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Autism Coach


Individuals within the autism spectrum are frequently deficient in many vitamins and have difficulty absorbing and using artificial forms of Vitamins B12, B6, folate (folic acid) that are found in drug-store and supermarket vitamins such as Flintstones, One-A-Day and Centrum Silver.  

People whose families have auto-immune conditions, mental illness, and neurological issues and the aging population also tend to have more difficulty assimilating artificial forms of vitamins and also often benefit from these supplements.  Dementia in the elderly is often due to deficiency in B Vitamins such as B12.

Autism Coach offers higher quality bio-available forms of B Vitamins, Vitamin A, D, E, and more individually and in multti-vitamin powders, pills and liquids to provide convenient nutritional support.  

  • Active B6 - P5P - Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate

    Active B6 - P5P - Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate $11.00

    Pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, paricipates in more than 140 enzymatic reactions in the body; it is necessary for metabolizing amino acids, including energy production and neurotransmitter synthesis. Pyridoxal...

  • Allithiamine

    Allithiamine $17.00

    Allithiamine (Thiamine tetrahytdrofurfurly disulfide) is is a lipid-soluble form of Vitamin B1. It is typically more easily absorbed and used by children within the autism spectrum than other forms of B1. A sulfur...

  • B-12 Spray

    B-12 Spray $30.00

    Vitamin B12 is a label for a group of compounds known as cobalamins. The most common form of vitamin B12 is called cyanocobalamin.   Cobalamin functions as a source of a methyl group (a carbon molecule) for a very...

  • Methylated B Complex Vitamin Capsules

    B-Complex Methylated Vitamin, 100 Capsules $20.00

      B vitamins are involved in a large and important group of metabolic functions in the human body. They must be replaced on a daily basis because they are water soluble, and therefore do not build up a reserve in the...

  • B12 + B6 - Active B's Spray

    B12 + B6 - Active B's Spray $26.00

    This innovative spray includes two active forms of B-12, methylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin plus the active form of B6. Both forms of B12 are used at different stages in the methylation cycle and so supplementing with both...

  • Behavior Balance

    Behavior Balance $28.00

    On back order until the end of May 2015.  However, our state of the art, improved version of Behavior Balance, Behavior Harmony, is  available now!  We have been getting a lot of positive feedback on...

  • Benfotiamine - Vitamin B1

    Benfotiamine - Vitamin B1 $27.00

    Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B1) with high bioavailability that was developed in Japan in the 1960's. It is especially useful for people needing high levels of thiamine or with impaired absorption...

  • Daily Methyl 1 Cap

    Daily Methyl 1 Cap $25.00

    Daily Methyl 1 Cap s a balanced, convenient, economical one a day multiple vitamin/mineral supplement for elementary age children, teens, and adults. It is gluten, dairy, and citrus free.   Combines 22 nutrients -...

  • K2 + D3 for Neurological Support

    K2 + D3 for Neurological Support $20.00

    Vitamins K2 + D3 are more biologically available forms of Vitamins D and K.  Thee vitamins, normally associated with increased calcium absorption and bone health, also have research indicating they provide neurological...

  • Methyl Bs + TMG Capsules

    Methyl Bs + TMG Capsules $27.00

    Methyl Bs + TMG provide four essential B vitamins in their active forms, best utilized by most individuals within the autism spectrum, along with Betaine (Trimethylglycine) to support the methylation cycle. The methylation...

  • MInd-Body Harmony (formerly Behavior Harmony)

    Mind-Body Harmony Daily Liquid Multi $65.00

    Take Your Nutritional  Protocol to the Next Level! (Save $3 Off Each Companion Supplement) Containing over 70 ingredients, Mind-Body Harmony is a cutting-edge comprehensive multi-vitamin/mineral/herbal complex that...

  • Purslane Liquid Concentrate

    Purslane Liquid Concentrate $30.00

    We are pleased to introduce our new super-nutrient Purslane extract, naturally packed with omega 3 oils, Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Melatonin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and many minerals including lithium, and neurotransmitters...

  • Super Folate/Folinic Acid (5MTHF)

    Super Folate/Folinic Acid (5MTHF) $12.00

    This form of folate, mehtyltetrahydrofolate, is the most bioavailable, containing the methyl donors that help it to be used in the body's metabolic processes. Most individuals within the autism spectrum are deficient in...

  • Vitamin C Crystals - Buffered, Corn-Free

    Vitamin C Crystals - Buffered, Corn-Free $18.00

    Buffered Vitamin C Crystals are a tapioca derived Vitamin C powder that effervesces and dissolves in liquids and assists in neutralizing hyperacidity associated with ascorbic acid.  Buffered Vitamin C Crystals contain...

  • Vitamin C Crystals - Pure Corn-Free

    Vitamin C Crystals - Pure Corn-Free $32.00

    Vitamin C Crystals are a tapioca derived Vitamin C powder that easily dissolve in water or juice. Our Vitamin C Crystals contain absolutely no corn antigens.   99% of the Vitamin C used commercially in supplements in...

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 $0.00

    Frequently deficient in individual with autism, it acts as a potent antibiotic by increasing the body's production of anti-microbial peptides which directly and rapidly destroy cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses...