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Articles & Research

Knowledge is power.  Autism Coach provides information to help you build a base of knowledge from which to draw in determing what approaches are best for you and your family to improve overall health and well-being.
There is hope. Thousands of parents have improved their children's level of functioning; some children have even lost all symptoms of autism.  The younger the child, the greater the opportunities for improvement; however, individuals of any age, even adults, can benefit from the right protocol and have an improved level of health, functioning and quality of life.  
For those of you who have just received an autism diagnosis, suspect autism, or are considering trying nutritional support for autism, our Getting Started section below provides a wealth of practical information to quickly get started and helping yourself and family members.  This includes an overview of most of the Autism Coach supplements.
Our News, Science and Research section below provides an extensive selection articles, written over a 14 year period.  Understanding the underlying mechanisms of autism enables you to take control and implement strategies to improve the quality of life and level of functioning for your family and yourself.   Our articles also include political news that directly impacts our families and articles with practical advice and inspiration. 
Our Adult Aging/Research articles  provides a supplement overview of Autism Coach supplements that benefit those 50 and over, and also provides health articles of interest to support overall health and well being at any age.  People of all ages use and benefit from Autism Coach supplements. 
Our supplements can also help people of all ages with support for issues such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, learning and memory, depression, and other neurological issues.  They can also provide support for auto-immune and inflammatory conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. There is a correlation between families with a history of these conditions and an increased incidence of autism.   For  information on some of these issues, please click here.  
Getting Started 
  • Supplement Overview - For a comprehensive overview of many of the Autism Coach supplements, please click here.
  • Why a Special Diet and Nutritional Support Are Essential - An overview of the biology of autism and why special diets make a huge difference in outcome.  A good article to read so you better understand why diet and nutriton are so important and also to share with others you are trying to get on board with supporting a nutritional protocol.
  • Newly Diagnosed - For information on autism basics and quickly creating an autism intervention protocol, please click here. This section contains a wealth of practical information and links to articles to quickly get started helping yourself and family members.
  • Intervention Protocols - For a list of and ratings of effectiveness of protocols based on data submitted by thousands of parents, please click here
  • Creating a Nutritional Protocol - For help getting started creating a nutritional protocol, please click here.
  • Parent Surveys - Autism Coach conducted two surveys concerning what parents believed caused autism and what is helping - we were cited on wikipedia for this for number of years - no one had ever bothered to ask parents about what they observed with their children who were later diagnosed as autistic - you can read the results and parent comments.  Know that you are not alone in your observations and experiences, irregardless of media propaganda to the contrary.For information on Autism Coach surveys of parents concerning what they believed caused their child's autism and what is helping, please click here.
News, Science, and Research Articles

We not only offer articles that provide an analysis of research in autism and other conditions but also political news that impacts our families and articles with pratical advice and inspiration. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of autism enables you to take control and implement strategies to improve the quality of life and level of functioning for your family and yourself.   

Below is a list of articles by category: 

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Autism News/Politics/General Interest - Alphabetically Listed


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