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Autism Coach

GFCF Pantry Items

Gluten-Free, Casein-Free and GMO-Free Pantry

It is getting harder to obtain safe, gluten, casein and GMO free staples for cooking, even in corporate run health food stores, such as Whole Foods, which do not require the companies whose products they sell to provide GMO labeling until 2018.

We are pleased to expand our line of dietary products to include not only healthful oils, but organic, gluten free and GMO free flours and sweeteners.

  • Coconut and Red Palm Oil Set

    Coconut and Red Palm Oil Set $25.00

    Everyone should incorporate these oils into their daily cooking regimens. Coconut Oil and Red Palm oil are tasty and provide significant health benefits when used on a daily basis. They are actually quite tasty when added to...

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil $10.00

    Our organic coconut oil is tasty and high in medium chain triglyceride fats, which feed the brain,and lauric acid which is antifungal. Coconut oil is a tasty, healthy, naturally saturated vegetable product. Coconut butter...

  • Gluten Free All Purpose Flour - 17 oz

    Gluten Free All Purpose Flour - 17 oz $8.00

    Designed to be used just like ordinary wheat flour, our unique combination of wholesome, natural, Non-GMO ingredients creates baked goods that are light, fluffy and flavorful with a texture thats delightfully surprising. Our...

  • Non-GMO Beet Sugar

    Non-GMO Beet Sugar $6.50

    We are pleased to offer this non-GMO beet sugar. All other U.S. commercial products containing beet sugar are made with GMO beets and contaminated with Round-up, unless they specifically claim otherwise. Features ...

  • Olive Oil - 100% Extra Virgin from Small Family Owned Grove in Greece

    Olive Oil - 100% Extra Virgin - from Family Olive Grove $18.00

    Many people who are seeking to eat more healthfully cook with olive oil.  Autism Coach is proud to offer a high quality artisan olive oil that is produced in small batches by the family who owns the olive grove in...

  • Organic Tapioca Flour - 16 oz

    Organic Tapioca Flour - 16 oz $7.00

    Tapioca Flour is a gluten free/casein free good flour and thickening agent. It adds a fine, smooth texture to gluten free flour blends or as a substitute for thickening agents such as corn starch. Tapioca is derived from...

  • Red Palm Oil

    Red Palm Oil $16.00

    A gluten-casein free buttery tasting cooking oil in used Africa, the Middle East and Asia for thousands of years, it is a non-hydrogenated, soy-free source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and potent anti-oxidants...

  • Rice Bran Oil

    Rice Bran Oil $12.00

    Rice bran oil is rich in gamma oryzanol, shown to raise levels of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine and seratonin.  It is a good cooking oil; it has a neutral delicate flavor and a high smoke point...

  • Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic

    Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic $14.00

    Extracted from fresh coconuts, processed at raw temperatures so low it is suitable for a raw food diet.  Made up of medium chain fatty triglyceride fats, which the body converts into energy, not fat...