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FDA Regulations to Destroy Supplement Industry - Updated Oct 13 2011

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Updated Oct 13, 2011.  The Obama administration has apparently brokered a deal with the health care and pharmaceutical industries to gain their support for his health care plan which we clearly cannot afford in exchange for destroying the supplement industry. 
A newly appointed FDA Director has drafter regulations that will ban thousands of supplements for sale and manufacture within the U.S. within months by banning all ingredients approved after 1994,
In addition to forcing supplement companies to pull virtually all of their products off the market, these regulations make it virtually impossible for supplement companies to get approval for new products.
The one-two punch delivered by these guidelines will result in the majority of U.S. supplement companies going out of business within a matter of months.

The supplement industry employs thousands of people within the U.S. and is one of the few industries that still resides primarily within the U.S. and pumps billions of dollars of badly needed money into our ailing economy.  It is one of our few remaining substantial industries that is not controlled by a monopoly.

This will be going into effect shortly unless we act now.  October 3 was to be the last day the public could provide input but because of people like you and me protesting loudly, this deadline has been extended.  Please do not delay and contact your representatives including the Congress, Senate, and the President in Washington and ask them to state their position in writing on the FDA New Supplement Guidelines.  Email me your letters and your representatives' responses and I will post them on my website.  The only way to have responsive government is to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

This unfortunately is no joke.  Please spread the word. 

To get specific information on the FDA New Supplement Guidelines and what you can and should to to prevent these guidelines from going into effect, including links to easily contact your representatives in Washington, please click here.

Ask your representatives to send to you in writing or by email what their policy is on the proposed FDA Guidelines and hold them accountable for their actions.

I called my representatives asked their staff members what their policy was and not one representative's office would provide me with a policy statement.  In fact Democratic Michigan Senator Carl Levin's arrogant staff member indicated that Senator Levin chooses not to make a policy statement on this issue and he would not take my address to ask Senator Levin to respond to my request for his policy in writing.  Congressman Dingell and Senator Stabenow's offices were much more receptive and I hope my input provided some motivation to support the supplement industry but still they were not mandated to state the position their representatives have taken on the FDA New Supplement Ingredient Guidelines.

I finally received written responses from Senator Carl Levin and Congressman John Dingell but no response from Senator Debbie Stabenow.  To read the arrogant email I received from Senator Levin a week later and the courteous but equally concerning response I received from Congressman John Dingell, please click here.

This makes me wonder if our representative form of government is in a shambles and powerful lobbies and industries now have almost complete control of our government and our lives.  It looks as if both our Democrat and Republican representatives in Washington have teamed up for this attack on the supplement industry and no one is looking after the best interests of people who elected them.