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Inflammation is an underlying mechanism behind many disease conditions, ranging from autism to arthritis to cancer.  Inflammation is often triggered when the immune system responds to and attempts to remove what it perceives as being an infection.  When it cannot get rid of the infection or mistakenly perceives a food or tissues in the body as an invader it attacks, resulting damaged tissues such as in arthritis.  There are many ways to reduce inflammation, including eliminating foods that trigger inflammation.  Supporting digestion can also help because  foods that are more completely digested are less apt to provoke an immune system response.   Insufficient amounts of sulfur and Omega 3 oils in the body can also lead to inflammation.  

The anti-inflammatory supplements listed below all help the body reduce populations infectious agents such as Candida.  In addition to these supplements, immune system support supplements  that are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial , and anti-parasitic can also help.  If there are fewer foreign invaders overwhelming the immune system, the more likely the immune system is to calm down and normalize, reducing inflammation.

  • Autism Enzymes

    Autism Enzymes $0.00

    Autism Coach is pleased to offer powerful enzymes specially created to help children with digestive issues commonly associated with autism spectrum disorders. Experts in autism, such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a...

  • Behavior Harmony Daily Liquid Multi

    Behavior Harmony Daily Liquid Multi $65.00

    Pre-order 2 or more bottles and save $10!  Once we receive orders for 200 bottles, we will manufacture and ship the Behavior Harmony to you or your money back!  After many customer requests to bring back Behavior...

  • Cod Liver Oil - Fruit Flavored Liquid & Gel Caps

    Cod Liver Oil - Fruit Flavored Liquid & Gel Caps $0.00

    Cod Liver oil has been reinvented with this new molecularly distilled Arctic Cod Liver oil from Norway. We offer two forms, lemon gel caps and a strawberry flavored liquid. If you child would benefit from Cod Liver oil but...

  • Devigest Enzyme - Breaks down gluten, casein and other proteins.

    Devigest DPPIV Enzyme Blend - Breaks down Gluten and Casein $29.99

    Taking advance orders - ships April 3, 2015 Devigest is an innovative enzyme blend that includes 500 units DPPIV per dose, the enzyme that breaks down gluten and casein that believed to cause neurological damage to...

  • Inflammation Support - 60 capsules

    Inflammation Support $24.00

    There is chronic inflammation and overproduction of cytokines in autism and other chronic auto-immune conditions.  It is believed that a cytokine storm (overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds -...