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HIghest Potency Folate - 5-MTHF (1700 mcg)


HIghest Potency Folate - 5-MTHF (1700 mcg)

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Product Description

Our Highest Potency Folate provides a generous 1700 mcg dose (425% daily value) of Metafolin per capsule.  Metafolin is a high-quality patented form of methylfolate (5-MTHF), the bioactive form of folate used by the body. 
Folate, a member of the B vitamin family, is used in many critical metabolic processes in the body, including switching genes on and off, breaking down and removing toxins from the body, and manufacturing neurotransmitters. 
It is important for pregnant women to take folate to prevent birth defects, for infants and children to promote optimal physical and neurological development, and for adults to gain and maintain optimal health.  L-5-MTHF efficiently supports methylation, DNA biosynthesis, homocysteine metabolism, and nervous system function.
Folate deficiencies are common as many individuals do not consume enough folate-rich foods and folate is readily destroyed by cooking or processing.   We also need more folate than we used to because of the introduction of an artificial ingredient that mimics folate, folic acid, into the food supply.
Take Folate - Avoid Folic Acid
A massive promotional campaign launched by the FDA and mainstream medicine in 1998 continues to mislead the public, giving the impression that folic acid is an essential nutrient. Up until 1998, in all of human history, virtually no-one consumed folic acid.  To reiterate, there is NO such thing as a folic acid deficiency, because it is an artificial ingredient. 
Folic acid, an artificial ingredient that mimics folate that is cheap to make and has a long shelf-life,  is now used to "enrich" corn, rice, and wheat, and other grains, dairy products and fruit juices.  Folic acid is added to canned goods processed foods, and baked goods.  We are now involuntarily being fed large amounts of an artificial ingredient that our bodies were not designed to metabolize.  Folic acid can disrupt and impair metabolic processes in people who cannot efficiently break down folic acid and convert it to the active form, folate.  Not being able to break down folic acid is a health issue for people in people with genetic variations in the MTHFR gene.  Recent research is indicating that, in fact, a large percentage of the world's population has difficulty converting folic acid into folate. 
Imagine your body has only so much energy and so many building blocks to keep you alive and repaired on a daily basis.  Imagine your body has to expend extra energy to metabolize an artificial ingredient and then has less resources to take care of other needs in the body.  Converting folic acid into folate puts a metabolic burden upon even those who can break it down. 
When folic acid is not broken down it acts as an artificial mimic of folate, levels of it build up and it circulates throughout the body and inserts itself into metabolic processes, disrupting and impairing function; folic acid becomes a toxin.  Pregnant women, young children, teens, adults and seniors should actively avoid consuming folic acid. Folic acid can contribute to birth defects, disrupt development in young children, and have a negative impact upon the health of adults and seniors.
There is no risk of Highest Potency Folate accumulating in the body and causing health problems because it is the natural form of folate used by the body. Our other folate product, Super Folate, is also completely safe because it also contains the natural form of folate.
Because folic acid is now contaminating our food supply, it is more important than ever to take folate so that there is more folate available for metabolic processes, reducing likelihood folic acid will insert itself into metabolic processes, thereby reducing the toxic impact of folic acid.

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60 capsules per bottle

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