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Ebola 101

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Disclaimer:  October 1, 2014.  The FDA is threatening to jail anyone who claims they have a cure for Ebola, so this website is not making any claims to prevent, cure, or treat Ebola.

Over the last few weeks news of the Ebola virus has been popping up all over the mainstream media, and so Autism Coach decided to preliminarily investigate what might be really going on.  Obviously Ebola is a horrific and dangerous  threat, but scare tactics are also a form of propaganda that is used to stampede the public into taking or condoning actions that are not in its best interest but are in the best interests of corporations.  This article does not make the claim to provide complete information, but does provide our preliminary thoughts about it, and some links. 

The Ebola virus is all over the news as it rages through Africa, klling thousands.  This week, the first people in the U.S. and Europe were detected with Ebola from the current outbreak. 

What is it?

Ebola is a level-4 biohazard virus. It spreads so easily and quickly that even well-trained doctors wearing protecting masks and gloves keep getting infected from nearby patients. Anywhere from 25-90% of people who are infected die from massive internal bleeding.  There are currently no cures offered by mainstream medicine.  The U.S. government has a patent on it, applied for in 2008 and  issued in 2012.  It is a genetically engineered bioweapon.

How does it spread?

Ebola can spread by touching bodily fluids of a contaminated person, either directly or from surfaces they touch, such as taxicab seats and doorknobs.  An Ebola infection only requires a single viral organism to enter the body, usually through the mouth or eyes. A person who rubs their eyes with their finger can instantly cause an Ebola infection of a single virus was resting on their finger.  Ebola can spread through "aerosols," meaning liquid particles suspended in the air. When a person infected with Ebola sneezes, vomits or coughs, they can create Ebola aerosols. "1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans," explains the Public Health Agency of Canada. This is how Ebola becomes "airborne" even when it is not traditionally categorized as an airborne disease. 

Why is it so deadly?

According to Thomas Geibert, immunologiest at the University of Texas, the Ebola virus stops the production of proteins that allow the immune system to recognize that cells have been infected by it, allowing it to multiply rapidly undetected throughout the body. By the time the immune system recognizes it is infected, it is too late.  When Ebola virus kills cells, they start dying and exploding in massive quantities throughout the body, causing the immune system to go into overdrive.  This causes the immune system to create an extreme attack that results in what is known as a cytokine storm, which is what kills the infected person.  A cytokine storm causes the immune system to make blood vessel walls more permeable so arteries, veins, and capillaries start to leak blood and plasma.  It also triggers a big release of nitric oxide, which thins out the blood and damages vessels further.  All these factors combine together to reduce blood pressure to dangerous levels, Geisbert says. "So you don't die of blood loss, but from something similar to severe septic shock." 

According to the World Health Organization, depending on the strain of Ebola, the fatality rate ranges from 25% to 90%  and average is 50%.

What kills it?

Sanitizing surfaces is a significant part of any defense against Ebola infections. It is well established that Ebola can be killed with sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach. It's also killed with methyl alcohol, Triton X-100 (a cleaning agent), and UV radiation.  This means sunlight kills Ebola, which is probably why you don't find much Ebola in the deserts of the world. The pathogen tends to come out of humid jungle areas that are dark and damp. Ebola tend to be would be far more "successful" in places like Florida and Louisiana where heat and humidity are commonplace.

There is nothing that mainstream medicine has to offer to kill it in an infected person.  The virus itself mutates so rapidly that it unlikely that a vaccine could be developed to stop it. 

How can I protect myself and my family?

Your best bet is to strengthen the immune system, eat and drink healthfully, and stockpile supplements that support the immune system. The preliminary research indicates that those who survive has a stronger immune system. This means that currently the only defense against against ebola is a strong immune system.  Below are links to independent articles on alternative approaches to supporting the immune system and defense against viral infections.

One basic tip for boosting the immune system through diet is to eat low-sugar and low-carb.  Sugar suppresses the immune system and refined carbs convert into sugar.   Sugar feeds viruses, parasites, fungus, and bacteria.  Garlic, coconut oil, ginger are examples of foods that boost the immune system and kill pathogens.

What are the symptoms?

A person infected with Ebola can take anywhere from two days to three weeks to show symptoms.  It is currently not considered to be contagious untnil the person becomes sick.

Early/Mid stage - fever, joint/muscle pain, weakness, sore throat, headache, chills, abdominal pain with diarrhea and vomiting, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, itchy eyes, and hiccupping.  In fact hiccupping is one symptom that distinguishes it from other diseases.

Hemorrhagic/Late stage - kidney and liver failure, difficulty breathing, internal bleeding, external bleeding, reddening of eyes, vomiting blood, shock, and death.

Suspcious Circumstances, Stock Prices and Media Propaganda

Vaccine manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was having a bad year earlier this year.  GSK recently pleaded guilty to committing multiple felony crimes by running a physician bribery network involving tens of thousands of U.S. doctors who all took money to push GSK drugs and vaccines. They were fined about $500 million by China for bribery.  A freedom of information act resulted in Great Britain has resulted in the release of information indicating a massive cover-up of vaccine manufacturers of studies indicating vaccines harm children. 

As a result, GSK's stock prices started plummeting.  Shortly thereafter, the cases of Ebola started popping up in  Africa. GSK then announced their attempts to create an Ebola vaccine which caused their stock to go up. This is a typical scenario for the world health organizations and governments to work together to create a health scare and then fast track an unproven, unsafe vaccine.  Every vaccine that is introduced makes billions for its manufacturer.

This deliberate propaganda campaign of having the media scaring the public with a disease and then fast-tracking a vaccine later that is shown to be ineffective and resulted in more harm than good, has reaped billions in profits for pharmaceutical companies.  This technique was also used with the Avian bird flu.

Does this seem like an epidemic that was badly managed or a deliberately planned epidemic/product rollout to boost sales and stock prices? If Ebola is so horrible, why aren't stringent quarantines going into place to prevent people from countries with the epidemic from coming into the U.S? In fact why were U.S. citizens infected with Ebola flown back into the U.S. in the first place?  Was it partly to harvest more Ebola virus strains for another patent?  Why would the U.S. patent a deadly virus in the first place?  Patents are generated to make money.  These factors all raise disturbing questions about our government and what they are up to.   

Sinister Past History of Vaccine Manufacturers, Likely Scenarios, and Propaganda to Watch For

The drug industry has a long and dark history of using humans as guinea pigs in medical experiments. Pfizer, for example, exploited human babies in Nigeria for heinous vaccine experiments that killed many children and resulted in arrest warrants being issued for Pfizer executives. 

The problem with the Ebola virus is that it mutates rapidly and so creating a vaccine will be like trying to hit a moving target.  If the pattern of drug companies repeats, it is likely that they wll exploit the Ebola catastrophe to sell fast-tracked Ebola vaccines backed by zero scientific evidence of safety or efficacy.

The mainstream media which is owned and operated by corporations will tell you exactly the opposite: they will say that "vaccines are safe" while warning you that turning to natural medicine is "unproven" or even dangerous.  Watch for this pattern of disinformation during the spread of any pandemic, including Ebola.

Also why does the FDA not want to encourage people to try to protect themselves and boost their immune systems, which is currently their only defense?

A Few Links

This is not comprehensive - it includes a few articles we found interesting but do not constitute an endorsement.  You can do your own google research concerning ebola:

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