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41 Out of 52 Mexican Babies Immunized are Dead or Hospitalized - Proof Vaccines Harm Children

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Don't believe vaccines harm children? This is proof positive they do. Out of 52 babies vaccinated with a cocktail of vaccines, 2 died and 39 others were in hospital after suffering adverse effects following shots given under the Mexican National Vaccination Program. The deadly vaccine cocktail consisted of vaccines against tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B early in the morning and began suffering adverse effects by evening.

Two babies have died and 39 others are in hospital after suffering adverse effects following shots given under the National Vaccination Program.

The infants had been vaccinated against tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B early yesterday morning, but began suffering allergic reactions by 7:00pm last night. A total of 52 children were given the shots in the indigenous community of La Pimienta, San José and San Antonio del Monte, located in the municipality of Simojovel, Chiapas.

The Social Security Institute (IMSS) said it has launched an investigation and ordered the suspension of all vaccinations throughout the country. A team of health officials and experts has been sent to Chiapas to determine what happened.

The babies who died were just 28 and 30 days old. The others have been transferred to hospitals in the state capital, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where one is in serious condition, 14 are in poor condition and another 22 are stable.

Parents sought help from local authorities yesterday evening but it wasn’t until early this morning that state health officials arrived in Simojovel, which is located about 300 kilometers from the capital.

The state Health Secretariat said it was important to note that vaccination has proved to be one of the most effective public health strategies, but all medication, including vaccinations, can cause adverse reactions ranging from mild to severe.

Two of the vaccines in the deadly cocktail are linked by research to health problems.  The Hepatitis B vaccine is linked in epidemiological studies to a three fold incresae in incidence of autism in boys and the Rotatvirus vaccine is linked to increased incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Paul Offit, high profile attacker of those questioning vaccine safety, co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, has made undisclosed millions from the rotatvirus vaccine. This vaccine is strongly linked to adverse reactions including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The people who profited from the introduction of this vaccine are white collar murderers. It's ironic that Paul Offit wrote a book entitled Autism's False Prophets; someone should write a book about him called Vaccines' False Profits - those who promote harmful vaccines and attack people who question their safety for profit.


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