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Are Auto-Immune Conditions Really Chronic Infections?

Posted by Susan Bennett on

An “auto-immune” condition is defined as condition where the body attacks its own tissues. Both “auto-immune conditions” and chronic infections result in inflammation. What is inflammation? It is the body’s natural response to infections. When we get the flu, the symptoms of the flu (fever, aching, runny nose) not the result of the infection but the body’s reaction to the infection and its attempts to eliminate the infection.

I have spent years studying herbs and their benefits. Over time, a pattern emerged; every herb that was “anti-inflammatory” was also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and/or anti-retroviral. Reduce and/or eliminate the population of the infectious agent, the body doesn’t need to fight the infection, and “auto-immune” symptoms fade.

Examples of “auto-immune” conditions that are really chronic infections are Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers.

Beta-Amyloiod Plaque in Alzheimer’s is the body’s reaction to trying to control an infectious agent, namely the same bacteria causing gum disease, P. gingivalis. This bacteria was found in autopsies of the brains of individuals with Alzheimers. (1)

Recent research into Parkinson’s indicates that bacterial pathogens in the gut may travel through the vagus nerve (which runs from the intestinal tract to the brain) to cause Parkinson’s later in life. There is no Parkinsons in individuals who have had their vagus nerve severed by a procedure called a vagotomy. A neurotoxin found in the gut, alpha-synuclein, has been found in the intestinal tracts and brains of individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s. (2)

Research is also revealing that it is not the infectious agent, but the immune system response to infections that sickens and kills people. In the extreme case of the nightmarish Ebola virus, Ebola disables immune system cells, systemically spreads throughout the body and by the time the immune system recognizes the virus is present, it has spread throughout the body. This results in the immune system creating a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm is the body’s response to an infection that is widespread in the body that results in an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines). In the case of Ebola, the immune system response leads to blockages in the circulatory system, which leads to damage to red blood cells, ultimately resulting in internal bleeding.

Conditions that are political footballs include Chronic Fatigue/ME, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and Gulf War Syndrome and autism. Research dollars are misdirected to fruitless paths of research that are profitable for the recipients of grants to help drug companies make money. Much more deserving research is that would benefit the public is not funded with tax-[ayer funded NIH grants; research that might threaten the bottom line of the medical establishment and validate safe, more effective and affordable ways to treat, prevent and cure diseases that should have been cured 20 or more years ago.  There is a form of Lyme-disease induced autism but as little or no research dollars have gone into creating an effective, affordable test, Lyme Disease often goes undiagnosed.

What we do know is that for all these “mysterious” conditions, micro-capillaries are frequently constricted, cutting blood flow and oxygen supply. This creates a less extreme chronic cytokine storm effect that does not kill a person but instead chronically sickens them. Cutting off the blood supply, ischemia, which in mini-strokes. There are many similarities between stroke patients and individuals diagnosed with autism. Lack of oxygen leads to mitochondrial dysfunction - as cells have to produce energy without sufficient oxygen. A chain reaction of metabolic dysfunction results from low oxygen. This is why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often helpful.

When infectious agents get lodged in the tissues of the circulatory and nervous system, this results in chronic inflammation. This inflammation ultimately results in micro-capillaries becoming blocked, cutting of the flow of oxygen to tissues throughout the body. Chronic oxygen deprivation results in energy production being impaired which results in mitochondrial dysfunction, and damage to cells, resulting in wide-spread free-radical damage. When cells are functioning under the burden of oxygen deprivation, they are less able to excrete toxic by-products of metabolism and toxins tend to build up in the body and brain. Oxygen deprivation leads to a chain reaction of additional metabolic dysfunction. Insufficient oxygen impairs the ability of cells to produce energy, leading to low-energy symptoms. Insufficient blood flow to the brain makes it hard to stand up if standing up reduces the oxygen supply to the brain.

Another factor contributing to oxygen deprivation and cardiovascular disease are toxins in our environment. Heavy metals and man-made toxins introduced into the body through vaccines and environmental contaminants change the electrical charge of red blood cells, making them more likely to clump together and cling to the walls of arteries, resulting in blockages to microcapillaries. This can lead to ischemia, mini-strokes, which can result in damage to neurons and skew neurological development in young children. This same mechanism leads to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. An effective, natural way to lower blood pressure is to go through a detoxification protocol. Remove the heavy metals, red blood cells don’t clump, arteries open up, and blood pressure drops.

Hence with chronic health conditions it is important to both address chronic infections and environmental toxins. Impaired circulation also impairs the ability of the body to excrete toxins and so toxins tend to build up in the body. This leads to an additional chain reaction of metabolic dysfunction in which molecules are used up to fight chronic infections and toxins which depletes building blocks that would otherwise be used for metabolic processes such as methylation - switching on and off of genes.

This also explains why every vaccine has killed people and why vaccines are inherently dangerous and permanently weaken the immune system. Vaccines are designed to provoke an extreme reaction to the infectious agent so that the immune system reacts to the vaccine and creates immunity. Vaccines include much more than the named infectious agent - they include adjuvants such as aluminum designed to further cause the immune system to be stimulated. Vaccines are also frequently contaminated with other infectious agents as they are grown on the tissues of other living animals - so when you get a vaccine you are likely to get infected with other pathogens that can result in chronic infections. Vaccines can cause a cytokine storm in those who have a vaccine reaction.

Even if you don’t have a severe vaccine reaction, vaccines introduce several pathogens that result in chronic infections and permanent weakening of the immune system. An infant’s immature immune system is designed to naturally respond to natural infectious agents. Vaccines, which are anything but natural, permanently disrupt and skew the developmnt the immune system. Vaccines can result in permanent chronic infections in the intestinal tract which lead to leaky gut, malabsorption, and food allergies. Vaccines are linked to increased incidence of virtually every neurological and chronic physical health condition including ADD/ADHD, OCD, depression, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and even cancer.

When the intestinal tract is compromised due to a chronic infection in the lining of the intestinal tract, so is the microbiome, the colony of microbes that symbiotically lives inside the intestinal tract. A healthy microbiome produces B vitamins, neurotransmitters, digestive enzymes need to break food into building blocks, and other critical nutrients. When the intestinal tract is damaged due to a chronic infection, pathogenic colonies of organisms overgrow, cover themselves with a protective film called a biofilm, and produce toxic by-products that are frequently neurotoxins. Neurotoxins produced in the intestinal tract include ammonia and P-cresol. Excess levels of ammonia create brain fog. P-cresol is believed to contribute to Parkinson’s disease. These toxic by-products burden the body with having to break down and remove toxins which leaves fewer resources to perform other critical functions in the body.

It is worth making special note of glyphosate,the most widely used agricultural chemical in the United States, the primary active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup. GMO crops are drenched in glyphosate. Glyphosate has been shown to cause metabolic disruption in parts per billion; popular breakfast cereals in the U.S. have tested and found to have 1000 parts per billion of glyphosate. Toxins, like glyphosate, mimic natural molecules in the body. Glyphosate is an artificial molecule that mimics the amino acid, Glycine. As a mimic, Glyphosate is inserted into metabolic processes in the body where Glycine should be used. The result is disruption and impairment of metabolic function on a profound and systemic level that will lead to symptoms associated with auto-immune conditions.

The body is also stressed during infections and activates the adrenal system to contribute to removal of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. So chronic infection cause a chain reaction of disruption to normal metabolic processes resulting in various sympoms, including chronic stress, which can result in PTSD symptoms.

What makes chornic infections resistant to elimination by the immune system? One mechanism that is widely pathogens to hide from the immune system is covering themselves with a slimy coating called a biofilm. Pathogens ranging from retroviruses to MRSA to colonies of pathogenic microbes in the intestinal tract to the bacteria causing cavities and gum disease avoid detection and removal by the immune and antibiotics by creating a biofilm. HIding out under the biofilm, pathogenic organisms churn out toxins. Colonies of pathogens in the intestinal tract cover themselves with a biofilm.

Plaque is a biofilm on your teeth and is anything but harmless. This same plaque is not just on your teeth but is implicated in forming in arteries and causing cardiovascular disease, and forming in organs in the body and contributiong to gall bladder problems and diabetes.

Another factor in rampant chronic illnesses that manifest as “auto-immune” conditions today is diet. Pathogens feed on carbs and sugar. That is why the ketogenic diet which eliminates sugar and most carbs is so effective - it eliminates the source of nourishment for many pathogens. Some popular food additives, like Aspartame, have been shown to be neurotoxic and cause and worsen symptoms of neurological conditions.

The good news is that there are products now available that can help to disrupt biofilms and eliminate and/or inactivate pathogens resulting in symptioms of auto-immune conditions. Autism Coach’s Game Changing Protocol provides an innovative approach to supporting the underlying metabolic processes contributing to auto-immune systems. Address the underlying causes and symptoms can fade or disappear.


1. Alzheimer’s might be linked to gum disease bacteria. New Scientist, January 23, 2019.

2. Vagotomy and Parkinson’s disease. Scientific American. May 8, 2018.

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