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Floraphage/Syntol Set - Prebiotics+Probiotics+Enzymes - 90 capsules per bottle


Floraphage/Syntol Set - Prebiotics+Probiotics+Enzymes - 90 capsules per bottle

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Product Description

This set offers a savings $6 off on shipping what the products would cost if sold individually. 

Floraphage is a bacteriophage that was specifically targeted to selectively attack and kill e.coli.  Recent research is indicated those who are more suspetible to e. coli infections tend to have resident populations of non-toxic e coli that are stimulated to produced toxins when they are introduced to toxic forms. 

E coli, also has a symbiotic relationship with yeast in the gut, covering the yeast in a biofilm to protect it.  Syntol is a blend of enzymes and probiotics designed compoete with  kill and yeast.  By including enzymes specifically designed to break down and remove from the body toxins from dead yeast, eliminating die-off reactions.  Syntol also contains a prebiotic, isomlato-oligosaccharide, to stimulate the growth of beneficial flora.

When taken together with the Floraphage, Syntol's efficacy increase 50 times. 

When Floraphage has has attached itself, these “bad” bacteria essentially burst open, releasing more phage and nutrients, known as prebiotics, for our good bacteria to feed on. Floraphage can only attach itself to harmful bacteria, and can never enter or harm good bacteria or human cells.

Depending on the severity of the infection take one capsule of each once a day or once in the morning and once at night.

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