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Bioactive Iodine Blend


Bioactive Iodine Blend

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Product Description

March 16, 2020 - Currently on back order.
Our Bioactive Iodine Blend contains molecular iodine, potassium iodine, and sodium iodide for maximum uptake and use by tissues throughout the body. These are the forms of iodine recommend by many thyroid experts. Our vegetarian capsule formulation avoids the gastric irritation and unpleasant taste as may occur with liquid forms of iodine.*

Iodine is a mineral that is essential for your body's health; it is used to create hormones that regulate your metabolism and signal growth of the skeleton and brain in the fetus, infants, children and teens. Most of the iodine is used by the thyroid gland, but it is also used in large amounts by the salivary glands, pancreas, skin, cerebral spinal fluid, skin, stomach, brain, breasts (in women), gastric mucosa (where it acts anti-oxidant), and thymus gland.*

Iodine supports the immune system and nervous system; i
nsufficient amounts of Iodine can lead to hypothyroidism (the thyroid gland doesnt produce enough thyroid hormone), goiter, mental impairment, and certain forms of cancer. Some experts believe that milligram amounts, as well as different forms of iodine, may be required to maintain normal cell integrity and optimum function of the mammary glands, gastric mucosa, thymus, and numerous other tissues that also concentrate iodine. According to thyroid expert, Dr. Jorges Flechas MD, iodine will diffuse into the cell while iodide is transported into the cell. Different tissues in your body absorb either one or the other, so both are needed for optimal health. Our Bioactive Iodine Blend contains both forms; iodine and iodide.*

The fallout of radioactive Iodine-131 from the leaking Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan has contaminated the Pacific rim. Following the Fukushima damage, the rate of hypothyroidism in infants increased 20% in Hawaii and Calilfornia. Iodine supplementation can protect against radioactive iodine by saturating the thyroid gland with non-radioactive iodine, so the radioactive iodine cannot be absorbed by the thyroid. Pregnant and nursing women, fetuses, infants, and young children consume the most iodine.

Iodine and the lack of it have a huge impact on the development of children and overall intelligence. There are many pollutants that are thyroid disruptors, that bind to receptor sites in body tissues that use iodine, displacing it and interfering with the production of thyroid hormones. For detailed information on the the thyroid, its relationship with iodine, thyroid disruptors, and what you can do to support thyroid health, please read our article, Thyroid and Iodine Overview.*

How Much Iodine to Take on a Daily Basis - The Iodine Controversy

In the US, the recommended daily dose of iodine for adults is 150 mcg daily, but the Japanese, who have traditionally had the lowest incidence of thyroid disease in the world, the daily intake through iodine containing seaweed is estimated to be around 13 mg - over 8000 times the amount recommended in the US government.*

Dr. Jorge Flechas indicates iodine supplementation can help prevent of diseases such as thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, and cancer. In research studies, Iodine actually induces apoptosis, meaning it causes cancer cells to self destruct. Dr. Flechas theorizes that lack of iodine in a cell is what causes cancer, and statistics tend to support this view. For more information, please read our article, Thyroid and Iodine Overview.*

In 2006, a conflicting research study published in the New England Journal of Medicine was published indicating that excessive levels of iodine can actually contribute to hypothyroidism by creating an autoimmune reaction of iodine resistance in tissues that normally take it up, such as those in the thyroid gland. This research found that increasing levels of iodine exacerbated an auto-immune response of iodine uptake resistance in individuals with markers already indicating an auto-immune response.*

Some researchers think that the problem is taking it in iodine at once and that it would be better tolerated if it is distributed more evenly throughout the day such as would be the case of the people in Japan who eat a diet high in iodine containing seaweed. Also some forms may be tolerated better than others, and this is also a subject for debate amongst thyroid experts.*
Dr. Flechas believes that different tissues in the body absorb different forms better, so it is best to supplement with both iodine and iodide. Out Bioactive Iodine blend contains both forms.*
The bottom line is we cannot recommend a dosage; this is something you will have to determine by doing your own research and/or consulting with a licensed health care practitioner.*

Sue's Iodized Sea Salt Recipe

To naturally increase your intake of Iodine throughout the day, I make my own iodized sea salt (some of which also contain beneficial trace minerals) that has a higher concentration than commercial iodized salt. This allows me to get more iodine in my diet without increasing my salt intake. My iodized salt also adds and extra dimension of good taste (at least in my opinion) to anything I add it to. It has no anti-caking agents so it can clump, but if this happens, I just shake the container at bit or put it back in the blender to break up the clumps.


1 cup sea salt (such as pink Himalayan Salt from ancient sea deposits)

3 capsules Bioactive Iodine Blend opened (adjust the amount of iodine used to your own taste)



Put in ingredients blender and grind up until salt is desired coarseness or fitness. Store in moisture proof container.

Recommended dose?

This is a very large dose recommend by some thyroid experts and contraindicated by others. Consult with your knowledgeable licensed health care practitioner to determine the proper dose for you and family members. I personally open the capsules and sprinkle 1/8 to 1/4 of a capsule into nutritional drinks in the morning and before bed, and also use my iodized sea salt throughout the day in cooking and sprinkling on food.*


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