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Over 80% of all infections are created by micro-organisms producing a biofilm. A biofilm is a slime formed by a colony of micro-organisms that lives under the biofilm and hides from both the immune system and antibiotics.  This colony of pathogenic organisms is glued to a surface and protectively covered by the biofilm.

The vast majority infections that are antibiotic resistant and difficult to treat are protected by a biofilm.  To get permanently get rid of most chronic infections, the biofilm protecting it must be eradicated and prevented from re-establishing itself.

An example of a biofilm is the plaque on your teeth. The pathogenic micro-organisms living under the dental plaque excrete acid that eats away at teeth and causes cavities, and also excrete other by-products that cause bad breath. 

Biofilms on teeth also enable micro-organisms to get below the exposed surface of the tooth, between the tooth and gums. These micro-organisms underneath produce by-products that cause cavities, inflammation in the gums and loss of gum tissue, and eat away at the jawbone and ligaments that connect the tooth to the bone - causing gum disease.

Why It Is Important for Your Health to Treat Biofilms

It is important to treat biofilms in the mouth not only for dental health but because these biofilm-forming micro-organisms can spread from the mouth to the rest of the body.

Biofilms in other areas of the body and are implicated in health problems in the digestive tract, the respiratory system, and the circulatory system:

  • Plaque in arteries contributes to atherosclerosis and heart problems. 
  • Plaque in the intestinal tract causes inflammation plays a part in conditions such as irritable bowel, acid reflux, colitis, and Crohn's Disease. 
  • Plaque in the respiratory system contributes to chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. 
  • Plaque in the pancreas, gall bladder and liver contributes to health issues in these organs. 
  • Plaque in the brain contributes to neurological conditions.

Pathogenic microbes tend to thrive and overgrow under a biofilm. These pathogens produce a myriad of toxic byproducts which can contribute to a wide variety of physical and mental health issues. In addition, recent research is indicating that some of these pathogens rob your body of amino acids and other nutrients to sustain themselves.


On the other hand, beneficial microbes tend to compete with and crowd out pathogens outside of a biofilm. The byproducts of beneficial microbes in the digestive tract include amino acids, B vitamins, and building blocks for calming neurotransmitters. Beneficial microbes actually create many of the nutrients your body needs.

Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens Thrive Under Biofilms

Research is indicating that biofilms support the growth of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria, as opposed to beneficial micro-organisms such as probiotics which are gram-positive.   So there is a much higher ratio of pathogentic bacteria to beneficial bacteria living under a biofilm.

Gram negative bacteria include a rogue's gallery of antibiotic resistant pathogens including:  e. coli, c. difficile, klebsiella, salmonella, helicobater (causes ulcers), MRSA (antibiotic resistant form of staph), legionella (Legionnaire's Disease).  

Gram positive bacteria tend to be beneficial, such as lactobacillus acidophilus which is found in yoghurt.

(In case you are wondering, Gram is a staining technique used by scientists to identify bacteria under a microscope.  In Gram's method, a violet dye is applied, then a decolorizing agent and then a red dye is applied to the bacteria. Gram-positive bacteria retain the first dye and appear violet, while Gram-negative bacteria lose color and then appear red.)

Biofilms enable Pathogens to Overgrow

 Biofilms actually enable vastly larger number of micro-organisms to grow under them.  The number of micro-organisms living under a biofilm can so rapidly grow that if these micro-organisms were laid end to end, they would reach to the sun in back within a 24 hour period:


Removing Biofilms

We offer several innovative products to help eliminate biofilms which are listed below.

More information on Biofilms

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  • Citricare Anti-Candida Citrus Extract

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    CitriCare® is a natural citrus seed extract made from lemon, lime, tangerine and grapefruit seeds.  It is much more effective than straight grapefruit seed extract products at controlling yeast (Candida) infections...

  • Biofilm Remover Hand Face Body Wash

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  • Biofilm Remover + Probiotic Builder Kit

    Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit $65.00

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    New, More Economical 14 oz size! I Soothe Your Skin is a probiotic spray for your skin that eats away the microscopic film in which disease-causing bacteria thrive on your skin. Use this spray for cuts, rashes, burns, bug...

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  • Biofilm Removing Probiotic Mouthwash

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  • Daily Liquid Adrenal, Endocrine and Immune Support

    Daily Adapt - Liquid Adrenal, Endocrine, Immune Support $42.00

    Individuals on the autism spectrum frequently have chronic high levels of cortisol which can contribute to high levels of stress, disrupted sleep, anxiety and depression.  In addition, chronic inflammation and chronic...

  • Neprinol Biofilm Degrading Enzyme

    Neprinol AFD Enzyme Blend - Degrades Biofilms $54.99

    Neprinol is a proprietary combination of Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Protease, Lipase, Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Amla and other proteolytic enzymes that are specially formulated to degrade biofilms and support healthy fibrin...

  • Liposomal Glutathione

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