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GMO Foods Banned Outside United.States - It's Time We Did Too

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Rest of World Banning GMOs - It's time we put Monsanto out of Business - Fixing What's Wrong in Our Country - An Editorial

Oct 2, 2013. The Monsanto Protection Act has been killed in the Senate that would protect Monsanto and other companies contaminating our food supply with dangerous GMOs and the neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals required to raise them.
Now we need to go further and start banning the GMO crops as other areas of the world have done.

Japan and Russia are banning U.S. GMO crops and the poisons used to grow them. Recently web articles have been published saying that Alexander Putin has even gone so far as to say that spreading GMO crops around the globe is an act of waron the part of the United States because there is indisputable evidence that these crops and the chemicals used to grow them, such as Roundup, are killing off bees, therefore greatly reducing the ability of the world to provide enough food to feed it's population. Interestingly, the reputable sites that have links to this have all deleted this - is there some corporate/government censorship of this going on? I've never been a big fan of Putin, but if this is true, I think he's onto something here. Roundup has been banned in Europe.
Japan and Korea have also refused to import any of the U.S. wheat crop due to GMO crops. Much of Europe has banned GMOs. Perhaps it's time we take action and vote out/hold recall elections for corrupt politicians who have been bought by these corporate contaminators of our food supply.
By the way, there is bipartisan support amongst our elected officials in the Congress and Senate to poison our food supply and do away with alternative health options such as supplements in order to create a monopoly on both our food supply and medical care options. We really need to vote out everyone who is taking money from Dow and Monsanto. We need to vote out almost everyone currently in office on a national level - they only represent powerful lobby groups.

We also need to take the same approach with Big Pharma and Big Medicine. They are trying to kill off alternative medicine and force us to turn only to them for our health care - this includes turning herbs into prescription drugs. If they succeed, this will greatly reduce options available to help individuals on the autism spectrum.

There are many of us in the autism community who believe Big Pharma and Big Medicine are largely responsible for the epidemic of autism in the first place through over-immunization. There are others that believe there is a link between increased use of the pitocin drip and drugs used in epidurals during childbirth directly correlating to epidemic levels of autism (now 1 in 15 boys in the U.S.).

Our true national security - to raise healthy children in an environment that is clean with safe food and water and soil, along with affordable preventive medical options available that don't bankrupt us and our country, is under attack. Think about fracking poisoning entire communities, such as what is going on in Pennsylvania and other states, Nestle being allowed to bottle and sell off water from the Great Lakes region (they just signed a contract to sell water to China and water levels are dropping in the Great Lakes region at a record clip - where 40% of the U.S. water supply sits). Whether we like it our not, corporations are at war with us and the survival of our families depends upon our fighting back.

The military-industrial complex that is stealing our money, racheting up our national debt, poisoning us and our families, and choking the life out of the U.S. at the moment needs to be booted out. So does the Federal Reserve which is a shadowy, privately owned bank that prints our money and is a consortium of rich people including the Rockefellers to whom virtually all of our tax money goes. The Federal Reserve has gained and increased their power and ownership of assets by printing our money and putting us into debt (currently 500 people in the U.S. own more of the U.S. than the bottom 50% of citizens). Two weeks before President Kennedy was assasinated, he passed an executive order doing away with the Federal Reserve which was never acted upon - so in effect it has been operating illegally ever since.

We are being overcharged for medical care and to support military contractors such as weapons manufacturers, the merchants of death around the world including evil companies like Haliburton who are the biggest government welfare cheats of all time and hold billions of taxpayer dollars they have gotten for doing nothing sitting in offshore bank accounts. These coporations are the same opportunistic predators who pop up wherever they get a foothold - such as in Nazi Germany (the rise of Hitler was funded by corporations and the concentration camps were next to corporate factories where they had abundant free slave labor).
It was Mussolini who said, "Facism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power."

Why are allowing most of our manfactured goods to be made in countries which violate human rights and use slave labor, such as China? Why wasn't the Chinese government sponsored massive hacking into computers of U.S. companies to search for trade and military secrets treated as an act of war? Why aren't we going after China and other offshore manufacturers for massive copyright and patent infringement - they blatantly steal and manufacture items based on stolen technology and illegally copy movies, music, and even massively counterfeit money?

Why should businesses in the U.S. have to compete against international corporations that are subsidized by their governments? In general, the only companies that will do right are those who are smaller, local and whose owners live in and care about the area in which they do business and live. We should be supporting business owned and operated by people who share our values, such as creating a safe and healthy environment in which to live, work, and raise children. It's important to support small, local businesses and growers of food.

We need to stop being nice guys where corporations are concerned and letting them get away with atrocities against us (like British Petroleum polluting the Gulf of Mexico with a giant oil spill) with just a slap on the wrist.

We need to start going after corporate and political perpetrators of corruption and crime, and hold them accountable for their actions by punishing them to the extent of the law and make it not worth their while to behave this way. We need to stop buying prepackaged corporate food products, buy organic, non-GMO foods locally, and grow and cook our own food to defund these corporations.

The only way you can hurt corporations is in their pocketbook, jailing people at the top to the extent of the law and bankrupting them - these people have no heart and only by holding them accountable for their actions will we turn the tide.

We also need to pay more attention to who gets to be a judge and if our judges are corporate political appointees violating our constitution through their rulings, we need to boot them out as well and work towards appointing and electing judges who uphold our constitution and do not bias their rulings it for a political/corporate agenda. Whoever on the Supreme Court voted that a corporation is a person should be booted out.
inally, we badly need election reform that limits contributions and non-monetary perks, lunches and gifts a politician can accept from an individual or corporation (to the equivalent $1000 per person or corporation) to make it undesirable for anyone to run for office except those who are doing it for public service and have the best interests of their constituents at heart. We also need to do away with electronic voting machines and set up return to manual counting of ballots in an accountable fashion to do away with electronic cheating.