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Good fats are essential for good health and optimal neurological function. The brain is 60% fat, and fat is used to provide a protective covering over nerve cells, the myelin sheath. Autism Coach is pleased to offer a variety of high quality fats and oils that support overall health and neurological function.

Everything we in the United States have been taught to believe about fats and which fats are bad and good for us, has pretty much been proven wrong by scientific research. The saturated fats of organic coconut oil is one of the best fats for people, providing fuel for the brain and reducing incidence of heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol is necessary for brain health and artificially lowering it through statin drugs consistently decreases levels of cognitive functioning and are implicated in contributing to degenerative neurological conditions including depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS. The margarine and shortening many of us were brainwashed by advertisement and media campaigns into believing are healthy for us are so dangerous for us that scientific and health organizations worldwide indicate there is no safe minimum level of these artificial fats are are implicated in contributing to cardio-vascular disease, stroke, and cancer. For more information, please read the Autism Coach articles on Rethinking Fats and the Science of Fats.
  • Coconut and Red Palm Oil Set

    Coconut and Red Palm Oil Set $25.00

    Everyone should incorporate these oils into their daily cooking regimens. Coconut Oil and Red Palm oil are tasty and provide significant health benefits when used on a daily basis. They are actually quite tasty when added to...

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil $10.00

    Our organic coconut oil is tasty and high in medium chain triglyceride fats, which feed the brain,and lauric acid which is antifungal. Coconut oil is a tasty, healthy, naturally saturated vegetable product. Coconut butter...

  • Cod Liver Oil - Fruit Flavored Liquid & Gel Caps

    Cod Liver Oil - Fruit Flavored Liquid & Gel Caps $0.00

    Cod Liver oil has been reinvented with this new molecularly distilled Arctic Cod Liver oil from Norway. We offer two forms, lemon gel caps and a strawberry flavored liquid. If you child would benefit from Cod Liver oil but...

  • Red Palm Oil

    Red Palm Oil $16.00

    A gluten-casein free buttery tasting cooking oil in used Africa, the Middle East and Asia for thousands of years, it is a non-hydrogenated, soy-free source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and potent anti-oxidants...

  • Vegetarian Liposomal DHA Omega-3 Liquid

    Vegetarian Liposomal Active Omega 3 DHA Liquid $24.00

    On Sale through the End of February! Most people in the United States are deficient in DHA which is a critical Omega 3 oil for building the brain and protecting against inflammation.  Our bodies cannot manufacture DHA...

  • Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic

    Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic $14.00

    Extracted from fresh coconuts, processed at raw temperatures so low it is suitable for a raw food diet.  Made up of medium chain fatty triglyceride fats, which the body converts into energy, not fat...