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COVID-19 Overview and Holistic Nutritional Support Protocol

Posted by Autism Coach on

Updated March 23, 2020 - COVID-19 is spreading so rapidly, it is hard to keep up with the current data.  Here is a link to tracking information.  Johns Hopkins, which gathers the data, appears to be obfuscating the data and making it difficult to actually determine where it is by state, county and city.   Suffice it to say, it is everywhere in the United States.  There are projections that 2 millions people could die of COVID-19, based upon the mortality rates in Italy and Spain.   Here is a link to a newsweek article that mentions several trackers of it.

March 23,2020 - The Autism Coach website is secure as verified by my host.  We are mentioning this because we We have received feedback from a customer indicated that when they tried to go to the article they received a message that there was a virus.  This is a censorship technique. So we marking this article also available as a PDF to directly view.

This article provides information on a practical natural approach to decrease likelihood of infection and if infected, reduce severity of infection from COVID-19. The virus is now in every state in the United States.

Before we proceed with recommendations, we are:

  • Putting the information shared in this article within the context of the current political climate of debunking and censorship.
  • Providing a brief overview of the coronavirus, symptoms, and its course when infected.

What Information Is Real and What Isn’t?

We have made every effort to provide information that is relevant and useful. Even so, some of information we are provided has been or will be “debunked” and so before proceeding with recommendations, we felt it important to define discuss debunking and censorship.

Our working definition of “debunking” is: "To hastily discredit the work of scientists and research that contradicts an official government/corporate narrative." 

A lot of information concerning COVID-19 has been quickly discredited and subsequently censored to conform to the official narrative concerning this outbreak as presented by the CDC and the World Health Organization. It is very difficult to get solid information on this outbreak from official sources and papers that refute the official line have been pressured to retract their information have had viable data deleted from official sites such as pubmed, the government’s on-line library of peer-reviewed biomedical research papers.

Debunking vs the Scientific Method:

  • Debunking varies from the traditional scientific method invented in ancient Greece that has lead to the wealth of scientific knowledge humanity has accumulated. The traditional scientific method is to come up with a guess (hypothesis) as to why something observed in nature is so and then run experiments that either support or refute this guess. It is by looking at cause and effect in an experiment, objective testing of this guess through an experiment, that the wealth of scientific knowledge we have today has accumulated. The more objective, well-carried out experiments supporting a hypothesis, the more credibility the hypothesis has; the more solid experiments whose results refute a hypothesis, the less likely the hypothesis is valid.
  • In science it isn’t about what is true and what is a lie - instead it is about constantly pushing and exploring beyond our current base of knowledge and assumptions to reveal new information about the natural world. Science isn’t about right and wrong but about investigating natural phenomenon to discover the secrets of nature. Scientific debate is ongoing and can take years, decades, and even centuries as a more solid body of knowledge built and modified as more research findings accumulate. Sometimes a hypothesis held to be correct for years ir even centuries is modified or even refuted. For example, many early scientists believed the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around the earth, but this was refuted by scientists during the Renaissance.

Examples of debunking valid scientific research and scientists are as follows:

  • The CDC destroyed valid research that showed the MMR vaccine caused autism in African-American boys as was revealed by whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson of the CDC.
  • National Institutes of Health researcher, Dr. Judy Mikovits, documented her debunking in her books Plague and Plague of Corruption when her research discovered the underlying cause of Chronic Fatigue was likely to be man-made retroviruses. Debunking frequently leads to the careers of scientists being ruined and their funding being cut off as it did for Dr. Mikovits.
  • Dr. Paul Cheney had a medical practice in Lake Tahoe, where the first outbreak of Chronic Fatigue occured. The CDC obstructed and made no effort to identify the cause of Chronic Fatigue as documented by Dr. Cheney, as documented in his book, Osler’s Web.
  • Dr. Andrew Moulden, brilliantly revealed how cytokine storms, an over-reaction of the immune system, are responsible for sickening and killing people not only in virtually all pandemics, including ebola and COVID-19, but are responsible for harming and killing people through vaccines in his book, All Vaccines Produce Harm. According to Moulden, it is not the infectious agent, but the immune system’s reaction to the infectious agent that causes a cytokine storm, the body creating inflammation to fight off an invading infection, which results in systemic inflammation that can cause tissue damage, organ damage, ruptured and constricted blood vessels, oxygen deprivation (oxidative stress) which in turn impairs of basic mitochondrial energy production leading to low energy and brain fog. Cytokine storms also cause injury and death in COVID-19 patients. Dr. Moulden paid for his whistle-blowing with his life - he is one of over 100 medical practitioners and researchers that are believed to have been murdered in recent years for revealing information that threatens a multi-billion dollar mainstream medical industry.

Who is funding the scientific research at universities and within the government and how does this bias what is researched and the findings of research:

  • The other problem with our current scientific system at universities and at the government level is that funding for research is now controlled directly or indirectly to a large extent by corporations and government employees colluding with corporations. Research actually shows that corporate funded research is biased and inaccurate, 90% of the time research papers funded by corporations back up the goals of the corporation funding the research. This means there is a lot of biased research out there with massaged data. It also means that it is hard for university scientists to get funding for research that doesn’t make money for corporations, such as natural, inexpensive alternatives to expensive prescription drugs.

Brief Overview of the Coronavirus Family, Including COVID-19

Disclaimer: Due to what we perceive to be the debunking of valid information that contradicts an official narrative, you may told some (or all) of this information has been debunked. You are welcome, of course, to do your own research and come to your own conclusions as we did when writing this article.

Coronaviruses are a family of RNA viruses. An RNA virus is a virus that has RNA (ribonucleic acid) as its genetic material. They were named for their spherical shape and spikes which protrude from the virus which enable it to dock to and infect cells, giving the virus a corona, or crown-like, appearance.  RNA viruses include Influenza, the West Nile Virus, HIV and Ebola. There are likely to be additional currently unidentified genetically modified RNA viruses contributing to and/or causing current health plagues such as Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, ME/Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease, as theorized by infectious disease scientist Judy Mikovits (a write-up of her is provided later in this article).

Corona RNA viruses were until recently not infectious to humans but caused a variety of infectious diseases in domestic animals including cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats and chickens. Strains of the virus have reportedly also infected wild animals including mice, rats, bats, camels, deer, elk, and even whales. The bat strain of the virus has been intensely studied as this was the original strain believed to leap from infecting animals to infecting humans in the current pandemic.

All human outbreaks of the coronavirus are believed to be forms of coronaviruses that jumped from infecting bats to infecting humans through mutations. Human outbreaks to date are:

  • SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ) in China during 2002-2003
  • MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) initially in 2015 and continuing to infect through 2018
  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) - initially in China in late 2019 and rapidly spreading throughout the world in 2020

Over the past 30 years the coronavirus which never before infected humans has been genetically engineered by researchers into mutations in research laboratories and bioweapons genetic engineering programs to infect humans. There is a substantial body of “debunked” information indicating a Chinese national scientist working at a biohazard lab in Canada illegally shipped dangerous pathogens to China’s First Level IV Biohazard Laboratory, which opened in 2018, and whose head researcher’s primary focus was modifying the bat coronavirus. (If you click on this link, you will note that this article published by a major science magazine about this lab has debunked any connection of the lab which studied the Bat Coronavirus to the outbreak).

In order to infect a human cell, the virus has to dock to a receptor on the outsider of a cell, enabling the virus to gain entry into the cell, infect the cell, and replicate itself inside the cell, and finally the replicated virus leaving the cell to infect other cells. Coronaviruses are spherical and use spikes to dock to and invade cells. Below is an image of a coronavirus that shows the spikes that enable it to dock to and take over a cell:

COVID-19 and SARS are are almost genetically identical viruses. SARS researchers discovered that one of the ways the disease attaches itself to and infects cells is through an enzyme known as ACE2, a ‘functional receptor’ produced in several organs (oral and nasal mucosa, nasopharynx, lung, stomach, small intestine, colon, skin, lymph nodes, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, liver, kidney, and brain). Basically, the coronavirus spike has an ACE2 spike that enables it to enter and infect a cell as follows:

Cells that have these receptors include the edothelial cells that line the lungs and the epithelial cells that line the intestinal tract and the veins, arteries and microcapillaries of the heart and circulatory system. This means that COVID-19 can infect any of these tissues. This then can help to explain the unusual symptoms COVID-19 can present when it reinfects.

Research indicates ACE2 is also “abundantly present in humans in the epithelial of the lung and small intestine, which might provide possible routes of entry for the SARS-CoV,” while it was also observed “in arterial and venous endothelial cells and arterial smooth muscle cells” – which would include the heart and epithelial cells which include the lungs. This has led some to speculate that Asians, who have higher concentrations of ACE2 may be affected to a greater degree than those of European ancestry. Additional research indicates that SARS can also infect through a DPPIV receptor for the enzyme DPPIV, which also happens to be used to break down gluten and casein that available as a dietary supplement (we provide references to this below).

Another debunked bit of information was a paper about COVID-19 that was quickly retracted and its data censored, published by team of scientists who sequenced COVID-19 and found that it was identical to SARS with the exception of four short inserts inside a key protein enabling the virus to infect human cells. These inserts were so specific that it appeared to the researchers as this had to be a deliberately genetically modified virus as opposed to a random mutation. They ran the DNA sequences of these inserts against a database of DNA of other viruses and found that  three of the sequences had strikingly similarity to proteins of HIV-1 and not just any random part of the HIV genome but one protein key for HIV to gain entry into cells (docking glycoprotein). The fourth insert, also from HIV-1 was key for the viral assembly once the virus had infected a cell. So we theorize this may explain why people who think they have recovered from COVID-19 repeatedly relapse.

Yet another debunked smoking gun is the role of the Gates Foundation in this pandemic. This is discussed separately in the appendix at the end of this article.

Another reason coronaviruses can have such a dramatic impact on us is because humans have never before been infected with coronaviruses. Because the body’s immune system has no history of encountering them, the virus can quickly infect and replicate before the immune system recognizes it has been infected, and by the time it does the immune system can have an extreme reaction called a cytokine storm. It is not ebola or coronaviruses that kill but the immune system’s reaction to them. Here is a depiction of a cytokine storm triggered by another virus:

When you have a fever when you get a cold or the flu, it is the body that creates that fever, which is essentially a form of inflammation, overheating the body, to kill the infectious agent. Inflammation is a response by the immune system to an infection to rid itself of it. Unfortunately this response may not only damage the infectious agent but the body’s own tissues in which the infectious agents reside. If body has had the flu in previous seasons the immune system will more quickly detect and react to an flu infection preventing it from excessively replicating. However, with the coronavirus, human immune systems have never been exposed to it and so the virus can more rapidly replicate before it is detected. So if there is widespread infection in the lungs, the immune system will kill the infection but this leaves a residue of damaged tissues, and liquids from infected cells that were attacked by the immune system, leading to a building up of fluids and impaired ability to breathe.

Symptoms and the Course of the Coronavirus

The course of the coronavirus is still poorly understood but from what we know appears to be like no other cold and flu type infection.

A theoretical course of the virus:

You can start out with mild symptoms such as fatigue, sore throat and/or upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, and a dry cough.  Symptoms can vary from person to person. You think it is going to go away the next day, but it comes back stronger and it keeps doing that day after day. It can start out mild and several days into it worsen and manifest new unusual and/or severe symptoms not typically associated with a cold or the flu such as dizziness and chest pains and difficulty breathing. Once acquired, it can take weeks to completely get rid of, it can reinfect, and you are likely to be fatigued for several weeks.  It can also damage the heart causing heart problems after the initial attack and so it is important to take supplements that support the heart.

What happens if you are reinfected and/or the virus resurges: Some reports from China originally indicated that some people recover from the pneumonia caused in some people by the Coronavirus only to drop dead of heart failure after they have supposedly recovered. The Coronavirus may cause long-lasting damage to tissues it infects, including the heart. It seems to weaken and cause fatigue in people.

Who is at greatest risk: primarily those with preexisting health conditions, smokers, and people over 60. Update 3/19/20 - A federal study shows of all patients admitted to the hospitals in the United States with the coronavirus\are between the ages of 20-50.  OF the 508 patients known to be hospitalized, 20% were between the agse of 20 and 44, while 18% were between ages 45 and 54.  The highest percentage of hospitalized patients was at 26% between ages 65 and 84.  The reporte did not say whether patients had underlying risk factors such as a chronic illness or compromised immune system, so it's unclear whether the younger adults hospitalized were more vulnterable to serious infection than others.  There are concerning reports coming out of France and Italy about some young people getting seriously ill.

Who is likely to show no symptoms even if infected: healthy people under 60 but this is rapidly changing as the virus appears to becoming more virulent in certain areas.

How is it spread: through the air, touching people and surfaces with the virus, public toilets. It enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes.

How long can it remain alive in the air and on surfaces:  Currently it is believed to be able to remain alive in the air for 5 hours and on a hard surface for 3 days.

How long can a person infect others: believed to be up to 24 days.

Can symptoms vary greatly from person to person: yes - from non-existent to life-threatening.

Time from symptoms to difficulty breathing (only for those severely effected): approximately 5 days.

Early symptoms (before difficulty breathing) can include:

  • no symptoms (asymptomatic)
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • nausea

Later symptoms/reinfections can include:

  • dry cough
  • phlegm or sputum production
  • acute respiratory distress
  • shortness of breath
  • arrhythmia - irregular heartbeat
  • chest pains
  • dizziness
  • blood taking too long to clot
  • pneumonia
  • heart failure
  • organ failure

Blood work for infected patients shows:

  • reduced white blood cell count
  • elevated blood levels of lactate dehyrogenase indicating tissue damage (due to the virus triggering a cytokine storm)

Recommended COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Protocol

Within the context of a politicized and financially motivated medical system partnered with federal agencies rampant with conflict of interest whose narrative is being promoted by traditional media and social monopolies in conjunction with censoring and debunking narratives that conflicts with the official narrative, we have made every effort to research and share find viable sources of information concerning COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself against it and minimize severity should you become infected.

We also have based some of our recommendations on personal experience of family, friends and customers in dealing with infectious agents this winter and spring, as to what is anecdotally working for family, friends, and customers as there have been some pretty strong viruses going around that have some of the symptoms of COVID-19.

First of all, follow the widely promoted guidelines for avoiding contact and exposure to the virus when possible.

This section offers additional suggestions to protect yourself and your family:

  • General recommendations on how to strengthen your immune system.
  • Recommended foods and supplements with efficacy against the coronavirus family, and to protect you from short and long-term damage from COVID-19. This includes products offered by Autism Coach and others that are available elsewhere.
  • Alternative and DYI anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hand sanitizers, gargles, and eye sprays.

General Recommendations to Strengthen Your Immune System:

  1. Avoid sugar in all forms and foods. This is a virus that infects and multiplies rapidly and you need your immune system to be fully functional. Excess sugar depresses immunity. Studies have shown that downing the equivalent of two 12 ounce sodas, including in the forms of glucose, table sugar, fructose and honey caused a 50% drop in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacteria, suppressing the immune system for 5 hours. Sugar binds to cell receptors that would otherwise take in Vitamin C to protect them.
  2. Eat healthfully. Avoid junk food and excessive refined carbs. In research, complex carbohydrates have been shown to not suppress the immune system.
  3. Drink lots of water and herbal teas - including using lemon, vitamin C, ginger and tumeric in your tea. Vitamin C supports the immune system and ginger and tumeric (which are related species) specifically have efficacy against the coronvirus family. You can even cut up thin slivers of fresh ginger and tumeric and steep them in water - taking them on an empty stomach may help (despite debunking of this) and has been extremely helpful to people I personally know this winter and spring.
  4. Consider a mini-fast from after dinner to the next morning. If you are on a regular daytime schedule, consider not eating after 7 PM. Fasting until breakfast supports the immune system and helps the body to eliminated damaged cells. You want your body to focus its energy on protecting you from infection, not digesting and eliminating excessive amounts of food.
  5. If you are a smoker, this is the perfect time to quit smoking - cigarettes significantly increase the risk of death from COVID-19. Although it has many documented health benefits, cannabis has also been shown in studies to cause viruses to multiply more rapidly.  In an online essay he [Dr. Stanton Among Chinese patients diagnosed with COVID-19 associated pneumonia, the odds of disease progression (including to death) were 14 times higher among people with a history of smoking compared to those who did not smoke. This was the strongest risk factor among those examined.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep. Your immune and detoxification systems are most active at night. Don’t let yourself get run down through sleep deprivation if you can help it - this weakens your immune system. There are supplements recommended below that can help you to detoxify and calm the adrenal system, supporting a much better night’s sleep. If cortisol levels from a stressed adrenal system rise at night, this can wake you up.
  7. If you have cold symptoms, rest. Don’t overdo it and get run down. If you start to get even mild cold symptoms, such as a sore throat and stuffy head, treat this with respect and get lots of rest, eat healthfully and drink lots of fluids.  If you get a sore throat or stuffy nose, gargle to prevent the virus from replicating and getting into the rest of your body. See our section below on how to make a DYI gargle/nasal spray.
  8. Get cardiovascular exercise - when you are feeling up to it, if you have a mild infection, get cardiovascular exercise such as walking or riding a bike for at least 30 minutes, because this can help reduce the risk of having permanent cardiovascular damage from COVID-19 and also reduces cortisol levels which rise when you are sick or stressed and also suppress the immune system. This virus can seem mild but there are reports it re-infects and then more severe symptoms can emerge.
  9. Relax, assume everything will be OK, smile, laugh whenever you can, and be grateful for the good things in your life. Stress and anger depress the immune system. A positive attitude, smiling, humor and laughter can strengthen your immune system. Whenever possible focus on, appreciate, and be grateful for the positive things and positive aspects of people in your life. And yes, there is actually research behind this.

Recommended Supplements and Foods

Below are a list of supplements and foods recommended that have been shown through research to and/or are anecdotally believed to have efficacy against the coronavirus family and protect you from damage from the virus.

Autism Coach supplements that can help include:

  1. Vitamin C - When you are sick, your immune system uses a large amount of Vitamin C, taking this supports your immune system. We offer a high quality form that has greater efficacy because it is derived from tapioca instead of corn which results in its having the correct molecular rotation needed for the body to use it without having to convert it.
  2. Mind-Body Harmony contains resveratrol, quercetin, licorice, humic/fulvic acid, and zinc - all of which have efficacy against the coronavirus family and are found in Autism Coach’s liquid supplement, Mind-Body harmony. It contains bioflavonoids through plant and vegetable extracts that strengthen veins, arteries and microcapillaries to protect against cytokine storm damage triggered by the virus.  It also contains CoQ10 which protects the heart and supports mitochondrial function. It also contains ingredients to help the body detoxify from the toxic by-products of viral infections.  This supplement also provides with high quality bioavailable forms of vitamins (including methylated B vitamins) so the body has the building blocks it needs to rally the immune system to fight off infections. It needs to be taken with 1 folate capsule to complete metabolic processes supported by the other B vitamins in Mind-Body Harmony.  Folate needs to be taken in a dry form because it loses efficacy in liquid formulations. During periods of infection, you can take a 1/2 capful of the Mind-Body Harmony 3 times day, along with 1 folate per day.
  3. DPPIV Enzymes - It turns out one of the receptors the coronavirus uses to infect cells is a DPPIV receptor. Taking DPPIV enzymes as a supplement (usually used to break down gluten and casein) will result in the supplement binding to the receptors on the cells, blocking the virus from docking to these receptors and infecting cells.   Autism Coach offers three products containing DPPIV enzymes: AFP Peptizyde, Trienza and Devigest.
  4. N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) Sustain) - is being shown to have efficacy against COVID-19. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, the body's most powerful detoxifer.  NAC also supports the lungs and the heart.  We carry the best form on the market, a time-release patented form, which we have been using for years to remediate symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.  This product is extremely effective.
  5. CoQ10 - supports the heart and cellular energy production.  This can help to protect the heart from damage caused by COVID-19.  The product we carry is one we have been selling for years and has greatly improved the heart function of elderly relatives. Taken over time, CoQ10 can restore heart function.
  6. Daily Adapt - Support the adrenal system - infections stress the body - Adrenal Adapt contains several anti-viral ingredients that help you rest better at night and support the immune system including schisandra, cordyceps and reishi mushrooms, tumeric, licorice, hawthorn, and ginger.
  7. Hepa Plus - supports the immune system, night-time detoxification and a better night’s sleep. Antiviral ingredients include milk thistle, dandelion, NAC, and alpha lipoic acid.
  8. Immusist - Is a surfactant that is antiviral and can break up mucus in the airways and lungs.  It can be taken internally, if showing symtpoms starting out with 10 drops in 6 oz of water and working up to 16 drops in 8 oz water up to 5 times a day.

Other foods and herbs that can help include:

  1. Ginger and tumeric - in the same plant family, they specifically have efficacy against the coronavirus family as shown in research. Steeped along with herbal tea on an empty stomach they can quickly remediate nausea and stomach upset.
  2. Garlic and leeks - support detoxification and the immune system and have efficacy against corona viruses.
  3. Beets - help to mitigate the effects of a cytokine storm and dilate microcapillaries, helping to oxygenate the body and reduce levels of oxidative stress.
  4. Zinc - supports the immune system
  5. Quinine - A prescription form of quinine is being shown to specifically have efficacy against the corona virus.It was available as a supplement but has sold out completely on the internet at the time of this writing.
  6. Bioflavonoids - help protect against cytokine storms by strengthening the walls of veins, arteries, and microcapillaries, helpingn to prevent rupturing and damage caused by a cytokine storm triggered by COVID-19.
  7. Stinging nettle - has efficacy against COVID-19
  8. Chlorella - has efficacy against COVID-19
  9. Black mulberry - has efficacy against COVID-19
  10. Chinese traditional herbs that researchers indicate have efficacy in stopping COVID-19 from replicating include: cibotium barometz (golden chicken fern or wooly fern), gentiana scabra (Korean gentian or Japanese gentian), dioscorea batatas (chinese yam), and cassia torra (foetid cassia, sickle senna, wild senna).

Hand Sanitizers, Eye Sanitizers, Gargles, Nasal Sprays, and Inhalants

There are many effective ways to prevent and protect yourself from infection.

Hand Sanitizers:

Autism Coach is now carrying an effective citrus-based anti-viral, anti-bacterial hand foam purifier.

However, you can always get a spray bottle and fill it with a liquid to create your own hand sanitizer by filling it with one or more of the following:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol - coronaviruses can be efficiently inactivated in under one minute with surface disinfection procedures with 62-71% ethanol or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1 per cent sodium hypochlorite.
  • Colloidal Silver Liquid - has efficacy against viruses. In a spray bottle can be sprayed in the eyes as well.
  • Antiviral essential oils - rosemary, oregano, citrus peel extracts all have antiviral properties - can be added to rubbing alcohol.
  • Aloe vera gel - can also be added and mixed in blender with alcohol.

Eye Spray:

  • The coronavirus can infect through the nasal passages and the eyes.
  • Autism Coach offers our Nutrient Hydration Mist containing anti-viral colloidal silver and humic/fulvic acid that can be sprayed directly on the face and into the eyes. We personally have been using it as an eye spray for years to clear and refresh, tired, irritated eyes. It is also great for the face and hands.

Gargles and nasal sprays:

  • Can be similarly formulated.
  • To create either we recommend ½ tsp sea salt dissolved in 2 oz water and just keep what you don’t use in a glass or bottle until needed again.
  • To this you can add, Immusist, Citricare, and Nutrient Hydration Mist liquids that are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal which are concentrates that can be added to the gargle that work well together.
  • You can actually take a little bit of the gargle, put it in the palm of your hand, close one nostril and sniff it up your nose and then repeat with the other nostril. You can also get a small nasal mister bottle if you prefer online or use a small spray bottle.


Eucalyptus, tea tree and menthol in balms actually are being shown to have anti-viral properties if inhaled. You can use a nebulizer, a humidifier, a nasal spray or put a little of the equivalent of a dab Vics Vaporub or essential oils mixed with a carrier such as coconut oil under each nostril to inhale it. This can help to reduce viral populations in nasal passages and lungs.  Immusist can also be vaporized along with zinc and antiviral ingredients.


Appendix - The Gates Foundation and Bill Gates's Role in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because this information would distract from the main objectives of the article, this information is being included as an appendix.

Gates is Making Money on the Coronavirus

Another debunked bit of information that may have validity to it is suspicion that the Gates Foundation deliberately released this virus in what constitutes a false flag event in order to create economic instability which would achieve various gaosl including implementing regime change in the United States during the upcoming election and distracting the public while violations against civil liberties and human are promulgated for profit. In the past year, just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Pirbright Institute, funded by the Gates Foundation obtained a patent on an attenuated form of the coronavirus to make vaccines, the Gates Foundation has funded a test kit for the coronavirus and then carried out a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic just six weeks before the outbreak of COVID-19. The Gates Foundation has a history of behaving unethically, including conducting illegal testing of tribal children in India, resulting in the foundation being sued by India

Core traits of Bill Gates define him as a ruthless, sociopath, who has no respect for civil liberties or human rights.  Gates made his money by stealing other peoples' ideas and then creating a monopoly on the operating system whose idea he stole from another company.  The Windows visual operating system, which was actually developed by Burroughs Corporation in the late 1970s (we personally know this because one of us worked at Burroughs at the time, headquartered in Detroit, and saw the prototype which is identical to the first Windows operating system).  Currently Microsoft is perhaps the largest invader of people's privacy in the world, gathering and selling off information collected about us through Microsoft Windows.  This invasion of our privacy for profit constitutes a major violation of our civil liberties.  Microsoft also tallied the votes in the last presidential election for the Iowa Primary, throwing the election to Hillary Clinton, whom Gates supported, when all the exit polls indicated Bernie Sanders had won.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is being Used to Facilitate the Rollout of Dangerous 5G Technology that Gates is Heavily Invested in

It is likely no coincidence that we are being bombarded with positive propaganda about how great 5G will be and its rollout.  It's likely no coincidence that 5G is being implemented quickly in the U.S. during this pandemic including putting a 5G tower on a public school when less powerful 4G towers have been shown cause health problems.  Here is a 5G tower that was just installed on a school in Texas as of March 16, 2020.

There will be many more of these 5G towers and they will in neighborhoods, near homes, schools, and work places.

Gates has also invested heavily in 5G technology which has no testing for safety and which thousands of scientists and nations have signed petitions to protest because it will bombard the planet and people with exponentially larger amounts of electromagnetic pollution than ever in history. The current cell phone technology is implicated in causing inflammation by overriding elecrical impulses in cells, causing calcium channels open, resulting in inflammation, memory fog, fatigue, brain damage, and cancer. 

The International Association of Firefighters has fought to have cel phone towers removed from their fire stations because they were experiencing severe headaches, memory issues, foggy thinking, inability to sleep and weakness. A study conducted on these firefighters saw that their brain scans showed brain cell damage in all fire fighters tested from even low-lever emissions.

26,000 scientists have signed a petition to oppose the 5G rollout, which has no safety testing and is going to be far more detrimental than the current technology, which should also be banned. 5Gs technology can also be easily weaponized to target and attack individuals. regions and countries giving dictatorships and billionaires who constitute their own personal nation-states through their power unprecedented power that supersedes that of nations.

There is a growing list of cities and nations banning 5G.

 A United Nations whistleblower believes 5G constitutes a war on humanity. It is likely to be no coincidence that pro-5G propaganda is being heavily promoted in the media and 5G is even being rolled out in the United States while citizens are distracted with dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

 It is likely no coincidence that Bill Gates is investing heavily in 5G and that Wuhan, where COVID-19 began, is the first city in China and the world to implement 5G

There is also an arms race between China and the United States (primarly through Elon Musk's company) as to who is going to launch 5G first and which countries are going to subscribe. We are also talking about damaging the world's outer atmosphere and the whole planet as 20,000 satellites are launched into space to implement this technology in addition to hundreds of thousands of cell phone towers that will be far more common and more likely to be in your neighborhood, next to places where you and your family live, go to school, and work. 

Due to the satellite technology, no spot on earth will be able to avoid this major source of electromagnetic pollution. The ultimate violation of civil liberties is the invasion of one's brain to intefere with and manipulate an individual's ability to think and react - the violation of free will, the ability to make decisions and think without outside interference.

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