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  Welcome to 2017 - A Brave New World




January 15, 2017.  As the new year begins, we in the autism community both as parents and providers of services unwillingly find ourselves in the cross-hairs of the government, regulatory agencies, health agencies and mainstream media who seek to discredit, marginalize and even criminalize our efforts to share information and protect and help our families.  Why?  Because we represent an inconvenient truth: vaccines are the primary cause of the autism epidemic.




I have run this website for 17 years and have spoken with thousands of you over these years.  The story that has been shared over and over (and the one I witnessed with my son) is this:  my child was developing normally UNTIL he/she received a vaccine, had a vaccine reaction, lost eye contact, regressed in developmental milestones, and was eventually diagnosed with autism.




Of course there is much more to autism - sensory distortion, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, migraines, seizures, allergies, digestive disorders, emotional problems.  For the higher functioning children as they grow older there are often difficulty making friends, dating, holding a  job, being able to live independently.  Unfortunately for many, although not all, vaccine injury robs our children of meeting their full potential and having the full rich life parents dreamed of for them.  This does not mean we don't love and accept our children for who they are.




How do we end the autism epidemic?  Stop over-immunizing babies, children and teens.  100 vaccines before the age of 5; the current U.S. schedule and the largest in the world is unbelievably excessive.  Don't vaccinate babies under the age of 2 1/2 as research indicates this is when vaccines are most likely to trigger autism.  Exempt children genetically at risk for having a vaccine reaction or who have a sibling or close blood relative who had a vaccine reaction from vaccination.  It's that simple.




What isn't simple is the billion-dollar pharmaceutical/medical cartel is fighting back every way it can with it's massive profits to cover up what is possibly the biggest crime in our life times, knowingly harming millions of children for profit.  We in the autism community and others who are not brainwashed by the massive propaganda campaign to cover up the true cause of autism need to band together to fight for the future of our families and our freedom from rampant mainstream medical facism.




Support the Appointment of Robert Kennedy Jr to the Vaccine Safety Panel


January 14, 2017.  Donald Trump, the ONLY presidential candidate to publicly question vaccine safety and the vaccine schedule, is considering appointing Robert Kennedy Jr., a respected environmentalist and vaccine safety activist to the Vaccine Safety Panel. Anyone who reads this who has political connections should encourage both parties to encourage support Trump in this nomination.  Robert Kennedy Jr, son of the late Senator Robert Kennedy, has spent his life devoted to environmental activism and his a strong promoter of vaccine safety. As an investigative journalist, Kennedy published the ground-breaking article on how the Amish have no autism - except for a handful of their children who have been vaccinated.


In published writing and speeches, Kennedy has pointed out that FDA and CDC make billions of dollars from the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine schedule and that their departments' funding are tied to this. The CDC receives billions in funding for vaccines and the FDA receives billions from pharmaceutical companies to "fast track" their drugs - which usually means unsafe drugs that harm and kill people are rubber stamped into approval along with fake-science studies with massaged data.  He as also pointed out that most of the people on the vaccine advisory panels are rotating in and out of working for the pharmaceutical companies they are supposed to police, or lobby groups paid for by the pharmaceutical companies, or are elected officials whose campaigns have been funded by pharmaceutical companies.  He has pointed out the most of the money funding mainstream media is from pharmaceutical companies. He has pointed out that U.S. is only 1 of 2 countries that allow pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines to be marketed directly to consumers.  He has pointed out the Affordable Health Care Act was brokered by giving away billions of dollars to these companies and they have been granted monopolies on drugs and natural ingredients that legally shouldn't be prescription drugs to enrich these companies. He has pointed out that the mainstream medical cartel has consumed more of our economic pie than any other economic sector and has become a monster that is ruining the health and economy of our country.


The future of our children and our country hangs in the balance.  I encourage everyone who KNOWS vaccines cause autism to write to and support President Trump in putting an end to the autism epidemic.  I also encourage everyone to write to President Trump and encourage him to move forward with this appointment of Kennedy by clicking here


 Astroturfing and Autism - Propganda Promoting The Big Lie that there is no Research Implicating Vaccines in Causing Autism




December 16, 2015.  Most of the website, blogs, and "experts" that attack and attempt to discredit reputable scientists whose research implicates vaccines in causing autism are funded by Big Pharma.  Astroturfing is creating a fake grass roots movement where corporations fund fake websites, blogs, and public figures to discredit anyone who threatens their corporate agenda.  More

 New Brochure on Vaccines - Benefit vs Risk

 New Brochure on Vaccines - Benefit vs Risk


 September 2, 2015.  I have put together a PDF booklet that you are welcome to copy and share with state and national representatives and others concerning why it is import to oppose compulsory vaccination.  It is also about why we need to downsize and restructure the United States vaccination schedule to end the epidemic of vaccine injuries.  More


Our articles include news important for your health and well-being, scientific research, practical advice, and inspirational stories!  

Share Your Vaccine Injury Story




 August 2, 2015.  Were you or a family member injured by a vaccine? We are creating a public database including photos and/or videos of children before and after vaccination and vaccine injury stories to provide concrete evidence to the general public of vaccine injury.


We plan to present this information to policy makers and elected officials to make changes to national health care policies so that more children do not have to suffer so that corporations can profit.


This information will be made available to you to share with others as well. You can choose whether or not you wish to make personal information public when you share your story.  You will not be contacted for any products or services. Stand up, be heard, and make a difference.

 Click here to share your story:


Investigative Journalist Reveals Deep and Extensive History of FDA Fraud and Coverup in Introducing Unsafe GMO Crops


March 10, 2015.  In a new book that represents more than 15 years of research, American public interest attorney Steven Druker reveals how the US government and leading scientific institutionslied about the safety of GMO foods and ignored and covered up research conducted by the government's own scientists indicating these crops were unsafe.  The forward to the book is written by famed primotologist, Jane Goodall. More

Johns Hopkins Double-Blind Study with Sulforaphane - 42% of Individuals Showed Significant Improvement
 John Hopkins head researcher, Dr. Paul Talalay, with broccoli sprouts. 
February 19, 2015.  In 1992, a research team lead by Dr. Paul Talalay published a paper about their discovery of sulforaphane, an active phyto-chemical in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kale), with strong anti-cancer properies.  Almost 25 years later, a double blind-study conducted with autistic individuals consuming sulforaphane resulted in significant improvements in 42% of those given sulforaphane.  More
February 23, 2015.  Researchers at the CDC have simultaneously proved and downplayed their findings that the HIB vaccine, which is currently given 4 times during infancy, is linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.   There were 29,000 reports of adverse effects and 949 deaths.  More

MIT Senior Researcher indicates Monsanto's Roundup May Be a Primary Cause of Autism


February 25, 2015.  Dr. Stephanie Seneff, provided a compelling presentatoin on the link between the increased incidence of autism and the increased use of Monsanto's herbicide, Roundup.  Citing numerous studies, she predicts that 50% of children in the United States will be diagnosed autism in 10 years unless Roundup is banned.  More

New Studies Warn Pregnant Women Not to Handle Sales Receipts


 February 21, 2015.  Pregnant women are being warned to avoid reaching for credit card and cash register receipts, as researchers from three separate university studies say the paper could be a threat to unborn and young children. The receipts can contain the plastics that are endocrine system disruptors and alter brain development and behavior in extremely low doses. More

Why is it that one identical twin has autism and the other does not?  Recent research conducted on identical twins is revealing that it may have to do with switching on of genes through methylation, the attachment or detachment of a methyl group (a carbon atom plus three hydrogen atoms) to a gene. According to researchers, they are finding the autistic or more severely impaired autistic twin to have more genes switched off.  Environmental factors such as man-made chemicals and pesticides that act as endocrine system disruptors are likely to play a part in switching genes on and off. More
One in 68 children in the United States have now been identified with an autism spectrum disorder, according to new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers.  More
October 1, 2014.  What you don't know can hurt you. Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs deplete you of vital nutrients, causing low energy,  congestive heart failure, depression, automimmune disorders, memory loss, and increased risk of heart attack.
If you have to take medications, you can protect yourself by supplementing with the nutrients that the drugs deplete.
We offer a convenient table to search for common drugs, the nutrients they deplete, and side-effects.  More

 October 1, 2014.  Supplementaiton with amino acids is being found to benefit individuals within the autism spectrum.    Amino acids are the building blocks of our body's proteins and also play a role in metabolic processes throughout the body.  Some play a critical role in energy production, others in the methylation cycle, and some as calming neurotransmitters.  Individuals within the autism spectrum often an imbalance of amino acids.  Our article provides a survey of amino acids; those of benefit; and which are best to avoid.  More
October 1, 2014. Everyone in the autism community should read this story and watch the video of the presentation made by this remarkable young man.  He can tell you more about how to raise a child on the spectrum than most experts.  The approach to raising him that he describes was very similar to the approach I used raising my son who has turned into something of a genius in music.  More
October 1, 2014. One man's epidemic is another man's (make that drug company's) opportunty to make big bucks and boost stock prices.  Read about the world's trending horrific health scare. Was it a planned epidemic/vaccine product roll-out combined into one?  We provide some basic information and altenrative health links. 
Could the vaccine companies and their government allies have started an ebola epidemic to obfuscate recent massive scandals including the bribery of phsyicians throughout the U.S., bribery of Chinese officials, and recent information that has come to light revealing a massive cover-up of data generated by the vaccine companies themselves that vaccines cause autism?  Is it a coincidence that the U.S.obtained a patent on the Ebola virus in 2010, which may be a genetically engineered bioweapon? More
October 1, 2014. There is much speculation and controversary on why the incidence of autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970's to 1 in 68 today.  Research is indicating there may be multiple contributing factors.  More
October 1, 2014. The debate on whether or not vaccines cause autism has taken a surprising turn as key information about vaccine safety that was censored and hidden from the public was revealed through a Freedom of Informaiton Act request filed in the UK, releasing documents outlining the details for the approval of the MMR vaccin in the UK in the 1980's.  More
October 1, 2014. A growing body of research is indicating that neurotransmitter levels are imbalanced in individuals within the autism spectrum, typically with excessive levels of excitatory neurotransmitters, and low levels of calming neurotransmitters.  Implementing strategies to increase levels of calming neurotransmitters and reducing levels of excitatory neurotransmitters been shown in experimental animals to reduce symptoms of autism.  More
October 1, 2014. A growing body of research indicates that it is natural forms of folate, not the artificially created folic acid, that when taken in pregnancy helps to prevent birth defects and supports normal neurological developement.  More
October 1, 2014. Next time you shop at the Whole Foods corporate natural food chain, in the natural foods isle of your grocery store, or in your locally owned health food store, you might want to know which brands are owned by the same large corporations that are primarily responsible for the degradation in quality of foods, harmful chemicals, artificial additives and drugs that often deplete nutrients and have dangerous side-effects.  This takeover of the natural foods industry came about because of big business and our elected officials colluded to hand the health food industry over to corporations.  These corporations are now undermining the quality of natural foods and supplements, they have also infiltrated and are undermining the natural products organizations designed to keep the quality of natural foods high and standards by which they are allowed to be labelled as natural high.  More
March 23, 2014. A ground breaking investigative piece of journalism reveals that many of  the plastics replacing the banned Bisphenol-A (BPA) are as disruptive or more disruptive of the endocrine system than BPA itself. This includes a plastic widely used to replace BPA and much touted for safety, Tritan.  On top of this, this information is being covered up. More

For an overview of endocrine system disruptors, how they impact your health and the health of your family, a list of them and what you can do to  minimize their impact, please click here.
Feb 28, 2014.  New diagnosis guidelines for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) issued by the  American Psychiatric Association (APA) may reduce by almost one third  the total number of people being diagnosed, leaving  thousands of developmentally delayed children each year without the ASD  diagnosis they need to qualify for social services, medical benefits and educational support. More