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FDA Supplements Ingredients Guidelines Action Alert

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November, 2011.  What are more basic freedoms than the right to health and to choose your own form of health care?  You have only have until November 30, 2011 to submit your comments along to the FDA to request they do not implement the New Supplement Ingredients Guidelines, which would could potentially roll back ingredients allowed in supplements to 1994, resulting in thousands of supplements being removed from the shelves and put into place red tape that would make it prohibitively expensive and most likely impossible for supplement companies to develop new supplements. 

What You and your Family Have to Lose

Currently over half of all adults in the United States now take supplements.  Currently 40% of all kids on the spectrum lose their ASD labels and the majority of those who have been put on a supplement protocol, usually recommended by their health care practitioner (such as Defeat Autism Now physician).   Many more kids who remain on the spectrum have made significant progress what would have been projected given their initial diagnoses 20 years ago because of supplements.  The future of our kids depends upon these supplements and the ability of supplement companies to economically develop new products. 

It's not just individuals within the autism spectrum, of course, that benefit from supplements.  If my mother didn't take CoQ10 to support congestive heart failure (probably triggered by the cholesterol lowering statin drugs she took) she would probably have died years ago.  Her heart function went from 30% of normal to almost normal after she started taking CoQ10 and was encouraged to continue doing so by her cardiologist.

Why The Supplement Industry is Under Attack

It appears as if the Obama administration brokered a deal with health care and pharmaceutical special interest groups to hand over the 10 billion dollar a year supplement industry to the pharmaceutical prescription drug companies in exchange for backing their universal health care plan. 

Autism Coach's position on Universal Health Care vs. Freedom to Choose Supplements: 

We shouldn't have to choose between universal health care and alternative health care.  I would love to see everyone receive the health care they need, especially individuals within the autism spectrum.  However, the current protocols promoted in the treatment of autism by mainstream medicine do not result in significant improvement for individuals within the autism spectrum, as parents are still being told that there is no cure by their health care practitioners.  On the other hand, thousands of children recover from autism or lose their label every year who use alternative protocols that generally include supplements. Supplements ARE an effective and affordable form of universal health care, and statistically people who take supplements live longer and are healthier, saving our country billions of dollars in health care costs per year.

Note to medical doctors and other professional health care professionals: 

My son's alternative MD, who is a Defeat Autism Now physician, has made a huge different in my son's outcome.  I am not against the American Medical Association and am for many wonderful things have resulted from mainstream medicine including some of the wonderful new cancer drugs like Rituxen, which completely eliminated my best friend's form of leukemia and gave her a new lease on life.  I am ALSO for ALL protocols and treatments that statistically help individuals within the autism spectrum, including supplements, and believe in allowing people to have the freedom to choose their form of health care.  I'm sure many of the wonderful doctors who have been involved with Defeat Autism Now and the Autism Research Institute who developed, implemented, and keep fine-tuning protocols to help kids within the autism spectrum - many of whom are members of the AMA, would agree with me. 

How the FDA and Congress are Currently Attacking the Supplement Industry

There are three current attacks:

1. A recently appointed FDA director of the supplement industry in July released "New Supplement Ingredient Guidelines" which would roll back substances that could be allowed in supplements to 1994, potentially allowing and resulting in thousands of supplements to be removed from the shelf.  These guidelines are under review until mid-November - and you have until then to submit your comments, such as how supplements made a huge different in your life or the life of a family member. 

2.  Democratic Senator Durbin from Illinois has drafted a Senate Bill to implement the New Suppplement Ingredient Guidelines through a senate bill.

3.  Senator Durbin is now also trying to add these New Supplment Ingredient Guidelines into a larger appropriations bill as an amendment.