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Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit


Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit

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Product Description

Save $5 by ordering these products as a kit instead of individually.

A key piece of recovering from chronic health conditions is to remove biofilms and restore a colony of beneficial microbes.  Biofilms are a slime formed by colonies of micro-organisms that protects them and tends to favor the overgrowth of pathogenic microbes.  Dental plaque on teeth is a biofilm.  Biofilms form systemically throughout the body to contribute to numerous health conditions including autism, Parkinson's disease, coronary heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. 

These biofilms allow pathogenic microbes to build up whose byproducts include neurotoxins such as ammonia and P-cresol.  They also line arteries and provide a scaffold for plaque to build up in arteries, leading to coronary heart disease.  Biofilms also reduce the populations of beneficial organisms that produce critical beneficial nutrients including B vitamins and amino acids that are the building blocks of calming neurotransmitters. 

Our Biofilm Remover + Microbiome Builder Kit contains the following products that synergistically work to simultaneously remove biofilms and repopulate the intestinal tract with beneficial microbes:

Our Biofilm Remover Probiotic Liquid is simply a proprietary blend of probiotics, natural mint and water.  It is a revolutionary product that not only consumes biofilms but prevents them from reforming. Click on this product link to learn much more about biofilms and how they work.

Equlibrium is another cutting edge probiotic blend developed by a scientist who participated in a massive project by the National Institutes of Health to sequence the human microbiome - the colony of organisms that live in our intestinal tract.  This blend provides beneficial microbes missing from people today that were present in the microbiome of our grandparents and their ancestors.

Floraphage - is another cutting edge product that contains a bacteriophage that kills e. coli and turns it into a prebiotic for beneficial organisms.  E. coli produces toxic by-products is much more common in people today due to its being one of the few organisms that can break down glyphosate which is contaminating our food supply due to its widespread use in growing genetically modified crops and being sprayed on several food crops (including wheat) to "finish" the crop.

We recommend using this kit with Intestinal Reboot, which helps to heal the intestinal tract from damage incurred to it from pathogenic organism overgrowths, and also helps to kick out chronic intestinal infections.



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