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Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy World

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Not only individuals on the autism spectrum, but virtually everyone now needs supplements to maintain good health because we are living in a polluted world with food products that are frequently both polluted and depleted in essential nutrients.

Almost every person in the U.S. should be on a regular program of detoxification, nutritional and immune system support for exposure to pesticides, heavy metals and chemical residues in air, food, and water; consumption of GMO foods; radiation protection; and depletion/lack of essential nutrients in the food chain.

The good new is that if you are feeling chronically physically and mentally fatigued, you can improve your overall feeling of well-being and level of functioning through diet and nutrtion! 

For example, after Fukushima and its dumping of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific, virtually all samples of tuna from the Pacific that have found to be contaminated with radiation from Fukushima (note that our own EPA refuses to test for fallout from Fukushima in food products), and a year after Fukushima the rates of hypothyroidism (the thyroid absorbs radiation) in infants rose 33% in Hawaii and 27% in California (in the path of the radiation travelling across the Pacific). The rest of the United States also eats food products raised on the West Coast of the United States, which is where the radiation has primarily headed from Fukushima.

Another example is glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and unchecked glycation (damage to tissues in the body having high levels of glucose in the blood) are to the Western diet and food production methods - high sugar, toxic GMO foods, and pesticide/chemical/heavy metal laden foods. There appears to be a correlation between pesticide residues (especially Roundup which is used in GMO food crops) autism, diabetes, and dementia.

The more organic, non-GMO food you can buy locally or organically raise yourself, the healthier you will be.  It is best to use compost instead of commercial fertilizers because they deplete crops of sulfur that is needed for healthy metabolism.  The humic acid and fulvic that is found in compost actually helps plants to absorb nutrients and then helps you absorb nutrients better when you eat these plants.

Supplementing with Omega 3/DHA oils is essential for brain health.  Eating living foods with enzymes and supplementing with enzymes and probiotics can help you better digest food, obtain more nutrition, and reduce populations of pathogenic organisms.  Everyone can benefit from a good high quality multi-vitamin - it's like a health insurance policy to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need for your body to function properly. 

If you wish to set up or modify a dietary protocol to improve your overall health and well-being, please feel free to contact Autism Coach for a consultation!