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Share Your Family's Vaccine Injury Story - Be Heard and Make a Difference

Posted by Sue Bennett, Autism Coach on

Our stories start  like this - my child was developing normally until they received the vaccine(s):

Send us pictures and videos of your child before and after the vaccine injury - 

A picture tells a thousand words - before and after the immunization:

One of the defining characteristics of autism is loss of direct eye contact and disconnect with the world around the child.  Immediate vaccine reactions that precede the autism diagnosis include a high fever, high pitched screaming by a child who cannot be comforted, and seizures.  Sometimes it is more subtle where the child gradually loses eye contact and language.

Click here to share your story.

We want your stories

Those of us who are parents of children within the autism spectrum often feel  as if no one that our normally developing child had a reaction to a vaccine, lost eye contact, lost language and eventually received an autism diagnosis.  We are often doubted, disparaged and marginalized by the media, medical profession and educational systems.  We know the truth - we saw our children slip away before our eyes.

We are fighting against a massive campaign to cover-up vaccine injury and silence us

The media has been attempting to scare the public into a pro-vaccine frenzy this past year.  A massive propaganda campaign of fear mongering and misinformation as flooded the media as over 100 bills have been introduced into state and federal legislatures to force mandatory vaccinations upon our children.  

Parents who publically post information about how their children were injured are viciously attacked and questioned in attempt to discredit and marginalize them through name calling and hate-mongering propaganda tactics, labelled as "anti-vaxers.".  Respected researchers who have found evidence that vaccines cause harm are discredited, marginalized, and labelled as "quacks." 

Frequently the most vicious publically visible attackers are physicians and scientists who have websites attacking alternative medicine and have their name on drug patents and stand to make millions of dollars if their treatments are approved by the FDA.  Also big pharma pays for political committes to police the internet and disrupt any conversations that discuss vaccine injury.

Compulsary vaccination violates our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Forced vaccination of children who almost died from vaccines may kill them.  Forced vaccination of children who have became autistic after vaccination is likely to make them more severely autistic.  Forced vaccination of neurotypical siblings of autistic children puts them at a significantly higher risk of becoming autistic.  

1 in 6 children in the United States are currently diagnosed with a learning disability and 1 in 50 children in the United States being diagnosed with autism. Forced vaccination puts into place a corporate/medical dictatorship in which we have no control over our bodies and those of our children.  This spike in learning disability correlates to the introduction of new vaccines since the 1980's.

Within this past month a Florida legislator, Frederica Wilson, who has direct financial ties to pharmaceutical company, Glaxo Klein Smith, introduced into congress a bill to make vaccination compulsary across the United States.  Also during this past month, 8 holistic practitioners, several in Florida, were murdered, died under questionable circumstances or mysteriously disappeared.  All were murdered or disappeared shortly after their facilities were raided by the FDA.  Most notably amongst the casualties was Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, well known within the autism community, who was found 100 miles from his home, in a river, shot in the chest - this was inexplicably preliminary declared a suicide.  I don't think this was a coincidence. 

If compulsary vaccine legislation is approved, it cements in place a for-profit medical dictatorship that has plans to dramatically increase its profits at taxpayer expense and at the expense of your family's health

Big pharmaceutical companies currently have an additional 70 vaccines in the pipeline that they are ready to introduce into the vaccination schedule.  The projected rationale is not humanitarian but profit-driven.  Within 10 years, they plan to quadruple the immunization "market" from 25 billion to 100 billion dollars.  Currently 115 separate antigens are injected into children in the U.S. before the age of 2.  There is a large body of research indicating that an immature immune system cannot handle level of immunilogical assault without being skewed, damaged, compromised - leading to autoimmune conditions including brain inflammation that is associated with autism.

Corrupt legislators, government agencies official and pharmaceutical companies are running scared

Executives and scientists with a conscience from pharmaceutical companies, government agencies are starting to come forth and spill the beans on the conflict of interest, collusion and cover-ups of data indicating vaccines are anything but safe.  

The CDC destroyed data from studies indicating that vaccines were unsafe prior to their approval and the editor of the Lancet recently came forward to indicate that he felt that many of the research studies produced by research funded by pharmceutical companies was bad research with invalid faked data put forth to move forward the approval of unsafe vaccines and drugs. 

The flurry of propaganda and legislative initiatives are designed to prevent pharmaceutical companies, officials in the government agencies and legislators from being held accountable for a medical holocaust that has damaged and the diminished the futures of a whole generation of our children. 

If forced vaccination is approved, it lays the foundation for a corporate/medical dictatorship in which we have no control over our bodies and those of our children.  We put our lives in the hands of ruthless, uncaring people who have already traded our children's lives for profit.

Please Tell Your Story, Share Your Photos and Videos, and Change the Future

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  If you want to have health care freedom, now is the time to take a stand.  You are responsible for the future of your family.

Here is a link to the form I created to document vaccine injury:  

Click here to share your story, stand up and make a difference!

The collected information will be published on a moderated page protected from pro-vaccine propagandists and will be made available public so that our voices can be heard.  I plan to share this information with my representatives in Washington and in my state.  You can do the same. 

You can also share your stories, photos, and links to videos by posting below this blog.

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