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Product Description

Delivers a one-two punch, stripping away the biofilm coating protecting pathogens in the gut and then killing the pathogens.  Aso incredibly effective at knocking out emerging colds and boosting the immune system.   
ImmunoCillin delivers a one-two punch of stripping away a biofilm coating protecting pathogens in the gut and then killing the pathogens. A biofilm is basically a protective layer of goo formed by colonies of organisms to protect them from attack. Not all biofilms are harmful, however, pathogenic organisms in the intestinal tract can form a biofilm, protecting them from supplements and drugs intended to kill them. This type of biofilm is held together in part with heavy metals, including iron. ImmunoCillin eats away at the biofilm through enzymes and binding to and removing the iron in the biofilm, and then attacks and kills the exposed organisms. Works well with Oramune Max.

This product is also incredibly effective at knocking out emerging colds and boosting the immune system.

The ingredients in this product are intended to work as follows:
  • Lysozyme is an enzyme found in many animal tissues, secretions and avian egg white. It hydrolyzes the polysaccharides found in many bacterial cell walls and lyses them.
  • Lactoferrin, a component of milk and transferrin, a component of immunoglobulins (Igs) are members of a powerful class of iron chelating proteins with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiinflammatory activities. They play an important role in limiting growth of infectious microorganisms and biofilm formation.
  • Bovine immunoglobulins enhance global body defenses and are important in passive transfer of immunity and gut barrier function.
  • Olive leaf extract has been studied extensively for its antimicrobial antifungal and antiviral activity.
For what you get in one product, Oramune Max is effective, convenient and ecomical.

It is recommended using this product used as part of a chelation/biofilm protocol. It can release and unbind heavy metals in the gut as well as cause the die-off of pathogenic organisms such as Candida. When pathogenic organisms die off, they can produce toxins while dieing - this is temporary but supporting the body during the removal of heavy metals and elimination of toxins is important, so that the heavy metals are not reabsorbed into the body and so the toxins are eliminated and the liver and kidneys through which the body naturally deotoxifies are supported during cleanse. Autism Coach products that support the excretion of heavy metals include forms of Non-Corn Derived Vitamin C and Glutathione (Glutathione is the primary molecule that binds to heavy metals and excretes them from the body). Potential toxins released from die-off can be absorbed and eliminated with products such our Green Multi+, Intestinal Detox, and Hepa Plus. Green Multi+ and Hepa Plus also support the liver during detoxification, which is important because generally the liver.

This product is gluten and casein free.
Supplement Facts
Recommended Dosage: 1 capsule, best taken on an empty stomach at least an hour between meals, such as first thing in the morning or before bed - should not be taken with protein (it binds to the iron in meat)
Ingredient Amount Per Serving
Lysozyme 20 mg
Lactoferrin 100 mg
Bovine Immunoglobulin 600 mg (7.5% Transferrin)
Olive Leaf Extract 100 mg (18% Oleuropeins)

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