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Game Changing Nutritional Protocol - Take Your Health to the Next Level

Posted by Susan Bennett on

Many of us don't feel our best these days.  We struggle to get through every day with less than optimal energy, less than optimal mental clarity, and a less than optimal sense of well being.  Physical and mental health issues can range from sensing something is not quite right all the way to having a significant diagnosed condition.  The good news is that all symptoms have causes and if you treat the causes, symptoms can fade or completely disappear.  Treating the causes instead of the symptoms gets to the root of health issues and is the most effective way to achieve true and lasting health. 

The reason many of us don't feel our best today is largely because the world we live has dramatically changed, even in the last 20 years.  The foods that nourished us for thousands of years, the environment we live in, have dramatically changed. 

The old approaches we used to maintain and regain health don't work as well as they used to.  We can feel somewhat better with the old approaches but frequently have setbacks and struggle to get all the way to optimal mental and physical health.  Getting part of the way but not all the way in working to overcome chronic physical and mental health issues can at times be frustrating.  The incidence of chronic health issues have skyrocketed over the last 20 years.  For the first time in years, life expectancy is getting shorter in the United States

We need a new approach to become and stay healthy.  Our innovative Game Changing Protocol has the potential to help you and your family go further in achieving the goal of obtaining the optimal health that is the foundation for a good life.  Our protocol uses a new generation of  revolutionary supplements that directly address the underlying causes of many of today's health issues. These new supplements, when properly used within our comprehensive protocol, are the game changers. 

To feel your best in today's world, what is most important is:

  1. A good diet.  Whenever possible, eat organic, home cooked from scratch food, get good quality unpolluted water and drinks.  Convenience store/gas station foods and fast foods invariably have toxins in them or in their packaging.  Avoid artificial ingredients, sugar, refined carbohydrates, GMO foods.  Avoid foods that are commonly allergenic or you know to be problematic - for many it is foods containing gluten (a protein found in many grains including wheat) and casein (a protein found in animal milk products including cheese, yoghurt and butter).
  2. An effective nutritional protocol.  Our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol directly hits the underlying causes of symptoms and can help bring about fundamental long-lasting improvements by supporting metabolic pathways that are critical to optimal mental and physical health.  To live in today's world and obtain and retain optimal health, a nutritional protocol is necessary.

Why Don't We Feel Well These Days?

Most of us can feel and function much better - but ONLY if we face head-on what is impacting our mental and physical health and take action to address these issues.

There are many reasons we don't feel our best:

  • Industrialized agriculture depletes the soil and food supply of essential nutrients so our food is not as nutritious as it was 80 years ago.
  • Food, drink, water, and air are contaminated with man-made chemicals including: plastics, pollutants, insecticides, and herbicides. Most GMO crops are also harmful for multiple reasons - including how they are genetically engineered and how they are grown.
  • Toxins, such as Roundup, disrupt metabolic pathway and impair the body's manufacture of the enzymes that digest and detoxify our food, as well as perform many other critical functions.  These toxins also disrupt function of barrier cells (epithelial cells) that line the tissues in our body leading to leaky gut and a leaky blood/brain barrier.
  • Mainstream medical practices cause harm - including an excessive, dangerous vaccination schedule that skews normal physical and neurological development in infants and children, trigger chronic inflammation that contributes to development of chronic diseases, auto-immune conditions, and cancer later in life, and last, but not least, infects people with infectious agents that are either deliberately in the vaccines or contaminate the vaccines.
  • Many people are now infected with undiagnosed, man-made viruses and other poorly researched infectious agents. These include poorly researched, diagnosed and treated conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.
  • Infectious bacteria such as strep and e. coli have become more virulent and resistant to antibiotics due to the overuse of antibiotics. 
  • Depletion of beneficial microbes in our intestinal tract.  They are depleted for many reasons  - they are killed off by man-made chemicals including Roundup and by antibiotics.  These beneficial microbes manufacture our B vitamins, precursors to neurotransmitters, amino acids, and other critical nutrients. Most people do not have enough beneficial microbes which means they are not getting enough nutrients. 
  • Reduced production of enzymes due to disruption of metabolic pathways - these enzymes needed to convert our food into forms our body can use.  When not present, we are malnourished and the wrong, inactive forms of molecules are used in metabolic processes disrupting critical metabolic pathways that include detoxification, manufacture of neurotransmitters, and switching genes on and off (methylation).
  • Electromagnetic radiation including from wireless devices such as computers, television and cell phones effects health and the development of babies in the womb, infants, children and teens.

A Comprehensive Antidote to the Causes of Today's Health Issues

Chronic health issues are incredibly frustrating.  Why do they keep coming back over and over?  What can we do to get past chronic recurring health to get to a true level of sustainable improved health?

Our Game Changing Protocol provides the extra nutritional building blocks, immune system support, detoxification support, metabolic pathway normalization support that is required for optimal health for most people today:

    1. Provides nutrients commonly depleted in the soil crops are grown in today in the active forms needed by the body for metabolic processes.
    2. Supports metabolic pathways disrupted by man-made chemicals, pollutants, and antibiotics.
    3. Supports  building a healthy colony of microbes in the intestinal tract.  This colony is also known as the microbiome. 
    4. Fights chronic infectious agents - includes antiviral support, as immunoglobulins to awaken, reset and balance the immune system to minimize inflammatory disregulation while targeting and eliminating actual pathogens.
    5. Gets rid of biofilms.  A biofilm is a slime that covers colonies of pathogens form in the intestinal tract and encourages the growth of pathogens. Biofilms also protect viruses that cause chronic infections including retroviruses and herpes family viruses.  Biofilms can also line internal tissues in the body and are believed to contribute to many health issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia.

Important Metabolic Pathways that are Commonly Disrupted

Metabolic disruption commonly depletes the body of B vitamins (including methylfolate) and amino acids like Tyrosine and Tryptophan are needed to manufacture calming neurotransmitters. Notice the importance of BH4. When there are too many toxins being produced, most of the BH4 is used in the Urea Cycle to detoxify. This means there isn't enough BH4 to make neurotransmitters. BH4 is also used to make Nitrous Oxide which opens up blood vessels, including microcapillaries, and alllows oxygen to reach all cells. If there is not enough BH4, then BH2 instead produces Super Oxide, a powerful and toxic free radical that causes damage to tissues.


Here are additional important commonly disrupted metabolic pathways. Notice once again methyl-folate is needed to make BH4 as well as to be used in other metabolic cycles; methylfolate is also typically depleted:


In addition to the pathways illustrated in the diagrams above, pathways for producing GABA are also disrupted.  GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most common calming neurotransmitter in the body. It acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, preventing neurons from over-firing. When there is not enough GABA, neurons over-fire, causing neurological damage. Many factors disrupt the pathways that can lead to GABA production:

  • Disruption of the microbes in the intestinal tract that produce Butyric Acid, which is a precursor for GABA
  • BT crops and Roundup depleting the body of succinic acid which is also a precursor of GABA.
  • Disrupted metabolic processes that prevent glutamate and glutamic acid from converting to GABA and result in excessive levels of glutamate which acts as an excitoxin when in excessive levels.

Image result for metabolic pathway for producing gaba autism

Our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol

Years or research have lead to our putting together our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol, designed take you farther than other protocols to address the fundamental causes of chronic health issues and help to restore and maintain optimal health.

The core of our Game Changing Nutritional Protocol are the following products:

  1. Mind-Body Harmony - a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that provides many nutrients commonly deficient in people today, and also contains anti-viral and anti-retroviral ingredients, contains toxin absorbers, degraders, and removers, supports metabolic cycles commonly disrupted - including methylation, sulfation, detoxification pathways.  MInd-Body Harmony contains over 70 ingredients and provides solid foundation of an effective nutritional protocol. Go to the description of Behavior Harmony for detailed description of the metabolic pathways supported by Mind-Body Harmony.
  2. Methyl Folate - Frequently depleted and necessary in several metabolic processes including making neurotransmitters.  Because it degrades in liquids, methyl folate needs to be taken as capsule or the capsule can be emptied into a cool or room temperature drink (including Behavior Harmony) and taken within 10 minutes.
  3. Intestinal Reboot - A revolutionary immunoglobulin Y product that is derived from egg yolks laid by birds that are immunized against several pathogens that cause chronic infections in the intestinal tract. Actually heals leaky gut, reduces levels of Zonulin, a molecule that causes the cells lining the intestinal tract to gap - causing leaky gut. Reduces levels of intestinal inflammation. Helps to reset the immune system in the intestinal tract to normalize intestinal function and activate the immune system to fight chronic infections.
  4. Tyrosine and 5-HTP - Amino acids that are frequently deficient and needed for manufacture of several neurotransmitters.  Take Tyrosine in the morning and 5-HTP at night.  Research indicates Tyrosine may only be needed every 2-3 days, while 5-HTP may need to be taken every night (or during the day when not using Tyrosine).  Note:  If using an SSRI drug that increases levels of Serotonin, consult with your medical practitioner before consuming these amino acids which will increase levels of Serotonin - the concern is that there not be an excessive level of serotonin. Conversely these amino acids may help individuals withdraw from SSRI inhibitors by raising levels of Serotonin while gradually withdrawing from an SSRI - but once again it is best to consult with a medical practitioner.
  5. Biofilm Degrader + Microbiome Builder Kit - Taken together, Biofilm Remover Liquid , Equilibrium, and Floraphage are an effective combination of probiotics for eliminating common pathogens, disrupting the biofilm, and repopulating the intestinal tract with beneficial microbes.  All may be taken together in a cool or room temperature drink - the capsules can be opened and emptied into the drink.  Biofilms are a slimy protective covering that protects many of the new viruses, retroviruses, and other pathogens that contribute to chronic illnesses.  Our products help to not only eat away the biofilm, but prevent it from regrowing.  Note:  Some probiotics contain forms of beneficial strep - if you have an allergy to strep (such as in PANDAS) read the label and consult with your health care practitioner before using.  We offer this combination in a cost-saving kit.
  6. Vegetarian DHA Liquid - A tasty, liquid absorbable form of the Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA derived from algae. A significant improvement over Omega-3 fish oil products. Anti-inflammatory and used to build the brain. Our diet is deficient in DHA because the animals we consume in our diet are fed corn which does not have DHA in it. Grass fed animals have more Omega 3/DHA.
  7. Mitochondrial Support - An innovative supplement that provides additional supports for Kreb's Cycle energy production on a cellular level. Includes succinic acid which helps to increase levels of the calming neurotransmitter, GABA. This supplement helps to compensate for metabolic pathways disrupted due to consumption of foods containing pesticides such as genetically modified BT corn.  Also includes CoQ10, Acetyl-L Carnitine, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Creatine, and Quercertin and Resveratrol - which all support the Kreb's Cycle.  Unfortunately we are all exposed to BT and Roundup in the air by inhaling the fumes of ethanol gasoline which is derived from genetically modified corn that has the insecticide derived from BT engineered into it and is also contaminated with Roundup.

Metabolic Pathways Supported With Our Game Changing Protocol

Behavior Harmony, when taken with methylfolate, Tyrosine and 5-HTP, replaces building blocks depleted by exposure to chemicals like Roundup to normalize metabolic function as follows. In red are metabolic processes and building blocks supported by Behavior Harmony:


Here are the same supported by Behavior Harmony when taken with Methylfolate, once again highlighted in red:


Additional Supplements to Enhance and Customize the Game Changing Protocol

Each of us is biologically unique.  Genetic mutations and variations can impact metabolic pathways and nutritional needs.  There is no one size fits all nutritional protocol that will meet the needs of every person, even our Game Changing Core Protocol, although we believe the majority of although the majority of people will benefit from it.  The following products can also provide additional support - determining which products will be of benefit can be determined by lab testing, genetic testing, and/or trial and error.

Products that when added in can help to to provide an even broader base of metabolic support include the following:

  1. Glutathione - most everyone with autism is deficient in glutathione which is the primary molecule used to remove heavy metals and man-made pollutants from the body.  We offer a Liposomal Glutathione Liquid that is highly absorbable and a pill that contains a precursor to glutathione which is also very effective, NAC Sustain.
  2. Liquid SAMe - provides additional methylation support. SAMe is the body's primary methyl donor molecule. Our liquid SAMe is tasteless and easy to add into another liquid. 
  3. BH4 and Bitter Orange Liquid Extract help in the manufacture of neurotransmitters and detoxification of excess ammonia (which acts as a neurotoxin). Bitter Orange glycerine extract actually tastes pleasant (not bitter) and is the only natural source of BH4 and also a source of neurotransmitters synephrine and octopamine. Increased BH4 leads to increased nitric oxide production, improved circulation - helping to dialte microcapillaries, reduced oxidative stress, improved mitochondrial function, and lower blood pressure.  Do not take if you are taking prescription drugs, especially SSRI drugs. Take in moderation - 1/2 dropper in the morning suffices. Shown to increase levels of the powerful antioxidant, reduced glutathione and the enzyme, catalase. Also increases mitochondrial energy production and reduces insulin resistance. This actually tastes pretty good and can be added to the Behavior Harmony when taken. Our BH4 is heat sensitive - it is preferably stored in the freezer.  Watermelon (fruit or fresh juice) also contains citruline, an amino acid that is precursor to BH4. Research indicates watermelon increases levels of BH4 and nitric oxide.
  4. Phosphatidyl Serine and Phosphorylated Serine - both contain the amino acid, Serine, and can support metabolic pathways and are used to make lipids which make up cell membranes and support optimal neurological function as well as processes throughout the body.
  5. Digestive Enzymes - Exposure to toxins and depletion of beneficial microbes are amongst the factors today that result in most people not producing enough enzymes, including digestive enzymes that break down our food into nutrients that can be used by our body, and enzymes that are used elsewhere used in metabolic processes including detoxification and the manufacture of neurotransmitters. Frequently individuals on the autism spectrum do best on a gluten and casein free diet. Gluten is the protein in wheat, barley, and rye. Casein is the protein found in animal milk products such as cheese, yoghurt and butter. When these proteins are not broken down by enzymes, they form opiates that cause neurological damage. Wheat is also particularly toxic for most people due to genetic engineering and heavy contamination with Roundup. Modern wheat as grown in the United States is toxic, difficult to digest and inflammatory for most people. Most people experience improved health when they go on a gluten and casein free diet, but there are also specific Autism Enzymes available to break these proteins down so they do not form opiates. These enzymes are optional if you are on a gluten and casein free diet.
  6. Methionine - an amino acid that is critical to methylation cycles and is often depleted. Doesn't taste great - best swallowed as a capsule.
  7. Additional Amino Acids - Frequently amino acid levels are skewed in chronic health issues.  For example, with autism, many individuals are frequently deficient in Glycine, Serine, Carnosine, Uridine, Citruline and Ornithine.  Some individuals on the spectrum may also be deficient in Carnitine and Taurine.  Lab blood testing and/or genetic testing can help to determine which amino acids may be needed.  We also recommend organic Chlorella as a single source of many amino acids in a ratio well suited for those most people.  Glycine is included in Behavior Harmony in the forms of TMG and DMG.  Carnosine is also included in Behavior Harmony. See our Owner's Manual for Your Body for detailed information on amino acids.
  8. Cortisol Level - Chronically elevated cortisol levels which can arise from chronic infections and other stressors can disrupt many metabolic pathways and contribute to anxiety and disrupt sleep.  Ashwagandha and Daily Adapt Adrenal Support are two products that can lower cortisol levels.  These products are best taken at night before bed. 
  9. GABA or Butyric Acid - a precursor to the calming neurotransmitter, GABA, along with succinic acid.
  10. Melatonin converts to Seratonin - both are calming neurotransmitters.  Recommended taking it only every 2 or 3 nights so that the body does not get used to it being supplied as a supplement preventing a negative feedback loop from causing the body to make less of these neurotransmitters.
  11. Coconut Oil or Coconut Milk - provides medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fats whose production is impaired by Roundup and helps to build the brain.  It is also antifungal and can be used as a cooking oil or blended into smoothies.
  12. Creatine provides energy to muscles and is frequently used by athletes to build muscle mass.  A lot of methyl donors are used up to make Creatine, so when you supplement with Creatine, your methyl groups can be spared for other critical functions.  Powdered forms taste gritty but neutral.

Getting Best Results from the Game Changing Protocol

You will get your best results from our Game Changing protocol if your diet is free of refined sugar and low in carbohydrates - this is because the protocol is designed to get lower levels of chronic infectious agents that feed on sugar and carbohydrates that convert to sugar, helping to reboot the immune system, and change levels of microbes to favor beneficial microbes over pathogens. Also the more natural and less toxic the diet, the less the body has to devote resources to detoxification and more resources it will have for building the brain and other critical functions.  Also when ever possible eat organic because the fewer toxic burdens that the body has to expend its resources on, the more resources will be available for the  body to take care of all its other functions, including neurological function.

Our protocol includes several products that help to address and help to eliminate chronic infections and reboot the immune system in the intestinal tract.  This ultimately results in proliferation of beneficial microorganisms that produce many of the nutrients the body requires, which in turn helps to restore proper metabolic function and energy production on a cellular level, which ultimately leads to optimal levels of neurotransmitters and neurological development and function.

Implementing the Protocol for Those Who Can't Swallow a Capsule

Most of the supplements listed in the protocol are either liquid or are in a capsule form but neutral tasting so they can be emptied into a cool or room temperature drink. Believe it or not, the Bitter Orange Extract does not taste bitter and is quite tasty.

The following supplements listed in the protocol may or may not work for those who can't swallow a capsule:

  • Mitochondrial Support might be tolerated but is strongly acidic (lemony tasting) - might be able to get away with 1 capsule or 1/2 a capsule emptied into a drink.  
  • The liquid glutathione is best taken mixed with citrus (like orange juice) to cut its sulphurous taste (it is a sulfur bearing molecule).  
  • Daily Adapt - is not bad tasting, sweet but a little spicey medicinal with a slight licorice taste.
  • Creatine tastes bland but has a gritty texture.

The following supplements don't taste good (strong or bitter): Ashwaghanda, GABA, Butyric Acid, Methionine, PQQ, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid.

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