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Autism Coach

Autism Coach/ Big Bear Brands

Autism Coach/Big Bear Brand Supplements

March 19, 2015.  We are proud to introduce our Big Bear brand which will gradually replace the Autism Coach brand.  The bear is a symbol of healing and medicine in Native American culture.  Big Bear was also the name given to me by a friend who is a Native American healer, and it was another Native American friend who generously funded the manufacture of the very first batch of Liquid Carnosine many years ago.   The chronic illnesses and learning disabilities that plague us today are the result of damaging and polluting the air, water, and land we depend upon for survival.  To heal ourselvse we must work together to restore the balance of the natural world and heal the planet. You are what you eat, drink and breathe.These products are designed to restore the natural balance within to promote optimal mental and physical health for people of all ages and health issues. The Big Bear supplements will be identical to the Autism Coach supplements, with the same high quality ingredients; only the brand name is changing.. 

Both our Autism Coach and Big Bear supplements are high quality, safe and effective. Medical professionals carry and recommend our products, and they are used by individuals of all ages within the autism spectrum. They are also used by lots of other people for neurological, immune system, digestive, and detoxification support.

We offer free shipping over $100 and free phone consultations from our gluten and casein free website.  You can feel comfortable in ordering high quality, safe, researched-based supplements from one of the internet's oldest and most trusted autism websites.  



  • Super Folate/Folinic Acid (5MTHF)

    Super Folate/Folinic Acid (5MTHF) $12.00

    This form of folate, mehtyltetrahydrofolate, is the most bioavailable, containing the methyl donors that help it to be used in the body's metabolic processes. Most individuals within the autism spectrum are deficient in...

  • Well Water

    Well Water $30.00

    Well Water is a rich source of bio-available fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, minerals, and electrolytes from ancient plant deposits. Fulvic acid is a form of humic acid created in extremely small amounts by the actions...