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Eat Your Beets - Or Juice Them!

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 January 27, 2014. Humble red beets can't be beat for packing a nutritional powerhouse of nutrients that can improve methylation in the body.

Methylation (the donating of a methyl group - 1 carbon atom with 3 hydrogen atoms attache) is used in processes critical for neurological support, digestive support, and detoxification.  Beets are high in Betaine HCL (many individuals are deficient in stomach acid - in some cases due to H. Pylori infection).Betaine improves digestion, and is also critical in methylation pathways along with folate (which is also in high quantities in beets), and Vitamin K (also used in methylation).

If your child won't eat beets as a vegetable, try juicing them. If you don't have a juicer, it could be a good investment in improving your nutrition.  Because kids on the spectrum are picky about texture - get one that actually extracts juice as opposed to a blender that purees the veggies   Beet juice has a sweet, pleasant taste that may be easily hid in smoothies and other drinks.

Also if your child won't get fresh veggies in general, try juicing them and hiding them in drinks  and soups.  Other greens that can be beneficial juiced are parsley, carrots, even romaine lettuce!

Bennett Family Morning Energy Drink Tip - If you want to make a drink that is packed with even more nutrition and supports mitochondrial function and RNA/DNA synthesis, add to our home-made beet, carrot, and cabbage juice (this is our blend) a good quality Pea Protein powder (which is high in branched chain amino acids -individuals on the spectrum tend to be low in this), a good quality Chlorella (like ours) - which provides building blocks for RNA and DNA, and MCT oil (like ours) to provide a source of energy for neurons that is also anti-fungal and won't feed pathogens in the gut.  Add a little bit of Lysine in as well and you have a complete protein and will get your morning off to a great start.

Beets are also well documented in research accessible through as having anti-cancer properties.

Final suggestion:  If you get more ambitious, look up a Russian Borscht recipe for a hearty, nutritious winter meal in a soup form. If you make a soup from scratch - always cook it at a low heat - never a rolling boil - just steaming - so the enzymes are not killed - this improves taste and preserves nutritional value.