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Carnosine Testimonials

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What Customers Are Saying About Liquid Carnosine Plus
Reviews by of Liquid Carnosine Plus on

February 2015, by JainS
My son, nonverbal high functioning autistic, started giving this about a month ago, and the results are great. He is talking more, saying more words, started signing for things he want and saying the word after signing. I would say we were at a stand still now all the therapist and teachers are loving it since he is back to making progress. I simply add it in to his drink.
September 2014, by Sharon Miller
I have two children aged 8,10 that currently take the liquid carnosine and behavioral balance. My 10 yr old daughter is ADHD and my 8yr old son is ADHD and spectrum. Both kids are also on ADHD meds. These two products work great. There are no melt downs from either child and both kids are calmer and happier. My son is in 2nd grade and sat down last night and did his math homework. I am not saying this product works miracles or that it will work for your child but try it and give it a chance.
August 2014, by Tina Jane
I can tell a difference within the first day of trying even family has noticed he is trying to speak cant understand all he says but he is trying , he just turned 5 today. normaly melt down when we have family over but today he was playing and happy. will recomend to all parents who struggle, he seems calmer and focused.
February 2012 by Jomma
Our son is autistic and five years old. Before taking this supplement he really didnt speak at all, sometimes he would babble or repeat words/phrases that we said. Now, this isn't a cure, but he has improved by leaps and bounds and in many ways seems like a different child. He says more things on his own, he laughs and plays more appropriately, and his obsessions (tv set to certain channel, suddenly becoming fearful of the Ipad, etc) are almost gone. He's open to trying new things without the panic and fear. It's WONDERFUL!!
I love that its natural and there are no side effects, however, I was very nervous in the beginning and started him off at a lower dose than suggested. The literature on this supplement for children with autism is amazing and you can read it at their website. ( They say to give it a week to 2 weeks to see improvements, but honestly it only took a few days for our family to see a difference. I almost cried when my older children said to me, "Mom, I didn't know Jacques would ever understand this" or "Mom, look what Jacques can do!" It's like we all have some deeper connection with him and I thank the doctors who discovered this!!!

January 2013 by lwilli
It seems like his speech had improved. He does a lot more repeating and more interested in other children.

January 2014 by Lee A
My son is almost three and nonverbal. He babbled a bit but nothing more than that. We have not made any other changes in diet other than giving him this supplement. I'm pretty impressed. He still isn't talking, but we are hearing some random speech and he is trying hard to form some words, he never did that before. The other day I heard him trying to sing the ABC's song. Also he seems a lot more calmer and more content than he did before. I have no doubt my son will receive many more wonderful benefits and I have no doubt that we will see more improvements. Thank You!

July 2013 by Tj
My 4 year old is autistic. When taking this supplement he is more alert and seems to be trying hard!

Email/Website Reviews from Customers

We have been using this oil for about 3 month with our 3.5 year old nonverbal child. This oil seems to help with his social skills as well as his vocalizations. He has started with word approximations and saying some words. His eye contact improved and overall development seem to be a lot more normal, instead of wait wait jump, we are back to gradual development.  March, 2015
This stuff is liquid gold. My 4 year old with a speech delay began to use many more words, phrases and sentences and also began to ask questions (a first). His receptive language also improved greatly. We will be ordering more.  Monica Wejmar, Nov, 2014
I purchased this product to help w/vocal stimming. I read comments about children speaking instantly after taking. My son is 10 and I have been on a strict regime of natural lifestyle for the past 4yrs so he is now high functioning. Because he's taken lots of supplements that take FOREVER to see results, it was refreshing the thought of one I would know right away. After 10yrs of wetting the bed EVERY night, after the 1st day he stopped (and stillhasn't returned after 3 months)! The vocal stimming has not changed, but I will definitely take this unexpected gift! He ran out a couple weeks ago and I just reordered the whole autism kit, as I've read it works better with the behavior balance and vitamin.  October, 2014
I'm writing to tell you about my family's experience with the L Carnosine Plus Liquid. Connor is 6 and up until a year ago had been labeled non verbal. He is diagnosed with Autism; Global Developmental Delays; Severe Expressive/Perceptive Language Delay. Shew...that’s a mouth full isn't it : ) Anyway...we have tried numerous claims of products that help with language, speech, and cognitive development but much to our disappointment nothing really seem to help much. After stumbling upon your website by chance while browsing on the computer one day I decided to contact you to see what you recommended for my son in somewhat of a last chance desperate attempt at finding something, anything that may help even a little bit. After speaking with you we decided to go with the vitamin powder, enzymes, and L Carnosine Plus. Now I started each of these a few months apart actually so that I could tell exactly what each thing was doing for him. All worked well for him but after the 3rd day of giving him the L Carnosine Plus we noticed a difference in his behavior, and within 2 weeks we saw a different child! He was engaging in play with his brother and sister, he was MUCH happier throughout the day rather than being in a whiny not satisfied state all the time, but most of all his speech started to improve greatly. His once 2 to 3 word utterances turned into actual fragmented sentences...which for a parent of a non verbal child you don’t care if it’s a fragment or not...IT STILL A SENTENCE: ) Now he was in school at this time and we even had his teachers asking us...."have you noticed how different Connor is lately" "have you changed something at home". Now I'm not saying that this is some unbelieveable miracle that was 100% to credit for all of this because I just don't know and neither does anyone else. It could be a combination of his therapy, home environment, and the Carnosine but I can tell you this. Over the summer we decided to wean him off of all his meds other than the enzymes to see how he done without them and I and everyone else around him could def. tell the difference. I would recommend this to anyone out there with a child on the spectrum because it has been nothing short of a miracle for my family and I am unconditionally thankful to Sue for bringing it to me. You have nothing to lose in trying this and EVERYTHING to gain! If it doesn't work then don’t use it but honestly I cannot see it not helping all kids in some way. I wish someone had told me about it sooner. Heather Cochran, Kentucky, August 2011

I have to say that this is the biggest jump we have seen for our son. Yes he still has autism and apraxia but wow, the effort that he is putting forth in many areas is amazing. He is using more language and it is more understandable. We also bought him an Ipad and he has taken right to it. Before he showed no interest in anything of the sort. Although Ian has always been semi social he is much more so now and is actually learning to play with his twin sister. He is even initiating the interaction! I could go on and on about the little things that we have seen him do and understand in the last several months but let’s just stop at, WOW! I have encouraged many parents that we know to try Liquid Carnosine Plus and would tell everyone that it should be in the bag of supplements! Kris Brown, May 2011

When our son, Luke, was newly diagnosed with autism at three years old, we wanted to help him any way we could.A friend had researched your products at Autism Coach, and recommended the Liquid Carnosine Plus for neurologica l s upport.We used the supplement for many years, and in conjunction with early intervention and extensive therapies, Luke has made tremendous progress!We never realized, though, the impact of the Carnosine until we unexpectedly ran out of the product.Our son was scheduled to meet with an expert in the field of autism for an important evaluation for his triennial review.About a week before his appointment, Luke started acting unlike himself.He was irritable, easily frustrated, and started having tantrums.His full-day evaluation was an ordeal for everyone.Our normally compliant six year-old was resistant, uncooperative, and spent a good part of the evaluation protesting physically and verbally.It was only a few days later, reading one of my daily Google alerts, that I read an article touting the effectiveness of Carnosine.I turned to my husband, and we made the connection…Luke had not had his Carnosine for three weeks, and he was a totally different little boy!We reordered the product immediately, and within a few days of resuming the supplement, Luke was back to himself.Sometimes, when you are implementing so many different therapies, it is hard to evaluate the effectiveness of any single one, but in this case we knew the Carnosine was the x factor. We are very impressed with the product. Jacqueline McMahon, June 2011

Testimonials for the Original Carnosine Plus Formulation
Liquid Carnosine Plus has been an easy, super-palatable way for me to get Carnosine, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin C into my son. Pete readily drinks it mixed into diluted juice. No crushing pills or opening capsules! I credit this product with increased language production gains. Also, Pete seems much more in our world and less absent than he had been prior to adding Liquid Carnosine to our supplement regimen. Maria Gale, June, 2007
I decided to go with Behavior Balance and Liquid Carnosine Plus. My 3 year old has begun to vocalize more, counting on his fingers, more sociable with his peers and is fully potty trained. He is also doing a lot of imitation of what he sees on TV and other people he is around. M.O., June 2007
Things are going great with our 4.3 year old son. The Peptizide, the Liquid Carnosine Plus, and Behavior Balance are simply great. There is day by day improvement. We see increased speech, social interactions, good eye contact, awareness, desire to learn and spell, desire to read books, desire to connect things. Ravi Gopal, April 2007
What Parents Are Saying about Liquid Carnosine Plus On The Internet
To all of you with children on the spectrum give this stuff a shot I started my son on it and I saw huge changes in everything sleeping vocab, attention, meltdowns, mouthing of things I can't explain it but it really helped him the web site is Autism Coach. Angela528. The link to this posting is:
  • Original posting: I wanted to post about this stuff. I had used it before with my son . (she stopped for about a year). .then I started thinking about trying it again since he seemed to be less stimmy when we used this. Well, it has been only a few days on it again and the gains are crazy! He is so much more verbal--really trying to talk. When I ask a question he tries to give a verbal answer. Then, last night I was sitting on the floor and he grabbed my hand and said "up please!" to get me up! But what really impressed me was yesterday his school sent home all the artwork they had done recently. I didn't want to throw it out so I hung everything up around his room. I didn't think he would really care. Well he was playing everywhere but in his room all afternoon. Then, when I was at the table he came running in, pushed my chair back and grabbed my hand. He pulled me into his room and pointed at his walls! He was soooo excited! He even grabbed his bongo drums and used them as a stool to get his bee he made down. Then he ran around the house with it, flapping it's wings! I was amazed because i didn't think he would even acknowledge anything was different. Does anyone else use this?
  • Response: That is AWESOME!!! Glad to hear this. I have been using L-Carnosine for years and everyone says how great my daughter is doing and I thought about stopping some of the supps and seeing if there is a difference--it's nice to know that something is working.

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