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Carnosine Information for Health Care Practitioners

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Since our product has been released, it has been used by many health care practitioners or they have referred their patients to our product. We appreciate those practitioners who have devoted their lives and not infrequently put their reputations on the line, to help create and implement nutrition-based biomedical protocols to help individuals within the autism spectrum. In appreciation, we offer a 12-unit case discount for practitioners who wish to carry this product directly. For more information, please contact us at

Why Choose Liquid Carnosine Plus?

We spent 5 years researching Carnosine before introducing this product. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to be of the highest quality and free of common allergens. In its new formulation the carrying medium is a patented glycerine that provides an unprecedented delivery system of active ingredients for even individuals with difficulty absorbing nutrients, which encompasses the vast majority of individuals within the autism spectrum.

The seminal double blind study on the use of Carnosine to treat autism spectrum disorders and seizure disorders was conducted by Dr. Michael Chez, a pediatric neurologist. To view this study, please click here. As a neuroprotectant, there was also research conducted at Michigan State University in the early administration of it to stroke patients after the onset of symptoms, indicating that it was very effective in reducing the severity of the stroke by as much as 50%. For a link to an article this article, please click here. There is research into the efficacy of Carnosine in relation to conditions such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, age related conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimers, and ulcers that can be found through searches in databases such as those provided by NIH and medline.

The only side effect that has been reported to us over the years, is occasional hyperactivity. For patients who are overmethylators, we recommend using with a non-methylated B vitamin complex. We also recommend administering it in the morning, starting with a small dose to determine the patients reaction, such as 1/4 dose and then increasing to 1/2 dose the next day, and if no hyperactivity is observed, increase to the full dose. Dr. Chez would use up to 10 or 12 times the recommended dose to treat seizure disorders.. If the patient is an undermethylator, which is the case for the majority of individuals within the autism spectrum. we recommend using it with a methylated B complex, such as our Behavior Balance Liquid.

The anecdotal feedback we have received for our reformulation, introduced in November 2011, has been overwhelmingly positive. To view parent testimonials, please click here. We have anecdotal reports from customers using Liquid Carnosine Plus, that it has has reduced symptoms of dyslexia, including visual distoration, has made a huge difference in one individual with life threatening seizure disorders, has reduced symptoms depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

In the case of one individual, age 11, the parent sent us pictures of her daughter's handwriting over a 3 month period. She went from having typical dyslexic handwriting which looked below age level with inverted letters and inconsistent writing to perfect handwriting without any distortion, that looked as if it was written by a completely different and older individual.

We gave Liquid Carnosine Plus to a Black Labrador retriever who was having a 100 seizures a day, and the owner was about to put the dog down. The Liquid Carnosine Plus almostly completely eliminated the seizures, and extended the life of the dog. The seizures would return when the owner went on vacation and the person taking care of the dog neglected to give the dog the Liquid Carnosine Plus and would go away as soon as the owner returned and began administering the Liquid Carnosine. It appeared to lose some effectiveness after a month, but when we supplemented with our Behavior Balance Liquid, to provide supporting methylated B vitamins, the effectiveness increased again. Unlike conventional seizure medications, Liquid Carnosine Plus has virtually no side-effects.

If you have any questions, you are welcom to contact us at If you wish to set up a telephone conference, we will be happy to talk with you.