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Fukishima Radiation Spreading To North America

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This is a conservative image on the estimated current spread of Fukushima Radiation as of 2014.

October 23, 2014.  Update.  Scientists sponsoring measurement of Fukushima radiation through the Wood Hole monitoring project now indicate that Rukushima radiation is in the waters off the West Coast and will shortly wash ashore.  The public announcement of this via press conferences is being delayed undoubtedly due to the upcoming November elections.

January 11, 2014. The news we receive from the mainstream media is so limited and skewed to manipulating public opinion that we have to look to alternative news sources to obtain information about what they don't want us to know. 

Here are links to a couple articles that were published by alternative news sources this week concerning radioactive contamination spreading across the U.S. from the Fukushima reactor:

1. A report from our National Academy of Sciences, indicating the death rate in the Pacific has risen to the highest it has ever been over the course of 24 years and the ocean floor of the Pacific is covered with dead sea creatures. This is a highly technical article, but to view the link, click here. There is some question as to whether the focus on global warming on marine life has diverted attention from the impact of Fukushima on Pacific marine life.

2. Click 
here to view an article from a major newspaper in the UK, the Daily Mail, on the radiation levels increasing to 5 times their baseline on a San Francisco beach and the snow in Missouri containing double the normal amount of radiation. The testing of radiation is mostly being done by amateurs with geiger counters as our government, if it is testing for radiation, is not making the results public. 

Goverment agencies that are supposed to protect our heatlh, the EPA and FDA, made a public announcement shortly after Fukushima occurred that they would not test for radiation as they felt there were no safety concerns.