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What is methylation and why is it important?
A Methyl Group is a molecular grouping of atoms, consisting of 1 Carbon Atom and 3 Hydrogen Atoms (expressed in chemistry notation as CH3):
Methylation is the biochemical process of transferring a methyl group from a donor molecule (such as trimethylglycine (TMG)) to an acceptor molecule such as homocysteine to convert homocysteine back to methionine.
Methylation tends to be impaired in individuals within the autism spectrum, with an estimate by the Pfeiffer Clinic in Chicago of at least 85% of autistic children being classified as under-methylators.  Methylation is required in order to produce glutathione which is an anti-oxidant critical to the body's natural process of detoxification and removal of heavy metals from the body.  Many people within the autism community use TMG, DMG, and methylated, bioavailable B Vitamins to support methylation.  
To learn more about methylation, please click here.
What is sulfation and why is it important?
The use of sulfur bearing molecules in metabolic processes in the body is actually intertwined with methylation in the Methione/Glutathione Transsulfuration Pathway.  This pathway is currently being studied by autism researchers, as it appears to be disrupted for individuals within the autism spectrum. 
Individuals within the autism spectrum tend to excrete sulfur. difficulty absorbing and using it and have low levels of sulfur bearing molecules, including the all-important glutathione, which is the key molecule for detoxification and removal of heavy metals from the body.  This pathway is critical to the body's ability to remove toxins through methylation (binding toxins to methyl groups and excreting them from the body). 
To learn more about methylation and sulfation and how they work together, please click here.
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