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Choosing Biomedical Testing Laboratories

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In order to craft an effective biomedical protocol, it is a good idea to work with your medical practitioner to get the diagnostic testing that provides information on what is going on metabollically with you and your child. 

There are now more labs out there that do testing, but two that I am familiar with and can personally attest to that specialize in diagnostic testing for individuals within the autism spectrum:  Genova Diagnostics and Great Plains Laboratory.

Genova offers a comprehensive metabolic work-up, called a Nutra-Eval that is economical and generally covered by insurance.  The Nutra Eval includes levels of vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, amino acides, and neurotransmitters.  Your physician and you receive a comprehensive printout that provides a metabolic picture, and then the report also makes recommendations for supplements based upon the findings.

Great Plains Laboratory has worked with researchers to develop a protocol for testing for and treating individuals with high levels of oxalates, amongst the many procedures they test for.

Nutrigenomics based protocols use genetic testing to determine nutritional protocols.  One good way to get started without a doctor's prescription is through the genetic testing available through  The FDA has once again interefered with what was an economical way to gather a lot of information by restricting some of the genetic SNPs that can be tested, specifically related to the MTHFR gene which is closely studied in autism, as it plays an important role in the methylation cycle, which is often impaired in autism.  Many many of the MTHFR polypmorphisms are still tested by 23andme.  This test only requires $99 and for the test subject to spit saliva into a tube which is mailed back.  You can then upload the data to and get quite a bit of genetic data. Medical practioners who have pioneered nutrigenomics include Dr. Amy Yasko and Dr. Ben Lynch. 

If you don't have a medical professional locally who will prescribe the test, contact these testing labs and they may be able to refer you to one you can work with in a long-distance capacity if a no medical professional is available in your area who is knowledgeable in autism biomedical intervention protocols.