metabolic pathways.  Notice once again methyl-folate is needed to make BH4 as well as to be used in other metabolic cycles; methylfolate is also typically depleted:


Here are the same pathways supported by Mind-Body Harmony when taken with Methylfolate, once again highlighted in red:


Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi Provides Comprehensive Support to Optimize Metabolic Pathways

Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi is designed to plug in critical elements that are typically depleted by Roundup and when depleted interfere with normal metabolic processes:

Methylation Support -  A methyl group is suply a carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms.  Methyl groups are need by the body to make calming and mood elevating neurotransmitters, removing toxins, properly switching genes on and off. Mind-Body Harmony provides many methylated B vitamins as well as methylated forms of glycine to support methylation, betaine and beet juice (which also contains betaine in a whole food form).

Detoxification Support - When the beneficial microbes are killed off by Roundup, the pathogenic microbes, yeasts, and other organism thrive and produce toxins including excess ammonia which depletes the body of BH4 which is needed for the methylation cycle but also is used to detoxify ammonia.  So we included yucca root which absorbs ammonia, milk thistle , dandelion, and alpha lipoic acid, and sulfur, which support the liver's ability to detoxify.   Alphalipoic acid also detoxifies ammonia.

Immune Support - Behavor Harmony includes herbal extracts with powerful antiviral, antiretroviral, antibacterial, anticandida properties - Quercetin, Resveratrol, Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Extract.  Our antioxidant blend of fruits and vegetables (no apples or grapes) provides additional anti-oxidant support.  

Mitochondrial Support - Mind-Body Harmony includes d D-Ribose which is an energy source and humic-fulvic acid that helps optimize membranes on a cellular level throughout the body and also has antiretroviral properties.  Beet juice also helps to improve circulation, reducing oxidative stress.

Digestive Support - we included the enzyme Bromelain which is highly anti-inflammatory and reduces allergic responses, and a prebiotic blend that feeds benefical microbes.  When populations of beneficial microbes increase, they not only produce critical nutrients for us but also crowd out pathogens that produce neurotoxins.  Several ingredients degrade the biofilms a layer of slime that protects pathogens from being identified and removed. Biofilms can line the intestinal tract but also occur elsewhere in the body.   Anti-biofilm ingredients include Bromelain, Quercetin, Licorice and Resveratrol.  Current research is also indicating that biofilms protect chronic viruses including herpes viruses and retroviruses.

How Well Does Mind-Body Harmony Work - First Test

Around the first week in February, I received samples of the new Mind-Body Harmony from the manufacturer I am working with.  I started taking it the day after I came down with the virulent flu that has been going around. I started getting sick Friday night and started taking the supplement Saturday afternoon.  When I took my first dose, I was flat on my back in a feverish brain fog and my stomach was up. Within 15-20 minutes  of taking the Mind-Body Harmony, my brain fog lifted, my stomach felt better,  and I got up and started doing things for the first time since getting sick. 

I continued to take small doses of it Saturday and Sunday.  Each time I took it, my energy level shot up and my brain fog lifted.  The fever and intense symptoms of the flue basically broke when I slept on Sunday night, and Monday I felt I had gotten through the fluey/feverish part of the flu. The antiviral and detoxification ingredients worked extremely effectively under worse case conditions.

I am was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 26 years ago when my son was born - and due to my nutritional regimen my energy level is decent but not what it was before I was hit.  I have continued to take it when my energy level flags and find that my energy level, mental alertness and mood quickly improve. 

Now that I am over the flu, I take half a dose (1 TBS) in the morning, and half a dose in the early afternoon to boost mental and physical energy.

More About Mind-Body Harmony

The new Mind-Body Harmony Liquid Multi supports methylation as did the original version but in addition goes directly to the root of immune system dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, and detoxification support. 

Mind-Body Harmony also includes ingredients that have been shown in research to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-candida, anti-retroviral to reduce the active population of unidentified chronic infections and decreasing the burden on the immune system.  It has ingredients that both break down and absorb toxins, reducing the burden on the liver and kidneys so they can function optimally.  It helps to restore intestinal health by promoting the growth of beneficial microbes that produce nutrient we require and reduce populations of pathogens that produce neurotoxins and put a burden on our detoxification metabolic pathways.  Providing ingredients to help the body carry out critical processes gets to the underlying causes of health issues instead of just treating the symptoms.


The B active forms vitamins include active forms of B12, B6, niacin, riboflavin, inositol. choline, pantothenic acid. It contains high quality forms of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. 


Mind-Body Harmony Comprehensive contains key minerals including calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, molybdenmum, boron, vanadium  and potassium.  These minerals are offered in bioavailable forms so they are efficiently absorbed.

Methylation Support

  • DMG and TMG + the B vitamins listed above. 
  • Beet juice provides a whole food form of betaine.  Beets support digestion, and dialate blood vessels reducing oxidative stress.
  • Tyrosine a critical is necessary in methylation and formation of calming neurotransmitters that is depleted by Roundup.

Detoxification Support

  • Yucca Root absorbs ammonia which in excess becomes a neurotoxin. 
  • Dandelion and Milk thistle support and protect the liver, which is critical for producing glutathione that is needed for detoxification in the brain. 
  • Virtually everyone in the United States is deficient in sulfur which is highly inflammatory. 
  • Alphalipoic Acid breaks down toxins including ammonia. 
  • MSM is a sulfur bearing molecule that is a sulfur donor that can be used by the body to make sulfur-bearing amino acids and gluathione; it is highly anti-inflammatory

Immune/Adrenal Support

  • Resveratrol - Resveratrol has been shown in studies to be neuroprotective, protect against oxidative stress, significantly increase levels of the important antioxidants Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). Glutathione, and Catalase Enzyme and protect epithelial cells against damage. Reseveratrol also triggers the release of nitric oxide, which helps to open and relax blood vessels and prevents platelets from aggregating to block arteries.
  • Quercetin - increases levels of antioxidants SOD and glutathione and has demonstrated strong antiviral activity against many viruses.  Quercetin also inhibits the release of histamine, reducing allergy and inflammatory symptoms, protects the liver, helps to open microcapillaries and promote optimal circulation, increases insulin secretion, and protects pancreatic beta cells. It is also highly antiviral.
  • Licorice is anti-viral and anti-retroviral, protects the liver, is an adaptogen and can balance the adrenal glands - helping to reduce excessive levels of cortisol, and even promotes peristalsis in the intestinal tract, helping to relieve constipation. Lower cortisol levels can help resolve sleep issues such as falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night.  Licorice can help heal the intestinal tract.
  • Ginseng is an adaptogen that helps to lower cortisol levels which tend to be elevated in chronic health conditions and balance out the adrenal system.  It also is neuroprotective helping to improve memory and concentration, helps to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity, has immune system boosting and antiviral properties, can improve symptoms of ADHD
  • A rich blend of antioxidants and bioflavonoids to protect against free radical damage are provided in the antioxidant blend of fruits and greens (no apples or grapes).  This blend includes beet juice, plum, apricot, ginger, orange, grapefruit, lime, green tea, broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, kiwi, banana, cranberry, cherry, red pepper.  Bioflavonoids provide antioxidants, promote improved circulation and reduced oxidative stress by strengthening blood vessels, capillaries, and microcapillaries, and protect the integrity of membranes throughout the body.
  • Humic and fulvic acid have strong antiviral and anti-retroviral properties, and help to support epithelial cell function, improving transport of nutrients and removal of toxins on a cellular level in membranes throughout the body, they are neuroprotective and also help to reduce blood glucose levels

 Digestive Support

  •  Isomalto-oligosaccharides - probiotic fiber and ScFS probiotic blend - prebiotic - help to nourish beneficial microbes in the intestinal tract and reduce populations of toxin producing pathogens.
  •  Bromelain is a digestive enzyme derived from pineapple.  It is anti-inflammatory, improves immune function, promotes blood flow throughout the body, can help alleviate sinus infections, and helps to inhibit the formation of fat (lipogensis) which leads to obesity.

 Mitochondrial Support

  •  D-Ribose is fuel for cells; supplementation improves energy production throughout the body; is neuroprotective, and protects the kidneys
  •  Humic and fulvic acid - improve membrane barrier function on a cellular level, helping to optimize mitochondrial function. 

Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi Supplement Facts


Instructions for Using Mind-Body Harmony

Mind-Body Harmony contains more expensive, high quality ingredients than many comparable supplements and is uniquely designed to normalize metabolic functions commonly disrupted in today's world.


For individuals 40 pounds and over, 1 capful (2 TBS)

For individuals under 40 pounds 1/2 capful (1 TBS)


Before opening, store Behavior Harmony at 40-75 °F (5-23 °C)

After opening, store Mind-Body Harmony before in the refrigerator. 


  1. Turn closed bottle upside down and shake 1-2 minutes.
  2. Pour single dosage into cap. 
  3. Take in the morning.  It can be taken straight or blended into a cool or room temperature smoothie.  It can be taken with other supplements.
  4. Take with methylfolate (this is not included because folate degrades in liquids.  Folate is a critical component of several metabolic processes. The capsules can be opened added to Mind-Body Harmony just before taking.  (See our methylfolate recommendations below.) 
  5. Optionally take with the amino acids, 5-HTP at night and L-Tyrosine, intermittently during the week.  (See our detailed 5-HTP and Tyrosine recommendations below.)  These amino acids are commonly depleted due to environmental factors but are the building blocks of several neurotransmitters critical to optimal mental health and function.  These amino acids do not need to be taken every day and can be taken at different times of the day.  Amino acid capsules can also be opened and added to drinks.

Flavoring Tips:

 Mind-Body harmony is pleasant, neutral tasting, slightly sweet with a slight vitamin taste. The natural flavor is strawberry-melon and is free of gluten, casein and grapes.  The slight vitamin taste can be largely hidden if it is added to a cool drink.  In our trials, we found it tastes best mixed with chilled pear juice.  It also tastes pleasant when blended with orange juice.  It can be taken straight, but is more palatable when added to another drink or smoothie using a bullet blender or other blender.

Folate Recommendations

Mind-Body Harmony should be taken in with a folate supplement of your choice because it is an essential component of several metabolic processes, including methylation, detoxification, and sulfation. Mind-Body Harmony does not include folate because it degrades quickly in liquids.

Autism Coach offers two high quality folates:

  • Super Folate - folinic acid - 800 mcg - 200% Daily Value - form of folate 5MTHF
  • Highest Potency Folate - 1700 mcg - 425% Daily Value - L-5MTHF (Metafolin)

For individuals with impaired methylation, a higher dosage may be more helpful (but not beyond 425%).

Note: Do NOT use folic acid - this is an artificial ingredient that actually disrupts and impairs metabolic processes. It is unfortunately also added to several foods, including cornmeal, rice, wheat and other grain products. It best NOT to use fortified grain products or grind your own gluten-free grains using a grain grinder (such as grain grinder option for the Vitamix blender).

5-HTP and Tyrosine Recommendations

The amino acids, 5-HTP (the active form of Tryptophan) and Tyrosine), are important precursors to several calming (inhibitory) neurotransmitters that are believed to be depleted by Roundup. Many people anecdotally use these supplements to alleviate depression and anxiety. 

The current research seems to indicate that 5-HTP is more effective than the Tyrosine in increasing levels of calming neurotransmitters, but if Tyrosine is depleted, researchers theorize this may eventually lead to other neurotransmitter deficiencies.

If you only use 5-HTP and it initially seems helpful and then stops being helpful, it may be necessary to supplement periodically with Tyrosine.  Efficacy and frequency of use of these two amino acids may vary from individual to individual. Tyrosine and 5-HTP working together (primarily at different times of day) provide building blocks to make several neurotransmitters, including Seratonin and Melatonin - this means they should NOT be taken together.  Typically the body produces more Tyrosine during the day and more Tryptophan at night.

Some people are fine with taking 5-HTP in the morning; for others it may cause drowsiness - depending upon the individual 5-HTP can be taken with Mind-Body Harmony in the morning or taken separately at night.  Trial and error experimentation and/or consultation with a medical professional may be needed to determine the proper frequency of dosage of these amino acids for an individual.

For individuals 40 pounds and over, the recommended dose is:
-  500 L-Tyrosine.
-  50 mg 5-HTP

A recommended protocol for taking L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP when first starting Mind-Body Harmony is:

1.   Three days in a row, take one L-Tyrosine in the morning and one 5-HTP at night.
2.   After the first three days, take the L-Tyrosine every 3 days in the morning and take one 5-HTP every other night.

Not taking these amino acids on a daily basis can prevent a negative feedback loop that results in the body synthesizing and using less of them. (The same principle can apply to not taking Melatonin every night - as the body may get used to it and stop making its own Melatonin, resulting it Melatonin not working as well as it did initially.)

Note:  If you are also taking anti-depressant, anti-anxiety prescription drug, a seratonin uptake inhibitor/MAO inhibitor MAO inhibition to impacts levels of neurotransmitters, consult with  your healthcare practitioner before using Tyrosine and/or 5-HTP. This is because these amino acids and prescription drugs both can increase levels of Seratonin and you don't want to create excessive levels of Seratonin.

Mind-Body Harmony is the Heart of our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol

Mind-Body Harmony is the core product in our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol that is designed to get at the root of stubborn, chronic health issues to support true and sustainable mental and physical health. 

Our Game Changing Protocol:

  • Provides additional supports to metabolic pathways including the Kreb's energy production cycle that is used by all cells to produce energy in the body.  This pathway is disrupted by exposure to GMO corn products. (The toxin in Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) Corn is insecticide that disrupts the production of succinic acid that is a critical part of the Kreb's cycle.  Even if you don't consume BT corn you will inhale it due to it being used to manufacture ethanol gasoline.)
  • Helps to reset and balance the immune system so chronic inflammation is reduced in addition to enhanced recognition by the immune system of pathogens that are hiding to help the body naturally address chronic infections.
  • Includes cutting-edge probiotics to disrupt the biofilms that protect pathogens and helps to repopulate the intestinal tract with a healthy balance of beneficial microbes that produce critical nutrients, many of which are precursors to calming neurotransmitters.
  • Provides additional nutrients commonly deficient that are building blocks for calming neurotransmitters.
  • Provides additional nutrients that are commonly deficient that are building blocks for neurons.
  • Supports methylation which is critical for switching DNA on and off in cells.

To view our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol that includes Mind-Body Harmony, please click here.




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