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Biofilm Removers + Personal Care

Biofilm Removers + Personal Care Products

One of the plagues of modern humanity are chronic infections and antibiotic resistant pathogens that protect themselves with biofilms.  These pathogens depress our immune system and degrade our quality of life - we feel less energetic.  Chronic infections contribute to depression and brain fog.  Get rid of the biofilm and you can reduce levels of and even eliminate populations of pathogens. and feel better than you have in years.

Biofilms are a slime that cover a living organism or a colony of living organisms.  A notable example of a biofilm is the plaque on your teeth.  Recent research is indicating that the co

Thanks to the introduction of brilliant new products that actually get rid of biofilms, you and your family can achieve lasting, improved health.

Some of these products are included in our Biofilm Remove + Microbiome Builder Kit

We also offer a wonderful water based humic, fulvic and colloidal silver moisturizer, Organic Natural Nutrient Skin Hydration Mist, that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-retroviral.  It can even be sprayed in eyes and ears to reduce irritation and prevent infections.

The FDA allows many toxic ingredients in grooming products, including carcinogens,
that are banned from food. Anything that goes into the mouth or is put on the skin or
inhaled is likely to be absorbed into the body to a certain degree.  So be sure to carefully read the ingredients for any toothpaste, soap or shampoo to ensure it does not have harmful ingredients.

  • Citrus Moisturizing Hand Santizer Foam

    Citrus Moisturizing Hand Santizer Foam $9.00

    March 17, 2020.  New Product!  Limit 3 per order Believe it or not, we were able acquire and offer to Autism Coach customers this potent citrus-based anti-viral, anti-bacterial, foaming moisturizing hand sanitizer...

  • Citricare Anti-Candida Citrus Extract

    CitriCare - Anti-Candida, Anti-Bacterial Citrus Extract $29.00

    CitriCare® is a natural citrus seed extract made from lemon, lime, tangerine and grapefruit seeds.  It is much more effective than straight grapefruit seed extract products at controlling yeast (Candida) infections...

  • Biofilm Remover Hand Face Body Wash

    Biofilm Remover Hand, Face and Body Wash $15.00

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  • Biofilm Remover + Probiotic Builder Kit

    Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit $65.00

    Save $5 by ordering these products as a kit instead of individually. A key piece of recovering from chronic health conditions is to remove biofilms and restore a colony of beneficial microbes.  Biofilms are a slime...

  • Biofilm Remover Probiotic Spray for Skin

    Biofilm Remover Probiotic Skin Spray $30.95

    New, More Economical 14 oz size! I Soothe Your Skin is a probiotic spray for your skin that eats away the microscopic film in which disease-causing bacteria thrive on your skin. Use this spray for cuts, rashes, burns, bug...

  • Biofilm Remover Spray - I Help You Breathe

    Biofilm Remover Probiotic Respiratory Spray $26.95

    The Biofilm Remover Spray, I Help You Breathe, is a natural, non-toxic, non-GMO eco-friendly spray. It is excellent for sinus and asthma sufferers, too. Safe enough to spray directly in face, nose and ears for maximum...

  • Organic Natural Nutrient Skin Hydration Mist

    Organic Natural Nutrient Skin Hydration Mist $20.00

    All-natural skin hydration, containing only fulvic minerals and water firms up skin, perfect for sensitive individiuals as facial moisturizer.  Over 70 minerals, amino acids and vitamins absorbed through the skin...