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In addition to supplements, there are other products that can help improve health, which we provide links to obtain through our Amazon affiliate program.

Water Filtration System

Water is more valuable than gold - we need water to live.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain an unpolluted, safe source of drinking and cooking water. Buying bottled water is problematic because it causes ecological havoc in communities where the water is siphoned off and bottled, draining the water table.  Nestle is the world's largest manufacturer of bottled water and should be boycotted for its unethical activites in water mining occuring in the U.S. as well as abroad.

The problem with tap water that goes through filtration systems in the U.S. is that it includes chlorine, fluoride, prescription drugs excreted by customers into the system and not filtered out, as well as a host of other pollutants and chemicals that are flushed down the drain into the municipal water systems and not filtered out.  Many of these chemcials and drugs can negatively impact development of young children and contribute to risk of other disease such as cancer even in parts per million or less.

Another problem with bottled water is it is wasteful, with empty water bottles filling up landfills, energy required to transport the bottles around the world, and adds considerable expense to the monthly budget.  The best solution is to stop buying bottled water and filter local drinking water.  I am using the ZeroWater system at home and recommend it as does my alternative physician who was trained as a DAN doctor and specializes in autism and also uses this system in his home.

When you order the pitcher, it includes an electronic meter to measure levels of solids in the water. When you compare the water before and after putting it through the filter there is a huge difference. When I tested my tap water before and after going through this filtration system, the levels of solids were reduced from 12.5 parts per million of solids to zero.

The ZeroWater system is easy to assemble and use - you just have to replace the filter periodically. Here is a link to this product on Amazon:

ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System


Affordable Oxygen Therapy

One often overlooked aspect of autism is oxidative stress.  Some autism researchers theorize that due to chronic infections, inflammation constricts blood vessels, cutting off the blood supply to the smaller capillaries, including those that support the neurons, leading to chronic oxygen deprivation in the brain, which also impair mitochondrial function.  Hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to be effective but is expensive.  You can easily measure oxygen levels through a pulse oximeter, which have recently become very affordable. 

Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health, according to Roddy Newman, who is drafting a new book, The Oxygen Crisis.  So oxygen supplementation and support for oxidative stress (low oxygen) may be critical to optimal health.  The mitochondria in every cell that enable cells, including neurons, to function optimally, including daily cellular detoxifcation are dependent upon adequate oxygen.  Nuerons that are unable to function properly are more likely to become damaged and even die.

You can also use the pulse oximeter to check for oxygen deprivation due to sleep apnea - if this is found contact your health care practitioner to arrange to get a device to keep your air passages open during sleep.  Low oxygen during sleep is linked to a increased risk of dementia.

Also the pulse oximeter will enable you to determine if your nutritional protocol is improving oxygenation.

If oxygen is low (for kids, below 94, for adults, below 90) when you are not sleeping, you can obtain an oxygen concentrator,which does not require a prescription, to use at your convenience.  It concentrates the oxygen in the air and you breath it in through a lightweight that is positioned at the opening to the nose. 

Note:  In general, it is best not to use twice a week for 30-40 minutes, as is also the case with hyperbaric oxygen, as it may result in the body's feedback loop as becoming used to receiving oxygen in this fashion.

Pulse Oximeters

Here is a link to one of the more highly rated, economical pulse oximeters that is rated as being accurate, runs on batteries, and fits both children and adults:

AccuMed® CMS-50DL Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor w/ Carrying case, Landyard & Battery FDA CE Approved


Oxygen Concentrators

Here is a link to one of the more affordable, highly rated, oxygen concentrators:

Respironics EverFlo Q without Oxygen Percent Indicator


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