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About Chelation

Chelation is statistically one of the most statistically significant biomedical intervention protocols for individual within the autism spectrum, according to the
Biomedical Protocol Ratings compiled by the Autism Research Institute, with fully 74% of respondants indicating significant improvement in symptoms of autism.  The majority of individuals within the autism spectrum test as having excessive levels of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and lead.  They also tend to retain high levels of pesticides and industrial by-products.

Researchers have found genetic markers tend to be present in individuals within the autism spectrum for impaired ability to remove toxins from the body. 
For example, color-blindness is linked to impaired ability to detoxify.  One researcher theorizes that testosterone tends to bind mercury to the body while estrogen tends to help excrete it, perhaps in part explaining the 4:1 ratio of boys to girls in the autism spectrum.

Chelation is the binding of heavy metals and other toxins to chelators that can be supplements or chemical chelators (such as DMSA and DMPS) and then excreting these chelators from the body after they have bound to the heavy metals and other toxins.

Generally, the younger the individual, the less tightly bound are the toxins to the body's tissues and the easier it is to remove them through chelation.  Ages 5 and under are optimal, but if properly done, it can be beneficial for individuals of all ages.

Caution:  Chenical chelators tend to excrete all minerals, even beneficial minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  There are unfortunately a few incidents of children dying because the practitioner did not test for levels of minerals during chelation and the child was depleted of minerals needed for heart function and suffered a heart attack when using chemical chelators.  So if you work even with a Defeat Autism Now practitioner to implement a chelation protocol, it is very important to make sure that this individual is checking for levels of minerals.   Also it is very important that when toxins are unbound from tissues in the body that they are efficiently excreted and are not reabsorbed, causing further damage.  It is very important to support the liver and kidneys during chelation so that the toxins are efficiently removed and reabsorption of toxins is minimized and also that the kidneys and liver are not damaged by rapid removal of toxins.

The Autism Coach Chelation/Detoxification Approach

Over the years, Autism Coach has received significant feedback from parents whose children were non-responder to chemical chelation and even appear to regress during chemical chelation.  Thnon-responders were generally the most impaired of individuals on the spectrum, typically non-verbal, and often suffered from multiple food sensitivities.  In talking with these people, it was apparent that these children were more highly toxic than even the average individual within the autism spectrum.  Standard chelation as implemented by the DAN doctors was too traumatic to the toxically overburdened bodies of these children.   It was around this time that we became familiar with products which could help GENTLY bind to and remove heavy metals and other toxins (such as pesticides and industrial by-products) and AT THE SAME TIME support the liver and kidneys.  Much to our delight, many of the the parents of non-responders who did not respond to standard chelation and tried this approach saw significant improvements in their children.

Here is our recommended protocol using our Chelation/Detoxification Natural Supplement Kit to safely and naturally remove heavy metals and other toxins:

1.  In the morning just before breakfast or with breakfast - take our Green Multi+ powder mixed in water or juice with our Beyond Essential Fats, plus any additional supplements part of the morning protocol. 

The Green Multi+ is a gentle, yet powerful whole food (not technically a supplement) that provides a complete blend of greens, enzymes, and probotics that actually contain within them in food form the equivalent of multi-vitamin/mineral, bind to and remove heavy metals and toxins, and support the kidneys and liver so they are not overburdened by detoxification.  This is really an amazing product and virtually everyone who takes it feels healthier and has an overall improved sense of well being. 

The Beyond Essential Fats provide fats that protect the brain and the intestinal tract, and are also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and help this simple protocol provide more full-spectrum support of the body.

2.  An hour after breakfast or an hour before lunch, take the Intestinal Drawing Formula capsules which powerful draw and remove toxins from the intestinal tract, while soothing and healing the intestinal tract.  Drink lots of water with this.  Do not take other foods or medicines at the same time as this formula absorbs everything in the intestinal tract.  These capsules may be swallowed or the opened and the powder in them mixed into a drink. 

3.  Repeat Step 1 before dinner.

4.  Repeat Step 2 an hour before bed, between snacks and supplements.

5.  Just before bed, take our Herbal Detox formula to support the liver and kidneys at night.  Herbal Detox includes several gentle but effective supports for the liver and kidneys and also helps to bind to and remove mercury.  Night is when the body repairs itself and does the majority of its detoxification.  This will also contribute to a better night's sleep.

To order a kit containing all four of these supplements at a 10% discount, please click here.  This approach is not only safe and effective, but perhaps one of the most economical protocols for chelation and detoxification.

This protocol requires the ability to tolerate green tasting drinks. 

If you are seeing positive results, we recommend staying on this protocol for 6 months-1 year and on a daily basis, and after that tapering off to every 5 days or so.  Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with toxins, and so virtually everyone in the industrialized world should detoxify on a regular basis to prevent disease and preserve health.

We also recommend bathing with Epsom salts while detoxifying with our kit.  Epsom salts are cheap and available at your local drug store.  Individuals within the autism spectrum tend to be deficient in sulfur, which promotes detoxification.  Epsom salts allow the body to absorb sulfur through the skin.  They are also beneficial for individuals with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.